Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

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Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

Do you always feel tired? Do you feel dizzy and cannot focus more on your everyday physical and mental tasks? Do you suffer from sudden and unexplained body aches and pain that often disturb your sleep and daily activities? If so, then you may have adrenal fatigue.

If you have experienced some changes in your body, such as with regards to your appetite, bowel movements, or digestion, then it might be the time to see your doctor. If you are suffering from these conditions, you should see your doctor right away, as these may turn into a life-threatening health problem if not treated immediately. A lack of energy and focus, poor memory, poor sleep, loss of appetite, weight loss, unexplained weakness and the occurrence of frequent illnesses are some signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Have you heard of this term? If not, then this article is for you. Learn and know what causes adrenal fatigue and the different supplements available to help treat this condition.

Adrenal Fatigue

 Feeling tired and with low energy all day? Do you know that regular tiredness is a sign of adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is associated with a lot of recurring health problems. The term adrenal fatigue is an alternative medical terminology that describes different interrelated symptoms such as fatigue, body, and joints aches, low blood pressure, sleeping disorders, eating, and digestive issues, nervousness, and craving for salt and sugar. 

The adrenal fatigue concept created a debate on the medical field since there were claims that adrenal fatigue is not a real condition. Thus, a lot of medical practitioners are using this terminology as an alternative to describing a collected common indication of adrenal fatigue.

The term adrenal fatigue is an association of terminologies made up of the affected part, which is the adrenal gland; and a medical condition, which is fatigue.

Adrenal glands are glands that sit atop of our kidneys. These are two small triangle-like glands that produce a variety of hormones, such as adrenaline, cortisol, and steroids aldosterone. The adrenal glands help regulate metabolism, maintain a healthy immune system, and keep blood pressure stable. Adrenal glands also help in responding to stresses and are essential to other body functions.

On the other hand, fatigue is not just a feeling of being tired. This is a medical health condition that is classified into two types. The first is physical fatigue, which affects the body the most. The fulfillment of daily tasks is hindered due to weak muscles. Easy and regular tasks might be difficult to execute, like walking or climbing the stairs. The second type is mental fatigue, which affects the brain's proper function, the symptoms of which include difficulty in concentrating, poor memory, and stress.

The two terms are interrelated to each other in the concept of adrenal fatigue. When the adrenal glands are exhausted and cannot function properly to release hormones, we will suffer from fatigue. Due to the decreasing levels of hormones, specifically cortisol, the body will feel tired, which is a common symptom of stress. In a study conducted on 2,483 people, fatigue is caused by an increased level of stress. Stress causes a disturbance in sleep and also leads to having low energy. The hormone called cortisol helps in responding to stress, and having low cortisol leads to more stress, which further create different health complications.

What is stress?

Stress is a medical health condition that occurs naturally to every person. This is the inability to cope with different daily activities. The common symptoms of anxiety are sweating, headaches, body aches, muscle cramps, and dizziness. This is due to the imbalanced response of the hormones in the body. Adrenal glands are the main responsible organs that create the “fight or flight”response to the stresses caused by different demands (relationships, earning money, and others), and events (daily job routine, etc.) in a person's everyday activities.

Cortisol is the hormone that responds to stress. Its release and circulation in the blood is affected by stress. The more stress the person suffers, the lesser the cortisol levels. The adrenal glands are thus affected.

What are the effects of stress?

Stress, in general, is a factor in different diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, weak immune system, eating, and digestive issues, and even constant headaches are some manifestations of stress.

Furthermore, here are the different symptoms and complications that may result from stress. 

Cardiovascular Health

Stress is a significant factor in the different complications associated with cardiovascular disease. The Normative Aging Study showed viable evidence that people with high levels of stress are prone to having coronary heart disease. When combined with unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating foods high in sugar, salt and fats; stress can lead to deaths.

Anger, anxiety, and worrying are risk factors, especially among men, for heart disease. This may be because men are expected to perform well and earn well; thus the stress that comes with demand.

Immune System Performance

Researches have shown solid pieces of evidence that stress negatively affects the immune system. This includes a decrease in the production of the Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity (NK) cells. NK cells are very vital in the immune system. This cell is responsible for fighting and monitoring viruses and cancer cells in the body. Stress also affects the secretion of IgA antibodies (secretory IgA -sIgA), which are responsible for the mucus that is present in the digestive system, inside the mouth, in the lungs, in the urinary tract, and in other body parts. The decrease of sIgA in the body can let microbial pathogens invade the body, further leading to different illnesses. Besides, a high level of stress has a significant effect on the intestinal microflora (IM). If intestinal microflora decrease, pathogens will attack the digestive system, causing digestive problems and other health problems.

Adrenal Fatigue Disorders: Lack of Adrenal Hormones

Lack of adrenal hormones can cause different disorders. Insufficient hormones are fatal and life-threatening if untreated immediately. Adrenal gland disorders can make hormonal levels decrease.  

Adrenal Problems. Addison's disease is a condition in which the adrenal gland does not produce hormones such as cortisol. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is  condition which results to deficient enzymes that create hormones. Cushing's disease is a condition where there is an increase in cortisol levels due to a pituitary gland tumor. Hyperaldosteronism can leads to high blood pressure; while hypoaldosteronism can lead to low blood pressure.

These are some of the common adrenal gland disorders that may worsen if untreated. They can lead to adrenal fatigue that can  further lead to more complications.

Who is most likely to have adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is affecting millions of people across the globe. Several studies have shown that men are more prone to having adrenal fatigue than women. This is because stress factors in men are often recurrent and are higher. Thus, people who are shift workers, alcohol and drug dependents, single parents (teenage parents), and people with stressful jobs are at risk of having adrenal fatigue.


To treat adrenal fatigue, medical practitioners recommend stopping the intake of alcoholic beverages, drinks with caffeine, drugs of any form, and cigarette smoking. Healthy living is the best treatment for any kind of disease. It includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and better sleeping habits. You can also use supplements to alleviate some symptoms, which will be discussed below.

Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

There are different products available to ease the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Most of these products are in the form of vitamins and food supplements. Here are some of these supplements.


Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng)

This is a kind of plant that can be added to a multivitamin-mineral complex. It contains a high amount of antioxidants that can act on the adrenal glands to help it produce more cortisol. As a result of this stimulant effect,  immunity against cancers and viruses is strengthened.

Eleuthero coccus senticosus (Siberian Ginseng)

Clinical studies have shown that Siberian Ginseng helps in reducing stress levels of a person. Siberian Ginseng also contains phytonutrients and antioxidants that enhances one to adapt well to physical conditions. These components can also enhance mental capacity, and increases the body’s strength and stamina even under stressful conditions.

Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha- Indian Ginseng)

This type of ginseng can help decrease the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Thus, it also helps in addressing adrenal fatigue and prevents one from having it.

Cortisol Modulators

Fish Oil

Fish oil helps in enhancing the production and release of cortisol, thus decreasing the stress levels of a person.

Plant Sterols and Sterolins

These are fats that have the ability to fight stress. They help increase cortisol production in the body and thus increase immunity.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid indirectly helps in the secretion of cortisol. It is primarily known as an antioxidant that helps in lowering stress levels in the body. 

Sedative Botanical Plant Extracts


This is a type of amino acid that is obtained from green or black tea through extraction. This substance helps in relaxing the mind while also helping increase brain activity. It also helps in mind focus which is greatly helpful to a person in his performance of work or daily activities. 

Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi)

Bacopa Monniera helps reduce stress levels in the body. Its components can also impact emotional and brain function in an individual suffering from anxiety.

Valeriana officinalis (valerian)

This is an herb that is well-known for its sedative effects. Essential oils are extracted from the roots and are used as natural anti-depressants and muscle relaxants.

Passiflora incarnata (Passion Fruit)

This is a useful food supplement that can help decrease anxiety. Its components helps increase productivity, both mentally and physically.

Humulus lupulus (hops)

This is used as a sedative to treat nervousness and insomnia.


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

GABA can make the mind heal from the effects of stress. It also helps in controlling seizures, movement disorders, and insomnia.


Melatonin is used to treat sleep disorders that are primary contributors to having low energy and lack of focus and concentration.

L-Tryptophan/ 5-Hydroxytryptophan

This is an amino acid that is essential to metabolism.


L-tyrosine helps reduce the effects of acute stress. Also, this may be used to treat fatigue, which is the reason for poor performance of complex tasks and daily work.


Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

This vitamin helps boost immune system function, as well as physical and brain activities.

Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

This B-vitamin is able to protect the adrenal gland from exhaustion so that it can perform its functions well.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Vitamin B3 is beneficial in enhancing sleep. Good sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle that helps eliminate adrenal fatigue and stress.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

This B vitamin helps in buffering the effects of cortisol in the urinary tract. It also helps lessen stress levels in the body.

Pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (Active Vitamin B6)

This B vitamin helps in maintaining good brain function.

Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Vitamin B12 helps improve sleep. It also helps normalize cortisol levels in the body

5-Methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF; Folate)

Folate is essential in good nerve and brain functioning. 


Stress is inevitable. We suffer stress because of various reasons. If you have it, this can be an indicator that you are prone to having other diseases as well. Its complications can be treated by medical practitioners, but the root cause, which is stress, is only effectively eliminated by living a healthy lifestyle. If stress is not addressed immediately, it can be dangerous to your health.

The recurring and regular manifestation of stress, as mentioned earlier, can be adrenal fatigue. Experiencing one or more symptoms of adrenal fatigue is considered a health concern. Frequent tiredness is not an ordinary feeling for any individual. A daily feeling of tiredness accompanied by low energy and loss of appetite may already be a manifestation of adrenal fatigue.

On the other hand, amidst the debate on the terminology of adrenal fatigue, we should always strive for healthy living. Taking vitamins and food supplements every day can also treat and prevent adrenal fatigue and its symptoms.

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