What Are The Benefits Of Taking Inulin?

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Health Benefits of Inulin


Inulin is defined as a type of fiber that is found in many plants and is considered as a source of health benefits for the body. It is naturally found in plants and also added to processed foods such as energy bars, drinks, desserts, yogurts, and cereal bars, etc.

Research on inulin has shown that this dietary fiber contains multi health benefits that include good digestion, weight loss, and control, diabetes, to name a few.

To explore further on inulin and its advantages to the body, let us get into some more details.


What is Inulin?

Inulin is known as a type of prebiotic (non-digestible food ingredient that aids in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines) that is found in around 36,000 species of plants. Apart from its natural source that is plant, inulin is added to many foods as a source of good fiber. Since everybody knows that fiber is an essential component of our daily food requirement, research has shown that inulin is a great source of providing that fiber to the body.


Here are some health benefits that inulin provides to the human body:





Digestive Benefits

It has been discovered that inulin helps with digestion in the body. It also helps in reducing the discomfort that is caused by irregular digestion and helps with conditions like constipation.

Multiple types of research have shown that inulin is effective in reducing constipation as it swells after absorbing water, which helps the stool pass more easily.


Weight Loss and Control

Since inulin is a fiber and fiber is an essential nutrient that makes the body feel full for a longer period of time, inulin is said to promote weight loss and maintenance. By acting as a fiber in the body, inulin makes the stomach feel fuller, keeping hunger away for a substantial amount of time; hence, aiding in weight loss.



Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels

The ability of inulin to promote slow digestion of carbohydrates in the body maintains or regulates the level of blood sugars. There has been evidence suggesting that inulin may be beneficial for diabetic patients who are always on a lookout to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Bone Strength

Another significant advantage that inulin provides to the body is the quick absorption of calcium in bones. This boost in the absorption of calcium proves to be healthy for bone health.


Final Words

Inulin is a healthy dietary fiber that, if consumed in moderation, can provide various benefits to the overall health of the body. However, some researchers believe that the dosage and quantity of inulin greatly determine its effects. If not used with caution or in an improper dose, inulin can also cause discomfort to the digestive system, diarrhea, or bloating.

Although it is safe when used as recommended by your healthcare specialist, the side effects may appear when taken in excess or without proper guidance.

All in all, inulin is primarily a healthy dietary fiber that can be used as per daily requirement in prescribed dosage for optimum health benefits.







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