What are the Benefits of Pregnenolone

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What are the Benefits of Pregnenolone

There are a plenty of health benefits are associated with Pregnenolone such as uses for the treatment for many diseases, improve skin health and may help to maintain our hear activity. Adolf Butenandt first synthesized Pregnenolone in 1934. It is steroid that is used as biosynthetic material in the production of steroids and hormones. Pregnenolone mainly acts as neurosteroids. However, some other hormones like estrogen, androgen progesterone are composed of pregnenolone.

What are Pregnenolone

Adrenal glands make pregnenolone in our body from cholesterol molecules. Some researcher says that DHEA is the primary steroid of the body, but we can still say that pregnenolone is the mother of all steroids because it gives boost to many other hormones.

If your body stops producing pregnenolone, you might have to suffer memory issues, joint pain or aging issues, etc. The best thing about this hormone is that it can be produced in the laboratory very quickly from wild yam.

Diosgenin is the chemical that is enriched in wild yam and can be easily converted into pregnenolone. It does not mean that we start eating wild yam for boosting the production of pregnenolone because human body lacks that enzyme that is needed for the conversion of Diosgenin to pregnenolone.

Natural Production in body

First of all, we have to eat food that is enriched in cholesterol, just like an egg, meat, butter, dairy products that signal your body for increased cholesterol levels. Sometime your liver may also assist you because it secrets cholesterol also.

When the body feels excess cholesterol floating between cells, and there will be a need for pregnenolone to your body, a signaled will be sent to the mitochondria of your body, known as the powerhouse of the cell.

Benefits of Pregnenolone  

  1. For Treatment of common disease

Researcher says that pregnenolone is used for the treatment of Autism. Only 12-week intake of pregnenolone can recover you a lot if you are suffering Autism. The same procedure for 12 weeks can also decrease symptoms of depression in bipolar disorder. Taking 50 mg daily dosage for eight weeks can also reduce symptoms of schizophrenia.

  1. As a diet supplement

It is used to meet the energy needs of the body people take it as a supplement. It is used for the treatment of fatigue by people engaged in hard physical activities. When we need extra energy during hard physical activities at that time body decompose pregnenolone and provide us energy. However, some psychologist recommends it to increase memory. It also helps in decreasing mental stress. It improves our immunity

  1. Use in dermatology

Dermatologists used pregnenolone for skin disorders, just like scleroderma and psoriasis. The majority of dermatologists recommend this as an anti-aging agent. Pregnenolone acetate is a steroid that is used as skin conditioning and anti aging agent.

It significantly reduces wrinkles when applied in the form of tropical cream. it also improve skin tone by doing hydration. Sometime ago is marked in France as tropical cream that contain 1% pregnenolone acetate and 10 % of sex hormone for improvement of premature aging of skin.

  1. Use in cardiology

It is also used for strengthening the heart. Most of the cardiologist recommends it for a patient with weak cardiac muscles. As a result of production of pregnenolone lot of cholesterol is destroyed from the body that also improves your health a lot.

  1. As a detoxifying agent

It is also a detoxification agent in our body and degrades harmful material in our collection. It can also be used as an anti-allergic drug to prevent itching or any other symptom.

  1. Weight loss

Pregnenolone is made by cortisol that is present in our body. An increase in pregnenolone means a decrease in cortisol level. As cortisol is purely stomach fat, as much as pregnenolone increases, our body fat will also decrease. It boosts the testosterone level in our body, increasing our body metabolism and losing our body weight.

  1. Use in treatment of arthritis

It is a naturally occurring hormone in our body, but some people are unable to produce in their bodies due to the weak functioning of adrenaline glands. It is used as an anti-inflammatory drug as well as a neurosteroid. It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis that is an autoimmune disorder affecting joints of the human body.

  1. Women Health

Pregnenolone is used for estrogen replacement therapy in women who are suffering menu-pause. Because it give rise to DHEA and that is further converted to estrogen. Estrogen is much necessary for women reproductive life. However it also give them some other benefits just like it can act as anti-aging agent and can reduce facial hair growth. It can also improve wrinkles of your face.

  1. Nerve Regeneration

Never regeneration is one of its major functions in our body. It not only protects our nerves but also it regenerates broken nerves of our nervous system. It promotes myelin formation in our nervous system. That is the reason why some specialist recommends pregnenolone dosage to the patients of multiple sclerosis.

Pregnenolone is also recommended in the following cases by medical practitioners.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Neuritis
  • Low testosterone level
  • Sleep disorder
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Chronic stress
  • Pregnenolone aid in weight loss

Some facts about pregnenolone usage

As a medicine, people can take it orally, or also, it can be consumed as topical medication that is a direct application of medicine on the skin. Some people say that pregnenolone can be used to treat multiple sclerosis, cancer, and arthritis, but scientific facts and figures do not support this statement.

There are a lot of functions of pregnenolone, but the primary purpose is in our brain. It combines with 3-β sulfate and forms Pregnenosulphate.

The most common example is DHEA and DHEA Sulphate. Both of these are neurosteroids and found in the brain. They improve synaptic functions of the body and acts as a protection of neurons. Its features are myelinization covering of neurons cells that are axons by a fatty layer of lipids. They also facilitate our brain in memory improvement.

They also protect us against schizophrenia, which is a type of mental illness. However, pregnenolone is also found as a chemical binds with the receptors and activates them for a biological response. Still, it has also been noticed that pregnenolone is not found involved in antiandrogenic activities.

Dosage of Pregnenolone

Pregnenolone varies in quantity from gender to gender. However, detailed elaboration of Normal values is as follow

  • Men   10-200ng/dl
  • Women  10-230ng/dl
  • Children  10-48ng/dl
  • Young Boys 10-50ng/dl
  • Young Girls 15-84ng/dl

In older men and Women, it varies differently for almost 40ng/dl. Pregnenolone is formed inside adrenaline glands. Women who are suffering menopause due to the removal of the adrenal gland do not have even minute quantity of pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone as a medicine

Pregnenolone has very low bioavailability. Its oral dose of 50-100 mg has a minimal effect on our urinary system and testosterone level, which depicts that a very minute amount of it is converted into testosterone. However, if we go with the transdermal application of 30 mg pregnenolone, no trace is found in urinary metabolites. The intranasal use gives 23% of bioavailability.

Pregnenolone in market

Pregnenolone is not available these days in the market as a drug, but some people use it as a supplement. In the past, it was available in the market by names of Enelone, Netolone, Pregnatan, Pregnaton, etc.

Side effects of pregnenolone

Where pregnenolone is referred to as the grandmother of all hormones, it is also a source of a lot of problems.  It can massively affect your mood change. It may cause anxiety. This hormone also triggers a headache if it is available in abnormal quantities.

It may also disturb cardiac rhythm. Patients with cancer of any type, especially breast cancer or prostate cancer should avoid taking a dose of pregnenolone because it can disrupt the production of other hormones. So any change in any hormone may influence a lot in your body.

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