Superfood Immune Support Powder

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Most of us have been told to eat our greens since childhood. However, it’s a well-known fact that many people don’t have an adequate intake of vegetables. This could either be due to an aversion to the taste or the lack of time to prepare them. Greens powders are nutritional products aimed to assist you in getting the regular daily consumption of vegetables.

Superfood Immune Support Powder is a perfect remedy to satisfy the daily demands of vegetables. It offers additional protection, which helps to cover dietary voids. Supplementation labeling suggests greens powders will help with the internal defenses, energy efficiency, and overall improved health.

What is the Superfood Immune Support Powder?

Superfood Immune Support Powder is among the finest greens powders as it supports healthy immune system and energy levels.

The mix also contains adaptogens, proteolytic enzymes, and antioxidants in this greens powder supplementation. This powder is abundant in both field and marine greens and contains nutrients from well-known health foods including, concord grapes, camu camu, cranberries, and cherries. In this mix, the products are a hundred percent natural and GMO-free.


Greens powder is a simple way to improve your diet with various vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes. Where applicable, we suggest considering fresh, fiber-dense products; however, top quality greens powder is a terrific replacement when you're busy with your daily routine. You can avail of 132g of this nutrient-dense product at a reasonable price of $34.

We also recommend that the substance be blended in a smoothie for maximum flavor and quality. You should also add a variety of good nutrition to your smoothie, including almond butter, frozen berries or coconut, to better consume the fat-soluble nutrients in the mix.

Important Features of Superfood Immune Support Powder

The following are the vital features of this greens powder that make it a one-of-a-kind potent formula:

  • High-Quality Products

Our famous formulation carefully mixes multiple alkalizing field fresh vegetables along with nutritious fruits and herbs with nutrient-rich health foods to make you feel energized and healthy throughout the day.

  • Basic Functioning

This nutrient-dense dietary supplement has been specifically formulated to support a healthy immune system and maintain optimal energy levels.

  • Weight of the Product

The standard packaging of the Superfood Immune Support Powder has a net weight of 4.6 ounces of 132 grams, which is sufficient enough to last more than a month.

  • Using the Supplement

This supplement can be used two times a day by adding one serving or one scoop of the powder in eight to sixteen ounces of water or any preferable liquid such as coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk, or regular milk to have it in the form of a smoothie.

  • Product Storage

The product has an ample shelf life, and it can be stored at an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Preparation and Verification

The Superfood Immune Support Powder has been prepared using the highest quality food products while following good manufacturing practices, also known as GMP. This product has further been verified for its purity and potency by third-party testing.


  • Caloric Quantity

The best part of this nutrient-rich greens powder is that it only consists of 40 calories per serving or scoop. This means you can enjoy numerous health benefits of the nutritious extracts present in this supplement, without gaining any extra weight.

Its low caloric value makes it ideal for being consumed on a diet, to negate any sorts of nutrient deficiencies. However, the caloric value of the product can be increased when it is used after being combined with other food products.