Krill Oil VS Fish Oil Which One Is Better?

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Krill Oil VS Fish Oil

What is fish oil?


Fish oil is one of the most famous dietary supplements and is derived from fatty fish. Health benefits of fish oil come from its omega 3 component that is further divided into two types, EPA and DHA. Both of them have significantly improved brain and heart health, in addition to other benefits.

However, krill oil, which has recently been introduced, also has abundant EPA and DHA. Moreover, it is also claimed that the latter is more beneficial than the former. Hence, in this article, we have examined the difference between the two oils to determine which one has the most health benefits.


Benefits of Krill Oil and Fish Oil


Both the oils contain omega 3 fatty acids, which have supportive effects. NHS has stated specific benefits of the consumption of omega 3 supplements


Triglyceride Levels

When triglyceride levels are high, it increases the risk of heart diseases.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Evidence shows that supplements containing omega 3 help relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.


Dry Eyes

Some people consume omega 3 to relieve the dryness of eyes and reduce symptoms of eye diseases. However, studies have proven that it is the same as taking placebo medications.


Fish oil


Omega 3 present in fish oil has the ability to aid in the following

  • Triglyceride levels are lower
  • The risk of heart attack in decreased
  • The normal heart rhythm is maintained
  • The risk of stroke is reduced
  • Blood pressure is improved
  • Eases the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation
  • Treats depression in some people


However, all of these claims have not yet been proven definitive through research. More research is required to prove that it improves conditions.


Krill oil


Animal studies have shown that krill oil improves the absorption and delivery of DHA to the brain.


However, a research conducted in 2014 established that it was a misleading conclusion because atypical fish oil was used.

Krill Oil VS Fish Oil

Clinical Trials

According to several clinical trials, 1g of Krill oil is more effective compared to 3g of fish oil in the reduction of LDL and glucose. Moreover, even 2 to 3g of krill oil showed a more significant reduction as opposed to 3g fish oil.

When an additional 120 days of 0.5 g/d of krill oil was given, there was a significant difference in the baseline levels of cholesterol, HDL, LDL, glucose and triglycerides. The high proportion of EPA and DHA in krill oil, which was bound to the phospholipids demonstrated greater absorption and bioavailability in the intestine in contrast to fish oil. Since that is only bound to the EPA and DHA of triglycerides.

PMS symptoms in women

Women who consumed krill oil determined that they consumed less pain killer due to a decrease in PMS symptoms, such as breast tenderness, bloating, swelling and joint pain as compared to fish oil. Moreover, they also experienced less emotional symptoms and mood swings, which include stress, depression and irritability.

Final Verdict

A few studies have compared the two and it was very challenging to conclude anything firm. Since most of them used a different doze of EPA and DHA. A lot of studies also emphasized on the resultant levels of EPA and DHA instead of the health benefits. Nevertheless, only one of the studies showed a decrease in cholesterol with both krill oil and fish oil, whereas the rest of them has effect on lipids and one of them even increased the levels of cholesterol after using krill oil. Therefore, more studies are needed to be conducted for potential health benefits of krill oil over fish oil or vice versa.




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