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Soup, the ultimate comfort food

There is something about soup that sets it apart from other meals. Soup is one meal that is found all around the globe in many forms. Soup is an integral part of many cuisines in a whole range of cultures. In fact, I am pretty sure that somewhere in the galaxy, there will be an alien mom serving up a bowl of soup. 

Each decade has had its favorite soup, "Taste of Home," recently gave a review of the top soups of each decade. This list is what they found: [i] 

  • The 1900s: Cioppino 
  • The 1910s: Vichyssoise 
  • The 1920s: Bisque 
  • The 1930s: Vegetable soup 
  • The 1940s: Tomato hamburger soup 
  • The 1950s: Cream of mushroom 
  • The 1960s: Gazpacho 
  • The 1970s: Slow cooker split pea soup 
  • The 1980s: French onion soup 
  • The 1990s: Chicken soup 
  • The 2000s: Cheeseburger soup 
  • The 2010s: Instant pot pozole 

Looking at these last two decades, we see both elements of our recipe, cheeseburger soup, and instant pot. We can see from this that instant pot cheeseburger soup is bang up-to-date with today's trends. 
Nearly everyone will agree that the current time is one of the most stressful since World War 2. (when hamburger soup was the most popular) and comfort food has taken on a new significance. At a time where there is so much change in our society, it is great to come home to a familiar taste. Familiar but yet in a new format. 

Soup is perfect for when it's cold outside. 
Deep within our cultural heritage is an association between cold weather and steaming hot soup. When you come in from the cold and smell that soup cooking in the kitchen, it just has a sense of being somewhere safe from the elements and of being "home." If you live in a cold climate or the midst of winter, eating more food can not only help you remain warm but improve your happiness. 

You have all probably heard about comfort foods. But did you know that there are scientific facts behind this concept? A study carried out by Cornell University and published by the medical journal Physiology. Behavior found out that while women are more likely to turn to chocolate and sweets for comfort, that man favor soups, and steaks. Women tend to use comfort foods differently from men, as well. Women use comfort foods when they are stressed; men use them as a kind of reward. So when a man returns home to the smell of soup, he is associating that with a prize to acknowledge his achievements. There is also some other evidence that links certain foods that will stimulate neurotransmitters that have a calming effect. 

When we eat something cold, eating or drinking something hot warms us up and produces a pleasant sensation. You do not need to spend vast amounts of time preparing food that has this welcoming aura. Using an Instant Pot, and the right recipe (which we will look at shortly) can make it quite simple. 

A new look at soups 
We in the west are very conservative when it comes to our food. We have set foods for each meal, and it seems odd if we eat a food item for the wrong mealtime. For example, in the USA, the "appropriate" food for breakfast is considered to be cereal and milk, or eggs, and bacon. When I was living in China, it would be quite natural to have soup made of rice for breakfast, served by one of the many street vendors. Japanese children will also have soup for breakfast. These cultures have made the connection between breaking the fast (breakfast), have not had food for at least 8 hours, and enjoying a warm soup that fires up the digestive system. [ii] 

Why do we eat soup when we are sick? 
Another thing about soup is that we associate soup with something we eat when we are feeling sick. Soup is that traditional pick me up that automatically springs to mind. Whatever progress we make in science,m and whatever nutritional fashions are prevalent, one thing is constant. When we are sick, we eat soup. This fact has been researched, and as long ago as the 12th century, doctors would prescribe soup for those who were ill. Modern science has confirmed that this prescription is correct and that soup can be both soothing and anti-inflammatory for those with colds. Psychologists believe that as adults when we want to feel comforted, we eat what our mothers would have given us, so although scientific evidence suggests that good food for te sick would be soup. We provide them with soup because that's what our mother would have done. [iii] Now we will move on to the basic recipe 

Instant pot® cheeseburger soup - the basic recipe 
Cheeseburger soup is the perfect food for a cold winter's night, and our recipe is a great way to make it. 
Yes, it really is that simple and quick to produce this delicious cheeseburger soup. It's a substantial meal that is sure to be enjoyed and become a firm favorite. Now we are going to take a closer look at the ingredients of this meal. We will then put together an even more health variation. 
Ingredients breakdown

Yes, most of us just love cheeseburger soup. It is undoubtedly my favorite. But how many times do we consider the ingredients of the soup and what specific health benefits they may contain? 

Extra virgin olive oil 
Olive oil is promoted in a lot of recipes as having health benefits. Is it as healthy as you think? Author Tom Mueller has stated in his book "Extra Virginity" that a great deal of the oil sold in the USA as extra-virgin is not what it claims to be and contains other materials. 

Real extra virgin olive oil is collected from the olives with just pressure. This method is called "cold pressing." It will contain just 1% acid, the premium oil that coms from te first pressing of the olives. It has the freshest and fruit-filled flavor. "Virgin Oil" is also a product of that first press but has more acid (3%). The United States Government does not regulate the quality of what is bottled, and what you may be getting is far removed from what the label says. Even the description "packaged in Spain, Greece, or whatever country is meaningless as it does not mean the oil was produced there. 

Here is the crucial part: Extra-Virgin olive oil has a low smoke point and is best suited for cold dishes. Virgin oil is better for low-temperature cooking as it has excellent flavor with a higher smoke point. Finally, the healthy phenols found in olive oil are damaged by heat. [iv] 

Medium white onion 
Onions are very healthy food. They are packed to the brim with nutrients. White onions have white skin, and the flesh is also all white. They have a slightly less strong flavor than the yellow onions. They are frequently used in Mexican cooking. The flavonoids that are present in onions are going to reduce the risk of Parkinson's, Stroke, and cardiovascular problems. 

Ground sirloin 
I notice that the recipe calls for ground sirloin, and not just ground beef. In, ground sirloin, the meat comes only from the cut we call sirloin (from the heifers hip). Ground beef is more general, and the meat could come from any one of the seven primal cuts. Ground beef is generally between 75% and 85% lean meat, although it is possible to get some packs that are up to 95%. [v] 

Italian seasoning 
Italian seasoning is comprised of several dried herbs. Generally, this will include oregano, basil, marjoram, sage, and savory. Typically it does not feature spices or salt. 

 It has a strong flavor that adds warmth to any dish. It has some essential nutritional qualities and can fulfill about 8% of your daily vitamin K requirements. It is rich in antioxidants. 

 Basil is a part of the mint family, and it adds flavor to food. It also contains antioxidants and macronutrients. Research has also shown that basil has properties that may help combat aging of the skin. 

Marjoram is rich in vitamins A and C, together with calcium and iron. It also has proven abilities to aid with digestion.

Sage is a close relative of rosemary. Sage is believed to improve brain function, lower any inflammation, and regulate digestion. [vi] 

Black Pepper & Sea Salt 
Of course, we take these condiments to add taste to our food, but sometimes we forget that they also have some nutritional values. 

Black peppercorn is native to the southern part of India. It has been used for cooking since 2000 BC. It is an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin K, iron, and fiber. 

 Sea salt contains 82 trace nutrients which it obtains from the ocean. It also includes essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, and many more. 

Red potatoes 
Red potatoes have a minimum of 10% of the daily suggested intake of vitamin B6. B6 is a vitamin that is connected with cellular renewal. You will also find both copper and zinc in this vegetable. Potatoes have a bad wrap and are often described as foods we should avoid, but this is incorrect. A potato will, in addition to the above benefits, also provide 45of % your daily intake of vitamin C. It also contains more potassium than a banana. 

Beef broth 
Put simply, the beef broth is a soup that is created by cooking the bones of beef. Once strained, this liquid is a good source of nutrients, minerals, and 17 different amino acids. Bone broths are often used as a way of healing the digestive system in many cultures. 

Heavy cream 
Heavy cream has a butterfat content of 36% to 40% and is slightly higher in fat content than whipping cream in the UK. This thick and tasty dairy product is used in a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory. It has a very high-fat content which means it is often spoken of negatively. It is high in fat and low in carbohydrates and protein. This fat content makes them high in energy but smaller in nutrients. But we should not dismiss heavy cream so quickly, as there is nothing inherently wrong wit fat provided from healthy sources, it has its function in our diet. It just needs to be moderated. 

Sharp Cheddar Cheese 
Cheddar is the second most popular cheese in the USA. Americans munch their way through 10 lbs per head. Real cheddar cheese originated and is made in the town of Cheddar in the UK, but these days cheddar is made in several countries, with many cheese variations bearing little resemblance to British cheddar. In some countries, they package processed cheese and call it cheddar. Cheddar is probably the healthiest way of eating dairy products. It is high in vitamin Dand has a fat content of just 27.6%.[vii] 

Fresh Parsley 
Parsley is a flowering plant that is native to the Mediterranean region in Europe. Over many years the plant has been used for the treatment of high blood pressure and allergies. Many people call it one of the most potent medicinal plants in the world. In the kitchen, it has a mild but bitter flavor that compliments many foods. 

Smoked Paprika 
Smoked paprika is a spice based on pepper that fights many diseases. It is known for fighting inflammation, certain cancers, but also confronts autoimmune issues as well. Paprika has a considerable amount of vitamin A, and they are rich in antioxidants. 

Instant Pot® Cooking 
We have looked at the cheeseburger recipe, how to prepare it, and finally, at the ingredients in much greater detail. Now we will have a closer look at the Instant Pot® that makes cooking this recipe so easy and quick. 

Think of Instant Pot® ; as the opposite of a slow cooker. A low cooker will cook your meal incredibly slowly over a matter of a few hours, and yes, they are incredibly useful sometimes, but sometimes you want to prepare food real fast.     The recipe we described above is made using an Instant Pot®, and you saw how quickly that meal was made. 

The Instant Pot®; is. In essence, a pressure cooker has been brought right up to date. Some of the latest models in the range come with wifi connection and a gizmo that detects burning. Oh-Boy, do I need that feature. 

Instant Pots® come in a variety of models, each with its features. The number of features will relate very much to the price of the model that you purchase, but here are some of the most common features that most versions will include. 

  • Slow cooker 
  • Pressure cooker (with both high or low pressures) 
  • Rice cooker, a staple in many homes 
  • The steamer which is so much healthier 
  • Saute/Browning option 
  • Yogurt Maker, just as a bonus 

Other models come with extra options such as cake maker, egg maker, and sterilizer tool. The device also includes controls that allow you to choose various heats (low, medium, high) or an option just to keep the food warm. 

Believe it or not, there are over 20 different Instant Pot® models to choose from, so you are sure to find one model that suits your needs exactly. The sizes are 3,5,6, and 8 quarts, so whatever size of family you have, there is a pot for you. 

As a geek, I am fascinated by the smart wifi enabled Instant Pot®. This model allows you to monitor and take control of your Instant Pot® from anywhere there is a mobile phone signal. Imagine you can decide what time you are going to get home and set the pot to have your meal ready when you arrive, and if later you change your mind, you can change the timings or turn it off altogether. 

With frozen foods, you can sauté them for a few minutes to raise the temperature before you start to cook them. 

Perhaps the best thing about Instant Pots® is the way that they retain all the goodness in the food. Because in most recipes, you will only use one cup of water, and the vegetables are not submerged in water; the goodness (the vitamins) will not be boiled away and lost in the water. What's even better is that because the food is surrounded by steam, it does not get oxidized. 

You may remember scare stories about pressure cookers that your mother used to use, exploding, and causing injuries. It was also possible to open the pressure cooker and get burned by escaping steam. These high tech Instant Pots® have so many safety features built-in that make these things impossible. For example, it is not possible to open the cooker until the steam pressure has been released. 

Just imagine being able to cook delicious and healthy meals, like the cheeseburger soup, in a matter of minutes using an Instant Pot®. Take a look at these pots in greater detail at here you will not regret it. 
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