Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

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Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

Over 40 hormone reset diet. What is it? I have not heard about it before. It is one of the newly introduced hormone diet plans for people above 40 years to lose stubborn fat. The main logic behind this diet plan is, sometimes being overweight is not related to calorie intake or exercise. But the main culprit is the misfiring hormones.

After this revelation the world has witnessed the birth of a new diet plan hormone reset diet that helps you lose weight by controlling your hormones. Many people are already aware that hormone issues related to thyroid and insulin imbalance can lead to weight gain.

Therefore, this article is formulated to give you an in-depth insight into the hormone reset diet and its works.

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What is Hormone Reset Diet?

Hormone reset diet’s primary goal is to focus on hormone fluctuations that result in weight gain. Moreover, apart from hormones, it also focuses on all other factors that negatively affect your weight


The hormone diet consists of six weeks and involves three phases to sync all your hormones. Thus promoting an overall healthier body through diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and detoxification. Hormone diet keeps control of what you eat and how much amount you should eat to regulate your hormones.

How does it Work?

The hormone diet consists of three main phases, and each phase consists of two weeks. Thus, it means that it requires six weeks to work.

  • Phase 1:

The first phase of the hormone reset diet consists of the detoxification process. In this phase, you should not take food containing gluten. Therefore exclude gluten-containing grains, dairy products made of cow's milk, red meat, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweetener, many oils and citrus fruits from your diet.

Your diet should consist of foods that are naturally gluten-free and starches, vegetables, fruits, nuts, bean and seeds. Moreover, you must add poultry, eggs, plant milk, fish and certain oils in your diets. Apart from food, you must take nutritional supplements like fish oil, probiotics and anti-inflammatory products, including turmeric.

  • Phase 2:

In phase 2 of the hormone diet, you are allowed to add a few excluded foods to your diet. However, you must not add any hormone-hindering food. Hormone-hindering food includes n0n-organic meat, non-organic coffee, raisins, dates, peanuts, high fructose corn syrup and fish with high mercury levels.

Moreover, you should also exclude man made foods like processed food, artificial sweeteners, refined grains and food with a high level of nitrates like cured meats and chocolates.

  • Phase 3:

This is the last and final phase of the hormone reset diet, which mainly focuses on your life's physical and mental aspects. In this phase, you must do exercises like cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Moreover, when it comes to the diet plan, you must continue with the diet plan of phase 2.


No matter which diet plan you are following, the most important thing is what to eat and avoid. So, similarly, in the hormone reset diet, food is the most important thing. You must be well-aware of the hormone inducing food and the best combination to eat them to reset your hormones for weight loss.

Keep in mind that hormone reset diet is the elimination diet where you have to eliminate a group of food after every 3 days during your six-week diet program. This will help to resynchronize your broken metabolism.


Let’s have a look at the food to eliminate.

  • Meat:

The first thing you must eliminate from your diet is meat. Removing meat from your diet will help your body reset estrogen levels because a high level of estrogen acts as a hindrance to your goal of losing weight. Moreover, keep in mind alcohol is included in the meat group.

  • Sugar:

The next food group to eliminate is sugar. Once you remove sugar from your diet, it will help you eliminate insulin resistance and addiction, which is the main culprit of weight gain.

  • Fruits:

Fruits are high in carbs, which means high leptin levels and thus affecting your metabolism. Therefore, when you remove fruits from your diet, it will maintain the leptin level.

  • Caffeine:

Once you eliminate caffeine from your diet, it can help to balance cortisol levels. Therefore, reducing stress and help you to sleep better.

  • Grains:

The next food group is grains. Their elimination from your diet helps to affect thyroid hormone and insulin resistance positively. Therefore, fixing problems like hair loss, exhaustion and bloating.

  • Dairy:

Elimination of dairy and its products will help to reset growth hormones. Consequently, solving issues like runny nose and frequent skin reactions.

  • Toxins:

The last group to eliminate is toxins. Don’t get confused by the word toxin. It includes all the foods that result in fatigue, achy joints and frequent cold.

Hormones Targeted by Hormone Reset Diet

Hormone reset diet mainly targets seven hormones in your body to do magical things like burning fat, reducing your cravings and improving sleep. The main motto of this diet is to help people over 40 to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Because we all know the key to regulating and maintaining weight is a healthy lifestyle.

The seven key hormones which hormone reset diet fixes before working on your broken metabolism includes:

  1. Growth Hormones:

The first group of hormones that are targeted by the hormone diet is the growth hormones. It starts by resetting growth hormones. By resetting growth hormones, you will get a younger and youthful appearance and feel years younger than your actual age.

However, the main trick to induce growth hormones is the meal-timing. Timing your meal will help to reactivate growth hormones. Moreover, the boost in growth hormones will result in activating chemicals in the brain that are 200 percent more powerful than morphine.

However, they are not artificial, thus making you energetic. And on the very first day of your hormone diet, they start to affect growth hormones.

  1. Ghrelin Hormones:

These are hunger hormones. Therefore, hormone diet regulates them to eliminate late-night cravings and daytime hunger successfully. The biggest culprit behind your stubborn cravings is the abundance of ghrelin.

And in people, over 40 stomach releases pulses the ghrelin hormone, thus increasing hunger and cravings. Therefore, to speed up the weight loss process hormone diet targets ghrelin hormone and thereby suppressing hunger and cravings once and for all.

  1. Insulin Hormone:

Insulin is one of the most commonly known hormones with which almost everyone is aware of. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels and is the fat-storing hormone because it uses stored fat for energy.

However, with age, our bodies become insulin resistant, resulting in excess belly fat, diabetes and even heart disease. Therefore, hormone diet helps to minimize insulin spikes by including hormone-boosting foods in the diet.  

When you take the right hormone-boosting food in your diet, it helps keep your body fat-burning.

  1. Cortisol Hormone:

Next comes the stress hormone called cortisol. Over 40 hormone reset diet help to reduces cortisol hormone in the body, thus help to reduce stress and inflammation, boost immunity and erases aches and pain.

A high level of cortisol in the body results in fatty deposits on the face, neck and belly. The common symptoms of high cortisol level in the body include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High sugar level
  • Frequent flu and cold
  • Insulin resistance
  • Type II diabetes
  • Excessive fat storage

Therefore, by using the hormone diet, not only will you lose weight, but it also helps to maintain your blood pressure and sugar level and results in strengthening immunity.

  1. Melatonin Hormone:

Melatonin is the sleep hormone; however, with age, it levels naturally go down. As a result of which it would be difficult for people over 40 to fall asleep. Once the hormone diet reset the body's cortisol level, your body will release a significant amount of melatonin each night.

As a result of which you can easily fall into deep-restorative sleep. Moreover, a significant amount of melatonin is essential to keep you alert and energized in the morning and sleep at night.

Therefore, hormone diet includes food combining with hormone-healing proteins, carbs and fats in a strategic way to reset melatonin hormone.

  1. Leptin and Thyroid Hormones:

Last two hormones that hormone diet resets are Leptin and Thyroid hormones. Leptin is the leading fat-burning hormone. Therefore, whenever you cut carbs from your diet, Leptin level nose down.

Moreover, researchers suggest that Leptin results in inflaming thyroid hormone, thus doubling the fat storage. Therefore cutting carb is not the solution for people over 40. So, after 40, you should add high-carb cheat meals in your diet.

Consequently, it can reset the Leptin level in your body, thus inducing the production of more thyroid hormones. Therefore, your metabolic rate will increase, resulting in weight loss.

Health Benefits of Hormones Reset Diet

Some of the most common health benefits of hormone reset diet include:

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  • It helps to lose stubborn fat by regulating your hormones. Moreover, it also helps to remove over 40 menopause belly fat and abdominal fat.
  • It will give you a more youthful appearance, and you will feel more energized than before.
  • Moreover, it can reactivate all the major hormones like growth hormone, sleep hormone etc. in your body.
  • Besides, it will reignite and boost your metabolism after 40 years of age.
  • It will help to remove any pain or aches by rebalancing key hormones.
  • And lastly, it can help to control your blood sugar level and stabilize insulin.

Final Words

Over 40 hormone reset diets help regulate your hormones by eliminating particular food groups to help you with the weight loss. Moreover, it will also improve your lifestyle by improving sleep, reducing stress and keeping you energized.


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