What Is Mangosteen Powder Good For?

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Benefits of Mangosteen powder



What's the first thing that pops up in your mind upon hearing the word Mangosteen? Mango!! Just like Mango, Mangosteen is an exotic fruit cultivated in tropical areas. Besides sharing somewhat similar names, there's one more interesting connection between both the fruits: While Mango is the king of the fruits, Mangosteen is the queen of the fruits! This dark purple fruit with bright white flesh has a sweet yet tangy flavor.



Benefits of Mangosteen Powder:

Mangosteen powder is made from fresh, freeze-dried Mangosteen fruit, and it's a more nutritious and preservable alternative to the actual fruit.


Powdered Queen Mangosteen casts its fruity magic spell on the human body, showering it with a plethora of health benefits that nobody would want to miss:


1. Antioxidants factory

The heavy antioxidant profile of Mangosteen is what gives it most of its immensely diverse benefits. Vitamin C, vitamin B9 (folate), and various Xanthones(polyphenols) present in it make it a source of powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize the adverse effects of certain molecules, called free radicals, present throughout the body. By doing so, they ward off a number of chronic ailments from the body, thereby strengthening the immune system and contributing to many health benefits that Mangosteen powder offers.




2. Prevents inflammatory diseases

As discussed above, Mangosteen powder is a rich source of Xanthones. Research conducted on animals and certain test-tube studies show that Xanthones possess anti-inflammatory properties, and may prevent people from getting inflammatory diseases such as flu, cold, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Along with Xanthones, the fiber present in Mangosteen powder may also cause a reduction in our body's inflammatory response by inhibiting the production of Prostaglandin and Histamine.





3. Revitalizes skin health

The skin-boosting and protecting effects of Mangosteen powder is a traditional secret that has been well kept for ages. It helps protect the skin from acne, wrinkling, and skin cancer. The free radicals present in our skin are the major contributors to these skin issues. These radicals are destroyed by the action of Mangosteen's warrior component: the Xanthones. Vitamin C then further revitalizes and refreshes the skin.




4. Promotes weight loss

Mangosteen powder can be a great addition to your daily diet routine as it works wonders for your digestive system by increasing metabolism. Being a low-calorie fruit with zero cholesterol and saturated fats, Mangosteen powder is densely packed with nutritions that fulfill your body's energy requirements without adding up to your mass. The high fiber content also helps your digestive system run smoothly.


5. Therapeutic agent

What can be more amazing than a fruit that supports your mental health? Mangosteen wins the superior edge over other fruits due to its mental health benefits.

Ongoing studies support the effectiveness of Mangosteen's pericarp (skin) as an additional therapeutic agent for the treatment of Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, and other psychotic/mood disorders. The current pathophysiological understanding of these mental illnesses shows conformant with the neurobiological properties of the pericarp, and thus it may have useful effects in the treatment of these disorders.






The unique benefits of Mangosteen powder fully justify its designation as the Queen of fruits. If you have any issues related to skin or weight gain, you can surely resolve it using this powder.













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