The Healthiest Foods On The Planet

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The Healthiest Foods On The Planet

What are the healthiest foods on the planet? One Answer: Natural, raw foods. Nature has bestowed us with delicious, nutritious foods that are there to provide us the optimum nutrition – we get more productive, healthier, happier, fitter, and adaptable to external changes in the environment, such as stress. With a plethora of healthy foods to help us get to the peak level of health and overall wellness, knowing about the planet's most nutritious foods would be no more than a gift we will give to ourselves. Recognizing this fact, educating ourselves with the foods that come with the best nutrients there are present for improving our health and fitness is a rudimentary step in knowing how we can live happier, healthier lives.

In that regard, we will say that foods with organic nature or the ones derived from the lowest pyramid base of the food chain – plant-based foods are the healthiest foods on the planet. Even in such foods, you can find immense diversity that is almost impossible to try and check in one lifetime. For example, the fruits and vegetables native in one region might not be available in the other. But thanks to science and technology that we are able to check out as many as we want.

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However, keeping things short and comprehensive for you to understand, we have come up with some of these healthy foods that will help you know how you can include them in your daily routine and get the best benefits from them that you always wanted to follow. Some of the services are exclusive to a particular condition, and some are all-inclusive, so, depending on your needs, you can include them in your diet and reap the advantages for an overall healthier, happier life.

The top foods in terms of relinquishing your health are the following:

  1. Melons

Melons are great for fighting inflammation in the gut. Inflammation in the stomach is responsible for creating a lot of absurdities that can lead to different medical conditions such as heartburn, ulcer, and even tumor in the long run. Moreover, when your gut is not able to perform at its best, you are devoid of many nutrients and minerals that are highly essential for you to live a healthier life. The melon fruit is highly beneficial for fighting these signs of inflammation that can aggravate due to a lot of reasons, including stress, spicy foods, and other reasons. The melon fruit helps in calming the inner lining of the stomach and helps the mucous cells to form a protective sheet that helps in fighting bacteria, acidity, and other precursors of stomach inflammation. You can also consume melon seeds to fight hormonal problems and increase your healthy cholesterol level in the body.

  1. Dates

Dates are typically the powerhouse of energy when it comes to food. If you think you are falling short of blood glucose supply in the body and are in the condition where you need to brainstorm and therefore cannot keep your brain deprived of glucose, instead of binging on something healthy such as refined sugar, you can pick two or three dates and eat them like your candies. Moreover, dates contain folate and vitamin B6 that help boost cognitive performance and help you feel more grounded as you perform different tasks. You can include dates in a lot of sweet dishes or consume three every day for better health.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are extensively available to nearly all regions of the world, and they are known to be the best gut-friendly foods to exist on the planet. Moreover, it comes with a high amount of potassium that is highly crucial for better bone and muscle health. Moreover, if you think you are going on an electrolyte depletion out of total hours of workout and exercise, you can eat some bananas in your break and get your energy restored in the best capacity possible. These are going to help you get a better immune system with a whole lot of vitamin B present in them as well.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are fuel for vitamin A. the rich carotenoid, the red or orange pigment that makes the carrot for the lovely vegetable, makes it great for improving your eye health and helping you get a better immune system. Also, if you are looking for getting healthier and softer skin, then you must include carrots in your meals as they help replenish the skin cells by helping the moisture barrier build up. Moreover, the root vegetable serves as a great source for the dietary fiber that helps your stomach integrity and gives you a better boost of digestion as you proceed by the day.

  1. Nuts

Nuts of all kinds, including peanuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts, are highly essential for building the best health you desire to build. Different nuts contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals in them. For example, you can find lots of magnesium in walnuts that is a preventative and curative mineral for a number of neurological diseases and memory loss. Moreover, the essential fatty acids found in such nuts aid in helping you to fight inflammatory heart diseases and help alleviate the LDL cholesterol level in your body. Ultimately, you get a better lipid profile, and your longevity is increased as you make yourself safe from different heart conditions. They also help in fighting the prevalence of cancerous cells in the body.

  1. Fish

Fish inclusion in your diet is the best way to improve brain health, increase memory, reduce depression, improve heart health, and to fight off signs of aging in the body. A necessary component of the Mediterranean diet, fish of all sorts, including Tuna and Salmon, is rich in fatty acids like DHA and EPA that work for a number of functions as mentioned above. Together, they help you get a better life and save you from acquiring different diseases that can harm you and decrease your overall fitness and health while you are living.

  1. Milk

Milk is known to contain the optimum nutrients you need for living a healthy lifestyle. Rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin A, milk is a basic component needed for human development. We all as babies have been fed milk as an essential component that helped us gain the health we needed to grow and develop into a functional and intelligent human. If you are lactose intolerant, you can find milk alternatives in the form of soy milk and almond milk, which are known to contain calcium as well in the fortified form and help you give you the basic nutrition you need throughout the day. Milk free from lactose is also a better alternative for such people as it contains all the components to that of regular milk, with the exception of the lactose sugar. There is a controversy building about the requirement of milk in some people. However, there is no such scientific basis that clearly declares milk to be not beneficial for human health and, therefore, must not be avoided in such cases.

  1. Apples

An apple a day certainly keeps the doctor away. If you have attended preschool, you would be familiar with this proverb – and for all the right reasons. Apple comes in the family of citrus fruits with a huge amount of vitamin C and flavonoids. These nutrients help together in a lot of ways. The benefits already begin from chewing as you chew the apple; it acts as a strong anti-plaque material for your teeth, fighting bacteria buildup in your mouth and making your gums stronger. Moreover, the fiber in it helps to make your stool past slowly. You can get healthy skin and a better immune system, all by consuming apples regularly in your diet.

Final Word

With so many vitamins and minerals along with added nutrients such as antioxidants, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and whatnot, we can easily say that these are some of the healthiest foods that you can consume daily and get better health and resistance against diseases over time. However, the concept lies in mixing these foods and not sticking to just one option as you progress in living a healthier lifestyle as there needs to be a diversity in the nutrients and the chemical key elements of each food unless you are allergic or intolerant to any. With a focus on introducing this diversity in your diet, you can lead a healthier lifestyle with a lesser chance of getting diseases. As a result, you put yourself at a lesser risk of early morbidity and mortality and live a healthier and more satisfactory life that is more fulfilling and is more helpful for you in accomplishing your dreams and goals in life.

We hope this article gave you helpful insight into how the healthiest foods on the planet can help you give the optimum health and fitness levels that you deserve and live your best life you ever wanted to live and enjoy.


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