What is Eleuthero Root Good For?

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Eleuthero Root

What Is Eleuthero Root Good For?


Famous as ‘Siberian ginseng’, the eleuthero root is a small, woody shrub and is used to make medicine from traditional times. This plant is found in China, Russia, Korea, and Japan and is actively used in traditional Chinese medicines. It is also referred to as ‘adaptogen,' a non-medical term used for a substance that provides resistance against stress. Many people are confused about what is eleuthero root good for? Therefore let’s have a look at it in detail.


Benefits of Eleuthero Root

From traditional times eleuthero is used to treat numerous human illnesses and provides several health benefits. In this section, we will explain what eleuthero root is good for.  

  • Immune System and Infection:

Eleuthero is linked with strengthening immune function, thus giving the body a strength to fight against diseases. Several reaches provide a clear hint that it can help to fight against cancer. Moreover, it helps maintain T4 lymphocyte, one of the primary immune cells affected by AIDS and HIV. Not only can it boost the immune system but also weaken pathogens.


  • Common Cold:

Not alone, but when taken in combination with other products like Andrographis, it can reduce symptoms of the common cold. However, keep in mind that you must take this medicine 72 hours after the symptoms have shown. Another research scientist proves that eleuthero can kill the RNA virus, which can cause influenza and cold. However, it doesn't attack the DNA virus.

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  • Diabetes:

It is excellent for reducing insulin resistance and is considered one of the best treatments for managing type II diabetes. When a group of people was given Siberian ginseng during research, it seems to lower cholesterol, HbA1c, and triglycerides. In another study, its use increases the function of the pancreatic cell, making insulin and lower blood sugar levels.

  • Reducing Osteoporosis:

Numerous studies and researches show that eleuthero supplements can increase the production of a bone-building hormone called osteocalcin. Thus, showing considerable benefits on bone health. Moreover, another research done on rat’s use of an extract from the eleuthero bark prevents loss of bone mineral density. Consequently, it is believed that eleuthero is good for bone health. However, still more research is needed.


  • Lowering Fatigue:

The presence of stimulants in eleuthero not only acts as an energy booster but they also significantly reduce fatigue and overcome exhaustion. It activates AMPK, which increases the metabolic process. Consequently, your body will break down fat to produce energy. Another research suggests that in humans and animals, the use of eleuthero can increase endurance and improve mental health.

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  • Reducing Stress:

The use of eleuthero significantly increases mental health; consequently, reducing recovery time from stressful events like high physical activity, sleep deprivation, etc. Eating eleuthero when going through a stressful period can increase the production of AMPK, thus boosting energy. Besides, it can also activate BNDF, which helps the brain adapt to change. Being an adaptogen, this herb is excellent in fighting against stress and anxiety.

Final Words

These are some of the highly beneficial facts which one can enjoy by eating eleuthero.  However, it is always better to consult your physician before taking it to avoid consuming it in high proportions.





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