Health Benefits of Banana

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Health Benefits of Banana

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits we have today. Its scientific name is Musa Acuminata, as it comes from two wild species Musa Acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Globally, we see a huge rise in Bananas exports. In 2019, it reached US$14.7 Billion.

One can enjoy many health benefits and also be able to prevent many diseases like Type 2 diabetes, Skin damage, etc. Bananas are famous for their sweet taste and richness in nutrients. Moreover, People of every age can eat it; especially it is considered to be the most favorite fruit of children.

Benefits Of Bananas

Health benefits of bananas

Bananas are not just a harmless fruit, but they also offer a wide range of benefits. Some of them are discussed below:

  • It is considered to be a source of many vital nutrients. One banana consists of many fibers like Potassium, Vitamins B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, and Protein. Each Banana contains only 105 calories, mostly carbs and proteins, with almost zero percent fat in it.
  • Glycemic index (GI) tells us on the scale 0-100 how much the food is responsible for increasing blood sugar levels. Banana has an average GI value of 51, which is less than many of the fruits. Bananas contain starch and pectin, which are used to moderate our blood sugar level.
  • Bananas have a huge role to play in digestion. Being a good source of fiber, it smoothens the process of digestion. Also, it protects against cancer; especially it prevents the chances of colon cancer. Furthermore, research tells us that it also prevents wheezing and can be used by children to treat asthma.
  • Moreover, Bananas consist of Potassium, which is essential for good heart health and maintaining average blood pressure. Dopamine and catechin antioxidants are also present in bananas for maintaining good health. More than 50 percent of kidney diseases can be prevented by eating bananas.
  • People who want to gain weight prefer to start their day with a banana milkshake as it contains carbs with almost zero percent fats in it.

When to use Banana? 

Bananas are a fruit that is alkaline in nature. That's why they are responsible for neutralizing the acids present inside the stomach. You can have it whenever you feel hungry. There is no such rule as it would still be beneficial at any time of the day.

Some people prefer to consume their nutrients in the form of banana milkshakes. Banana milkshake is a mixture of milk and banana. Anyone can find it easily outside the house, too, from local markets. Many like to eat banana raw. Eating it as the first thing in the morning makes your day happy and fresh.

How to Use a Banana? 

Use of Banana is not only restricted to health benefits, but one can also use it for a skincare routine, growing of plants, polishing of silver, whitening of teeth, etc.

Banana Face Mask

If you want to stop your extra banana from getting wasted. You can also apply it on your face as well. It will not only moisturize your skin but also removes all the dead skin cells.

  • First of all, take a ripe banana and make it into a paste by smashing it well. Mix it well with ¼ tbsp. Yogurt, 2 tbsp. Honey. Then apply it gently on your neck and face.
  •  Leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash your face properly with cold water.

Banana used for polishing shoes and steel

You are well aware of the fact that in no time, steel starts to become rusty. The stain appears on its surface, and the same is the case with leather shoes. Instead of throwing banana peels, you can use it on your shoes and steel for polishing. You can also use it on other leather materials like leather furniture etc.

  • All you have to do is rubbing the inside of the peel with your shoes and steel. Then wipe it with some tissue paper or any piece of cloth. You can see the lustrous shine on your things.

Whitening teeth

Teeth Whitening in Lahore, Pakistan - Laser Teeth Whitening

Everybody desires to own whiten teeth, but costly treatments are making it quite impossible. So, one should stop worrying about that as the banana peel is the cheapest, natural, and the most effective treatment for teeth whitening.

  • Make a habit of brushing teeth regularly and then rub the banana peel on your teeth for three minutes. It will not only make your teeth whiten, but also brighten!

Famous Bananas Recipes

Bananas recipes are the most popular and famous ones. One can also make them at home, as bananas are easily available. Also, many restaurants make sure that they have banana recipes on their menu.

  1. Banana nuts Bread

Banana bread is liked for its easy recipe, buttery taste, and incredibly soft crumb.

To make banana bread, make sure you have four large bananas, nuts, butter, brown sugar, eggs, and yogurt.


  • Peel the bananas and place them into the bowl. Use an electric mixer to mash the bananas. Start beating on medium speed then increase the speed gradually.
  • Now, shift the mixture into the mixing bowl. Add the butter slices, brown sugar, two beaten eggs, and yogurt into the banana batter. To make your bread crispier and crunchy, add ¾ cup full of nuts.
  • Enjoy your banana bread! You can also store it for 3-4 months in your freezer.
  1. Banana cake

 Banana cheesecake is considered to be the most demanding cake. It's worth the effort and time to make it. 


125g butter slices, one beaten egg, two mashed bananas, 1 ½ cup of flour, ¾ cup of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla essence.


  • Take a medium pan and place it on the heat. Add butter, sugar, and vanilla. Mix it properly.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and add the bananas into it. Smash it with the help of a fork. Now add milk, egg, and flour into it.
  • Preheat the oven at 170C for a few minutes. Now add the mixture into the oven for exactly 40 minutes at 170C. When the sides are brown, the cake will be ready to serve.
  1. Banana Pancakes

Easy Banana Pancakes for Two - Baking Mischief

There is no better way to start your morning than Banana pancakes.


One cup maida, one mashed banana, 1 ½ cup of milk, one egg, 1tbsp. Of honey, ½ tsp. of baking powder, 1/2 tsp vanilla essence, 1tsp. Butter.


  • Take an egg in a bowl, and beat it well. Add butter, vanilla essence, honey, and mashed banana in it. Also, Sift maida and baking powder into the mixture.
  • Mix it well and keep adding milk into the mixture until it becomes smooth. Now place it on the pan and cover it with a glass lid. Amazing pancakes will be ready to serve.
  • To make it more sweet and tasty, pour your favorite syrup from above.

Banana Remedies

Aren't you tired of taking medicines and visiting doctors? Many people are unaware that diseases like insomnia, bronchitis, cough, etc. can be treated at home. Natural remedies are more effective and usually recommended by many experts.

Banana recipe to treat diseases is simple, and all you have to do is take mashed bananas and boil them for 25 minutes. Then add honey to it.

Also, you can make a hair mask with the help of honey and banana. They both are equally good for your hair. Not only will it make your hair healthy and shiny, but it will heal your skin too. Take two mashed bananas and add 2tsp. of honey in the mixture. An alternative to this is a banana coconut hair mask—mix coconut hair oil with mashed bananas.

Side effects of Banana

It is very rare to see side effects of bananas. Although, when someone eats too much banana, it can result in bloating, cramps, nausea, and vomiting. Hence, it would be good to avoid taking high doses of bananas.

While using bananas for your hair, it will be a lot better if you take some precautions there too. Don't apply it on your hair for too long. Ensure that while taking off your mask, it should be washed properly as it can result in allergy-like latex-fruit allergy. When left on your scalp, it can cause irritation and dandruff.  

As per USDA guidelines, Nutrients imbalance is also one of the worrying side effects of bananas. It can cause hindrance in the proper functioning of your body. Furthermore, it is very common that some people are allergic to bananas.

Bottom Line

Banana comes with many health benefits, and it is also good for your skin and hair. Besides that, those who are looking for a simple remedy to take care of their skin can consume and try it on a daily basis. However, keep in mind that eating it too much can also cause inflammation. So, don’t forget to take it in a moderate amount. Moreover, if you are a banana lover and want to lose weight as well, you can add it to your diet plan and can also consume it with smoothies. 




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