What Is Frankincense Oil and 8 Benefits _ Uses for Healing

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Health Benefits Of Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil, also known as olibanum, belongs to genus Boswellia and is obtained from the resin of Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacra tree. It cultivates in dry, mountainous regions of the middle east, Pakistan, India, and Africa. It is a potent essential oil with woody, spicy smell. Frankincense carries many health benefits, and it is famous for its use in beauty products like cosmetics and perfumes. It promotes cellular health, heals inflammatory issues, helps to cure asthma, and promotes overall health.

It has beneficial soothing and balancing effects on the body and mind. Frankincense carries healing properties and therefore supports brain health, aids in peaceful sleep, and it is a great stress reliever. It also promotes digestive health and treats gut issues.  

Here are some of the benefits and uses of frankincense oil

Stress reduction

Frankincense oil helps to calm the nerves and provide relief from nervous tension and stress-related to insomnia. Frankincense oil helps to feel relaxed, releases tension, enhances the attention span and concentration, and gives clarity to mind to focus on work better.

Treats gut disease

Frankincense caries potent anti-inflammatory properties that help the gut to reduce inflammation and function properly. It has shown to be very effective in treating inflammatory gut diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. A study showed frankincense to be used as a pharmaceutical drug in treating Crohn's disease by reducing the inflammation of the gut.  

Aid in better sleep

Rejuvenating properties of frankincense help to reduce stress, relaxes the fatigued muscles, and aids in better sleeping experience.

Improves asthma

Studies have shown frankincense to be effective in the treatment of lung issues. According to research, the active ingredients present in the frankincense help to prevent the production of leukotrienes, a condition causing muscle of the respiratory tract to constrict in asthma.

A dose of 1.4mg per body weight of frankincense has shown to improve lung capacity and helped to reduce asthma attacks in people who have chronic asthma.

Fight Cancer

Some studies have shown frankincense to be effective against cancer. It contains Boswellia that might prevent cancer cells from occurring and spreading. Some studies indicated that frankincense could differentiate between cancer and healthy cells and prevent various cancers from spreading, including breast, colon, skin, and pancreatic cancer.  

Hormone balance

Frankincense is useful in providing relief from abdominal pain. It helps in hormone regulation, menstrual regulation, and mood swings. People have been using frankincense oil to relieve headaches, pains, nausea, fatigue, stress, constipation, apprehension, and anxiety. 

One of its properties is the regulation of estrogen production. According to some studies, frankincense can be used as a fertility promoting agent.  

Skin treatment

Frankincense is a natural oil and can be used as an alternative to all the skin creams and serums. It improves skin's tone, makes it smoother and provides glow to the skin. For clean, clear, stretch-marks-free skin, massage a mixture of frankincense oil with any other essential oil like jojoba or peppermint. It will provide moisture to the skin and improve skin tone.  

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