Is Turmeric good for tinnitus

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                                      Is Turmeric Good for tinnitus?

Is Turmeric Good for tinnitus? Yes, it has been found that Turmeric is one of the best natural ways to treat your tinnitus. Turmeric is burst with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have tinnitus, it may be due to swelling in your ear canal. Turmeric is used as a natural remedy to treat and prevent numerous health-related problems. It has magical medicinal properties that help to relieve pain and cure physical and mental issues. According to research, tinnitus affects approximately 32% of America's total population. In this guide, you will know more about tinnitus, its causes and effects, turmeric for tinnitus, and other remedies.

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What is tinnitus?

It is essential to know, tinnitus itself is not a disease but a condition. When you have tinnitus, some sort of sound or bell keeps ringing in your ear. It includes sounds like hiss, screech, whoosh, or buzz. These sounds may vary from high to low. What happens is that your ear sends faulty signals to your brain due to some damage. Tinnitus can be pretty annoying and may be chronic or not. Tinnitus is common in people of all ages; however, mostly older people suffer from chronic tinnitus.


Many factors can cause unreal noise in your ear. The following are the most common causes of tinnitus.

Bad hygiene

The accumulation of excess wax in your ear is a significant cause of tinnitus. Do not get it wrong; earwax is produced naturally in your ear and protects your ear canal's sensitive skin. This oily substance keeps the dust and pollen from getting inside your ear. If you do not clean your ear for long, it may get overloaded with dust. Also, if you use cotton buds too hard, ear wax may get stuck to your inner canal, blocking listening. This stuck wax gets harder with time and encourages tinnitus.

Swelling in ear

The swelling of your ear canal is known as otitis externa or swimmer's ear. If you have a sensitive ear or specific allergies, you may get painful inflammation or a bump inside your ear. You may develop soreness in your ear due to excess exposure to water, dust, debris, or certain bacteria. The inflammation in your ear can affect your hearing and may result in tinnitus. If you have a sensitive ear, you are likely to get swimmer's ears more often.

Exposure to loud noise

Noise pollution is one of the common causes of tinnitus. Prolonged exposure to the loud noise triggers the imaginary ringing in your ear. If you work as a DJ, hear loud music for long periods, or are disclosed continuously to traffic noises, you are most likely to get tinnitus. So, if you spend time in areas having noise pollution, try using protection.

Drug addiction

Often, people who are indulged in drug abuse fall prey to tinnitus. If you are addicted to marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and even caffeine, there are bright chances of you getting tinnitus. These things cause severe damage to your brain and can result in producing unreal voices in your ear. If you are currently suffering from tinnitus, you must try to avoid these things. Addiction to narcotics is the sole cause of tinnitus is young people.

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Other causes

Studies have found that tinnitus is common in diabetes and blood pressure patients. Also, more people tend to get chronic tinnitus as they grow old. Hearing loss is common in older adults, and their auditory mechanisms become less active. Tinnitus is noticeable when you are stressed. In addition to that, abnormal bone growth is a rare condition that causes tinnitus. 


Tinnitus is quite irritating and has the following effects on you.


Continuous buzzing in your ear affects your sleeping. You may find it difficult to have a sound sleep at night. Even if you do fall asleep, you might not get a long night's sound asleep. Not being able to get rest will make you cranky throughout the day. Moreover, it will severely affect your productivity. Not getting enough sleep for many days can cause many major health issues.

Communication problems

You may find it hard to interact with other people. You may not be able to listen to what others are saying. Also, it is hard to talk while constantly getting distracted from sounds. Not being able to communicate easily can make you frustrated. Not being able to convey your message can cause a severe disturbance.

Mental issues

Prolong tinnitus can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. It may influence your concentration, decreasing your productivity. You may get stressed out and not get your tasks right. It can affect learning ability in students. In addition to that, office workers may find it hard to complete their tasks. In short, tinnitus severely affects your daily life and mental health.

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How can Turmeric help with tinnitus?

Turmeric can serve as the best natural way to cure almost all ear and hearing problems. Curcumin in Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant. If you have tinnitus due to inflammation in your ear, Turmeric can help cure it. Turmeric has magical healing powers that can speed up the recovery of blisters or bumps in your ear. Also, if you have tinnitus due to injuries, Turmeric aids healing while naturally reducing pain. In addition to that, some medications may also cause tinnitus; Turmeric helps to reduce the side effects of pharmaceutics in your body. Turmeric has natural anti-aging components and, thus, assists with age-related hearing loss. This natural herb is a mood lifter and reduces the effect of tinnitus on your behavior. Lastly, Turmeric is a gift for your brain health and can lessen the effects of tinnitus. To prevent and treat tinnitus and hearing problems, you must try to include this unique spice in your daily diet.

Home health remedies for tinnitus

The following are some remedies that can help to reduce tinnitus.

Treatment with onions

Everyone has onions in their house. What you want to do is grate it. Then take out its juice. Warm it a little and pour it in your ear (5 minutes each). Lay down on your side, and after 5 minutes, turn opposite to that side to release it using some cloth or tissue. It may sound tacky, but onions have high antibacterial properties that can help with tinnitus while relieving pain. If you do not recover in the first go. Repeat this procedure every other day until you are fully cured.

Treatment with oils

If you have tinnitus due to earwax, this treatment is for you. Heat some mustard oil and put three to four drops in one ear. Lay on one side with that ear upward and wait for 5 to 10 minutes until it lubricated your wax thoroughly. Now, get up and take out the excess oil. This remedy will soften your wax, now, gently take out your wax with a cotton bud. Repeat with the other ear. This treatment will help to cure tinnitus and take out that painful wax without any disturbance. Also, mustard oil has excellent antibacterial properties that can help to fight infections. You can also use olive oil instead of the mustard oil.

Yoga and meditation

You can do this yoga position to treat tinnitus. Sit straight with your legs crossed (the standard yoga position) and firmly join your thumb and middle finger on your knees. Do this daily until you are fully recovered. Deep breathing meditation proves to be helpful for tinnitus. It can help to keep you calm and lessen the noise. Sit in a peaceful place and watch your breath. Take long breaths, take at least seven seconds to inhale, and exhale. Do this at least 15 seconds daily to manage tinnitus. These are the easiest ways to treat tinnitus. 

Things to eat

Try eating foods loaded with vitamin A. Bright colored vegetables are rich in vitamin A and can be consumed daily. Also, deficiency of minerals like zinc and magnesium causes tinnitus in young adults. Try to include seeds, nuts, green leafy veggies, and dry fruit to overcome the shortage of minerals. Researches have shown that the lack of vitamin B12 intake results in tinnitus. Vitamin B12 is mainly present in animal and dairy products and mushrooms. Try to eat some pineapple, as bromelain in it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Make sure to avoid excess sugars and fats.

Final word

Many people face tinnitus, but you do not need to worry. This problem can be cured easily with natural ingredients and remedies. You do not need to waste your time and money anymore. Turmeric is one of the easiest ways to treat tinnitus. Turmeric has the properties of a natural antibiotic with no side effects. So, just add Turmeric to your diet and enjoy a peaceful life once again. Also, do not forget to follow the remedies as mentioned earlier for fast results. Avoid listening to loud music for long intervals, and try using ear protection in noisy places. I’m sure these ways will work best for you.


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