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What to mix the green powder with

According to nutritionists, one of the key elements of a healthy and balanced diet is vegetables. In fact, vegetarians all around the world are leading perfectly healthy and fulfilled lives,

 which is an indication that vegetables alone (if taken in all varieties and in proper quantity) can be enough for your nutritional requirements.


Vegetables, if consumed in their whole form, improve your overall health quality and even increase your lifespan. There's a calculated amount of veggies that one should ideally consume per day for a balanced, nutritious diet, but sometimes people find it hard to accommodate veggies in their daily meals.

With that said, there is good news for you if you are one of those people who are getting short on their greens intake. Now you don't have to think very hard about ways to adjust vegetables in your daily diet because the green powder has come to your rescue!

How you can define green powder?

Green powder is a powerful, full of nutrition supplement that serves as an easy and wholesome solution for people who don't eat enough vegetables.


Not only people who are deficient in their greens intake, those who simply want to get additional nutrients in their diet also resort to this amazing powder to level up their health. Because, why not?

Green powder is designed in a way that makes it contain all the essential vitamins and minerals that boost your health and takes it to the next level.

But what makes green powder such a wholesome supplement? The secret lies in its ingredients. Although the ingredients of green powder differ from company to company, which manufactures it, generally it's a combination of dried plants that are blended together to make a powder.

The most common ingredients of green powder that almost every brand covers are wheatgrass, spirulina (a type of algae), pineapple, chlorella, kelp, kale, beets, green tea extracts, and Ginseng. Now imagine all of these super healthy ingredients coming together to form a powder offering all of their combined benefits? I'm sure you're in awe.

Some manufacturers also add probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes in their supplements for additional benefits.

What can be mixed with green powder for better taste and health

Besides all the amazing benefits and advantages of a green powder, there's one major downside to it that is "taste." Since it's composed of a variety of plants, algae, and other ingredients having a bitter taste, the powder has a concentrated, unpleasant taste that makes it very difficult to consume on its own. Therefore, people have employed different ways to make it taste better. Following are some ways you can mix your green powder with smoothies or other foods for better health and taste:

  • Mix with yogurt

Plain yogurt generally doesn't add any 'flavor' to your beverage/smoothie; it rather serves as a neutral base for your drink that gives a certain amount of thickness to your smoothies. Therefore, plain yogurt may not be the best option here.

However, you can opt for plain Greek yogurt, which has a distinct tangy flavor, unlike simple yogurt. Mixing your green powder with rich Greek yogurt may neutralize the bitterness of the powder to some extent. Or you can mix it with kefir (a beverage similar to yogurt but thinner inconsistency), which in itself has a great taste and also has prebiotics, which will give you added health benefits.

Not to forget, mixing the green powder with flavored yogurts can give your smoothie an edge. Your smoothie will then have the flavor of yogurt plus the flavor of fruits, which will create a perfectly balanced smoothie in terms of flavor-not too bland and neither too strong.

  •  Mixing with a fruits-a fruitful way of concealing the taste of your green powder!

Nature has bestowed upon us some of its finest assets in the form of fruits.

Since taste is our biggest concern here, fruits are a great option to be mixed with the bad-tasting green powder.

 There are a lot of fruits that have strong flavors-not the bad kind of strong-but delicious kind of strong. These taste-rich fruits, when mixed with green powder, will almost mask its bitter taste behind their own overpowering flavor. And this is exactly what we want.

This is also a great way of adding seasonal fruits in your diet. So it'll serve two useful purposes at once: give you a reason to get your hands on healthy seasonal fruits which you might otherwise not consider buying and make your green powder bearable in taste.

You can choose to add any of the potent fruits in your smoothie, including raspberries, pineapples, freshly ripened bananas, acai berries or blueberries. Each of these fruits can successfully cover the taste of green powder as well as give an extra healthy touch to your beverage.

  • Mix with chocolate

Generally, chocolates don't have that much of a strong flavor to be able to mask the bitterness of green powder. But, there are ways how you can effectively overpower your green powder’s flavor by using chocolate.

You can also use lighter dark chocolate or even milk chocolate as per your liking. But dark chocolate is recommended to be added (specifically 70% dark chocolate).

Note: If you use 90% dark chocolate, it will only enhance the bitterness of the powder, and the result will be counterproductive.

A number of things can be added to chocolate to create an overpowering effect. The best option here is coffee. Coffee mixed with chocolate creates a rich, luscious flavor. Chocolate helps neutralize the bitterness of coffee. If you choose the coffee-chocolate combo, use milk chocolate to prevent over the bitterness of the beverage.

You can also use chocolate with a combination of banana and dates to create a flavorful, sweet, and rich smoothie.

  • Mix with spices

To spice up your experience of using green powder, mix it with spices! Spices are all about flavors; that's why they're used in cooking, so why not make use of them in other ways too? Some spices have an overpowering flavor that'll not only conceal the bitterness from the green powder but also make your smoothie delicious.

If you're preparing a smoothie with either cream, banana, or chocolate as a base, all you've to do is add some cinnamon, allspice, or nutmeg to your beverage along with green power and voila! You have a rich, flavorful, nutritious beverage with all your favorite greens into it. You can even add ginger, turmeric, or cardamom to your smoothies.

  • Mix with flavored milk

If you're on the go and too busy to make a smoothie, flavored milk is your go-to option. There are a number of delicious flavored milk varieties available in the market.

Two of the best-flavored milk options are cashew nut milk and almond milk. Both of these are a creamy alternative to plain milk and have a rich, nutty flavor that will easily mask the flavor of green powder when mixed with it.

You can also use coconut flavored milk. Coconut milk is also very flavorful and can be a good option to be mixed with green powder.

  • Add in hummus

Mixing your green powder with an already healthy, delicious hummus snack is a great way to add some value to your meal. Hummus has its own great flavor, so adding your greens to it won't make it lose its taste.


However, just to ensure that the flavor of your snack doesn't get compromised, you can go for a couple of add-ons, such as roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, lemon za'atar, etc.

  • Use in baking recipes

What can be better than eating a cake that gives you calories, but also gives you a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals? Satisfying your cravings and getting your health uplifted simultaneously is the perfect dream everyone wishes to live. And the good news is, you can!

One great thing about green powder supplements is that they are powders and hence can be used in many ways (including baking). You can incorporate the green powder into a number of vegan cake recipes that you look up for using YouTube, or you can simply create your own vegan version of pancake using green powder. Instead of using flour, add some green powder to your pancake batter, and you'll discover a way to have a more balanced, healthy breakfast, and you'll often want to have this healthy pancake in your breakfast menu.

Final word

Green powder supplements are receiving great acknowledgment all around the world because of their amazing health benefits. The only problem is with the vegetal, bitter taste of the powder that becomes a barrier in its consumption. However, people have found a number of ways to tackle this issue and are now using green powder by mixing it with a number of food items to get the best out of this supplement.


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