Is The Air Fryer Good For Keto Diet

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Is the Air Fryer Good for Keto Diet?

The straight answer to the question that ‘is the air fryer good for keto diet?’ is an absolute yes. To maintain a healthy body besides looking good and in shape is probably a hard task to continue. Keto diet has some restrictions on food as it is a proper diet plan to follow. This conveys a general assumption that you cannot savor all categories of food. But there are some possible ways that make you enjoy distinguished food items of low carbs. Because if you have chosen a keto diet then you need to be smart in creating new recipes and look for smart kitchen appliances. An air fryer is an incredible kitchen invention that helps you to try different delicious keto recipes. Air fryers are popular these days as they only need one spoon of oil to fry food. Before going into a discussion about its implication in the keto diet, we need to understand what air fryer is and how it works so that we can understand its importance in a keto diet.

Working Technique of an Air Fryer

This effective machine was developed by Philips Electronics company in the year 2010. Their research showed that deep-frying of food and getting it crispy is only because of a reaction, which is Maillard's reaction. It is a reaction that takes place when oil is heated at extremely high temperatures. Air fryer attains this temperature and, with only one teaspoon of oil, performs the Maillard reaction, and makes the food crispy brown, the same as deep frying. This hot temperature is generated by a fan inside the air fryer and blows that hot air on food placed inside the bucket or container. The heater is present inside the fryer, and from that heater fan blows the hot air on the food and maintains a temperature similar to deep frying. So, there is no need to soak the food inside the oil and make it unhealthy. You can enjoy the crispy fried food without too much oil, and you can also add some nuts to make it crispier and healthier.

Have Fried Food with Low Carb

When you fry a portion of food by dipping it in oil, it becomes unhealthy. Deep frying a food turns it into a bundle of unhealthy fat, or you can say bad fat. But as we all know that fried food is always delicious, and it is hard to avoid its delicacy. Thanks to air fryers, they have solved this problem, and now, by using them, we can still enjoy crispy and brown food without a load of oil in it. If you add nuts to air fried food, it will increase its crisp, and this texture will add great health benefits too.

Air Fryer and Keto Diet

As we already said, an air fryer allows food to fry it similarly to deep frying, so it will help those people who are on a keto diet. Most importantly, the taste remains the same, but the unhealthy element of deep-frying stays away. Let us talk about the effects of deep frying and why it is so bad for not only people on the keto diet but for all. During a keto diet, a person needs to consume almost 75% of calories from fat. As keto diet suggests having low carbs and high fat, a question can come that if in keto we must have fats, why deep frying is so bad? In keto diet, you are very much focused on consuming fat without knowing that there are some bad fats and good fats. It is true that in the keto diet we need to have fat, but deep-frying food will not give you good fat. There are two types of fat, good fat and bad fat. We need to comprehend the difference between these two fats so that we can understand the reason for using air fryers instead of deep-frying the food. And regardless of the fact that either you are a keto dieter or not, but you should not take bad fats at all.

Good Fat

Bad Fat

Good fats are important for the body to carry out different activities as they provide energy. They also have effects on the mood of the person and their consumption will make you charming.

The oil used for deep frying is taken from vegetables. This oil may contain some artificial chemicals and trans fats

They contain omega 3 and omega 3 is especially important for ketosis. Good fat also helps to increase the level of good cholesterol in the body.

Bad fats can also be held responsible for increasing cholesterol levels, especially the bad cholesterol. They can also decrease good cholesterol.

Good fats are helpers in weight loss, and they minimize the risk of heart attacks.

If you consume too much of bad fats, then you will face problems like weight gain and heart artery blockage.

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Advantages of Having an Air Fryer

Air fryers are not only for avoiding deep frying food, and they have many other benefits to offer.

  • Less Cooking Time

As we know that normal ovens that are used in home can cook food quickly. But air fryers can cook food even quicker than normal ovens.

  • Increasing Eating Option to Keto Diet

The keto diet is, for the most part, seen as a serious prohibitive one. Pizza, chips, treats, sweet beverages, and pan-fried food things are confined with most, if not all, weight reduction eats less. With keto, pasta, bread, potatoes, and even most natural products are likewise removed from the menu, such a large number of individuals think that it is hard to follow. We as a whole will, in general fall into comparative kitchen schedules, concocting old family top picks, and now and then it tends to be trying to consider some fresh possibilities. Fortunately, probably the simplest approach to extend your cooking capacities and menus is to put resources into another kitchen device. An air fryer offers you gigantic adaptability in the kitchen since there are actually many distinctive food things you can cook in it. Immaculate chicken wings without fail, chicken tenders, shrimps, crab cakes, mozzarella sticks, calamari rings, and eggplant and kale chips are only a couple of models. You can likewise cook the entirety of your more standard charge, for example chicken bosom, pastries, bacon, steaks, and vegetables.

  • Can Be Cleaned Easily

Contingent upon the model you purchase, a large portion of the parts are dishwasher safe, so you should simply disassemble it and afterward set it back after it is washed. At the point when you're browning your food, the main thing you need to handle is the manner by which you will discard the pre-owned kitchen oil. Right off the bat, you have to discover a heatproof compartment to empty it into and sit tight for it to cool and harden. At that point, you have to scratch it into an expendable holder, trailed by enveloping it by significantly more plastic to guarantee it does not spill. The entire undertaking is amazingly untidy and horrendous, also the measure of plastic you likely simply used to guarantee it does not release all over your receptacles.

  • Wastage of Food Is Less

Consider how much oil you must use to profound fry anything. It is an unimaginable sum, particularly when you contrast it with a couple of teaspoons required in an air fryer. On the off chance that you have a profound fat fryer and are enticed to keep utilizing it for the remainder of the family, you should reconsider. Possibly you can reuse the oil two or multiple times before supplanting it. In any case, it is still impressively more inefficient, also more monetarily depleting than numerous other cooking strategies, air fricasseeing included.

  • How Air Fryer helps in Keto Diet

A Keto diet is a restricted diet plan that does not allow certain ingredients to devour. It is difficult for the people who are a big fan of food, to resist food temptations. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that solves the problem and encourages the people to stick to the diet, and side by side, they can also enjoy low carbs fried food. Air fryer helps you to;

  • Make food easily and faster.
  • Enjoy food at home.
  • Make various food items to maintain interest in the food.

The air fryer is quite useful for everybody, particularly on the off chance that they appreciate pan-fried food. An air fryer is an ideal method to praise the 28 Day Keto Challenge for those occasions when your seared food yearnings just will not disappear. In case you are cooking for the family, it tends to be irritating and tedious to cook everything in clumps, yet it is unquestionably superior to most singed other options. By helping us produce a wide assortment of solid and heavenly food, it is sheltered to state we are enormous fanatics of air searing.


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