How long does it take for vitamin D to start working?

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     How long does it take for vitamin D to start working?

How long does vitamin D take to start working? The sunshine vitamin takes at least three to four weeks to start working. However, if you want to see changes in less time, you must try to consume it consistently. Research shows that using vitamin D supplements daily with your diet can increase its level up to 50% in less than two months.

The incredible vitamin, vitamin D helps with the deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in your body. Vitamin d is vital for your bone and muscle health, immunity, and preventing many diseases like diabetes, skin cancer, and obesity. It also helps against brain diseases like multiple sclerosis, depression, and anxiety. Your body must get an adequate amount of vitamin D in it to enjoy good physical and mental health. 

A survey shows that almost 40% of adults in the USA have vitamin D deficiency. This article will teach all about natural sources of vitamin D, its absorption in your body, and the need for supplements.

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What are the sources of vitamin D?

You need vitamin d to avoid deficiency of this crucial nutrient in your body. The following are some natural sources that build ups the amount of vitamin D in your body. 


Who does not want to get tanned in summers? But, let me tell you, sunlight can do much more for your body rather than tanning. The radiation from the sun helps your body to synthesis vitamin D from your fat. Try exposing your skin to sunlight at least ten to fifteen minutes a day. However, if you have a dark skin complexion, it may take longer to absorb. Midday or noon is considered the best time for your body to generate vitamin D from the sun. Also, try not to get sunburnt and always protect your eyes.

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Who does not have eggs in their homes? Eggs are probably everyone’s favorite due to a variety of forms in which they can eat them. Breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, eggs can serve all. Egg yolk is loaded with vitamin D and many other nutrients. Eat at least one egg daily to maintain the amount of vitamin d in your blood. Boiled eggs do not only help to keep you warm but also adds up vitamin D in winters. Eating eggs is the best way to get vitamin D when you do not get sufficient sunlight.

Seafood and meat

Fatty fish like cod, trout, salmon, and tuna are some of the best food sources of vitamin d. These are the superfoods that are excellent for your brain and eye health. They can make up to 30% of your daily vitamin D requirement. Also, researches have shown that beef liver and chicken also contain traces of vitamin d. If you are a vegetarian, mushrooms are the best way to get vitamin D naturally.

Fortified products

Scientists have now fortified various products with vitamin d due to its numerous health advantages. Fortified cow milk, almond milk, soy, and oat milk can improve the quantity of vitamin D in your body. A cup of fortified milk daily can help to absorb more calcium to get stronger bones and teeth. Also, fortified cheese and cereals are a great way to incorporate vitamin D easily into your diet. 

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How does your body absorb vitamin D? 

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is a hormone that your body generates with the help of fat or cholesterol. Your body itself activates vitamin D; we get from various sources. The biological activity of vitamin d takes place in two steps; first in your liver, and then in the kidney. The activation of vitamin D, in turn, aids the absorption of calcium in your body. To get calcium work in your body, you must take vitamin D through natural ways or supplements.

When do you need to take vitamin d supplements?

Following are some signs that your body is asking for vitamin D

Physical pains

Bone and joint pains are very common, especially in women. However, prolonged pain in your bone can signify that your body is not absorbing sufficient calcium. Everyone gets cramps or sore muscles after a workout. But, if you feel muscle pain even after a small activity for a long duration, it points to vitamin D deficiency. Not getting sufficient vitamin D causes persistent body aches and weak bones. If these conditions sound familiar, you must consult your doctor and start using a supplement.

Less energy and illness

Some people find it hard to get and perform chores, and the worse situation is that they feel weakness and dizziness after doing the least work. If you feel lazy throughout the day or get tired quickly, the chances are that your body is asking you for vitamin D. Do you get sick often and catch infections? If your answer is yes! That is the sign of low immunity Your immunity has a direct link with vitamin D. If you fall ill at least twice a month, you need to boost your immunity with the help of this incredible vitamin.

Mental issues

Sometimes mental issues may also be a result of vitamin D shortage. If you have mood swings, depression, or low confidence, you may not be getting an adequate amount of vitamin D in your body. In addition to that, you may also find it hard to concentrate on your goals. Some researchers have shown that a lack of vitamin d can also lead to low self-esteem and sad thoughts.

More signs

Hair loss is one of the most common things that the people of all age groups face. Many get heaps of hair in shower or hairbrush. However, if your hair is falling more than often, then it may be a warning of your body. Also, sweating more than usual is a significant sign that your body is looking for vitamin D. If you have any of these signs, I will suggest you start using a supplement for vitamin D as your body is not getting an optimum amount naturally. Also, try consulting a doctor before taking any medication.

Why is vitamin D not working in your body?

If you are taking vitamin D and it is not showing results, you may have some other conditions. If you have gut or kidney issues, possibilities are that your body cannot activate it properly. In addition to that, you may not be taking the right amount of it. Moreover, being overweight can also halt its absorption in your body.

What happens if you get vitamin D deficient?

If you ignore the signs as mentioned above, you can fall prey to many worse conditions.


Severe vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets in children; it is a serious condition that causes soft bones that are easily fractured. It is common in children from birth to two years. So, you must have sufficient vitamin D during pregnancy to save your child from these disorders.


Usually, osteoporosis starts after menopause in women and the late 50s in men. It is a condition in which your bones' decaying rate is higher than the formation of new bone. It may lead to a loss in bone mass. However, the lack of vitamin D can cause premature osteoporosis in your bones. It can lead to severe back and knee pains and make your life difficult.

Other conditions

 Vitamin D deficiency leads to hypertension and also causes other cardiovascular disorders. Severe asthma in children is also due to vitamin d deficiency. Studies have shown that a shortage of vitamin D can lead to breast cancer also. To save yourself from hazards, you must make sure that you are getting an appropriate amount of vitamin D. 

How to increase the absorption of vitamin D in your body?

As vitamin D is fat-soluble, if you are taking supplements, you should try taking them after your most massive meal of the day and pair it with vitamin A, zinc, and omega-three fatty acids. Probiotics and extra bile salts can also aid the extraction of vitamin D. Keep in mind that your body uses cholesterol to absorb vitamin D so, if you are on a low-fat diet, that may be a major cause of less absorption. 

Final word

To conclude, vitamin D is one of the most crucial nutrients for your body. The lack of vitamin D can cause some serious issues. If you are not getting enough sun time, the chances are that your body is not getting this vitamin. You must consult your doctor before taking supplements. Also, if you are not getting the desired results in one to two months, you may be doing something wrong. You should be careful about the amount and timing of taking vitamin D to get the most out of it. A proper amount of vitamin d is essential for your mind and body health and can save you from many health issues.


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