Is Stevia Leaf Extract Bad for You?

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Is Stevia Leaf Extract Bad for You?


You can love sweet treats, but you do recognize the calories that come with the sugar in such treats.  You will get the flavour you crave by sweetening with stevia-based sweeteners in a form that doesn't raise the number of calories as when you sweeten with sugar alone.


Stevia leaf extract is a fantastic alternative for those willing to sustain a healthy lifestyle and body fat because it has zero calories. The best thing about stevia leaf extract is it's a resource that helps you to consume some of your beloved delicious foods and beverages along with less sugar. It has made weight maintenance more realistic.


Stevia leaf extract is a sweetener of extreme potency that can be hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Stevia leaf extract strength is one of the factors it has zero calories, it requires little stevia leaf extract to sweeten to the sugar counterpart, and without aggravating any harmful health conditions.



















Safety Concerns Regarding Stevia Leaves

Stevia leaves have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1995. However, their usage dates way back to the 16th Century. To further support the safety of their regular utilization, we have enlisted a few health benefits of these sweet-tasting leaves.

Weight Control

An investigation has demonstrated that stevia sweeteners do not make a significant contribution of calories or carbs to diets. Stevia does not contain any sugar and has fewer calories. It may be a critical component of a well-balanced diet that helps to reduce caloric intake without compromising taste.


Diabetes Prevention

Stevia leaves show no impact on blood glucose or insulin release. This enables diabetic patients to consume a broader range of foods and adhere to a healthy eating plan.

Individuals with type 2 diabetes indicated in one of these trials that stevia caused substantial decreases in blood glucose levels.


The blood glucagon levels were also lowered after meal consumption. Glucagon is a hormone that stimulates blood glucose levels, and the system that releases glucagon in people with diabetes is frequently defective.


Cancer Prevention

The wide variety of antioxidant compounds that are present in stevia render it a valuable nutritional ingredient to avoid cancer. Kaempferol and the other stevia glycoside products effectively kill free radicals in the body and thus keep the healthy cells from being mutated. Antioxidants also tend to combat early ageing, neurological decline and other medical problems such as cardiac failure.


Management of High Blood Pressure

Stevia is particularly useful for reducing blood pressure. Although a report finds the impact on blood pressure to be observed from one and two years, it does note that medication is an essential method for managing the rate of blood pressure in people susceptible to the disease. Taking one cup of stevia tea every day will keep a patient with hypertension and others who are inclined to the condition healthy.


Final Word

Stevia leaf extract is a magical product that tastes 200-300 times sweeter than regular sugar and consists of zero calories. Therefore, replace your regular sugar with stevia leaves to make the most of most of its numerous health benefits.



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