What Is Fungal Alpha Amylase?

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What is fungal alpha-amylase


Fungal Amylase is commonly known as alpha-Amylase, which is created by Aspergillus oryzae. Its formula is founded in both liquid and powder form. Along with that, it is commonly used for cleaning compounds, textile processing, and much more.

Furthermore, it is used to fulfill the deficiency of endogenous Amylase in different animals. Not only does it provide benefits, but it also makes sure to lower down the feed conversion rate (FCR). By lowering the FCR, animal production can be improved, which is another use of Fungal Amylase.

It has been used for many decades as it can hydrolyze starch, which can be found in different supplements, dietary products, and in the baking process.

Consequently, the use of enzymes is becoming common in industrial processes because it works in aqueous solution. In this article, we will have a look at what is Fungal Amylase.

What is Fungal Amylase?


It is a type of food-grade, which comes in the alpha-amylase group. Those who know about the starch process are very much familiar with this term. In addition, it has achieved a high place in the industry and has been used in almost all processes.

There is no doubt that enzymes are playing a vital role in the bread-making process. That is why Amylase plays a significant role in flour supplementation. Although there are three main groups of Amylase, the recommended one is Fungal Amylase because it can provide volume to the bread.

Uses of Fungal Alpha Amylase

Here are some important uses of Fungal Amylase, which will give you more idea about where it is used.

  1. Commercial Starch modification

Starch modification has become an important process and has been used for many decades. Not only does it provide stability against excessive heat, but it also makes sure to provide good texture. This is the reason many industries are using Alpha-Amylase, so they can easily modify starch. As many starches can contain gluten, which can't be good for health, which is why it's essential to add modified starch for better results.

  1. Cleaning Compounds

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This process is also used in cleaning components. Cleaning compound is water-based compounds which are mostly used for removing dirt, oil, and tar from different vehicles. The major examples of cleaning compounds include Mild Alkali, Strong acid, etc. From this, we can assume that Amylase has been used for different cleaning purposes.

  1. Textile Processing

From the past few years, amylases have been used in the Textile process and have played a very important role in it. They have been used to remove starch-based size to improve wet processing. As Amylase is a hydrolytic enzyme, which means it can reduce the intake of sugar fast.

  1. Animal Feed Supplements

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Fungal Amylase has been used in various animal feed supplements to fulfill the deficiency of endogenous. This type of deficiency can be very harmful to people and can cause different issues too.

Final Verdict

Apart from breaking down starch, there are many benefits of using Amylase as it helps to break down carbohydrates fast. This is the reason many processed foods contain it to reduce the effect of sugar.  






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