Health Benefits Of The Ginkgo Biloba Tree

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In today's world, where a majority is busy fighting health issues on a daily basis, can it be physical health or mental health; What if I tell you that there is a plant-based solution for many of our health-related concerns. Seems "Too Good to Be True" Right? Are you surprised? Let's explore this wonderful gift from the nature of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree a.k.a the Maidenhair Tree.

The tree originates from China. It has been utilized for decades to treat various health issues as traditional Chinese medicine. The specie could be dated back to 270 million years, safe to say that the tree has been cultivated and used since the start of the human civilization. It is said to be categorized as a "living fossil" as its characteristics remain unchanged even after thousands of years. Major extinction events have occurred since such a more significant period as of thousands of years, but the specie has seemed to pull through all the turbulent period as if it has vowed to serve the humanity till the end of times.

As far as the Gingko Tree description is concerned, these are humongous in size, where the specimens are being observed to reach an exceptional height of over 50 meters, which is approximately 160 ft. With a pointed crown and widespread branches, it stands tall and massive in all its glory, inviting man to investigate its' miraculous characteristics and find the hidden cures to ail humankind's sufferings. 


Traditionally, coming from Chinese medicine history, it has a wide range of usage through modern science. It is still in the process of evaluating its full benefits and, thus, does not confirm all the stated benefits by research. However, the advantages cannot be merely put on aside. There is enough evidence to prove the worthiness of the product in aiding and healing various health-related issues.

Coming to its numerous health benefits, the Gingko Tree is beneficial in:

  • Helping reduce symptoms of dementia.
  • Helping reduce anxiety
  • Helping fight inflammation.
  • Supporting and improving Heart's health
  • Treatment of depression
  • Improving brain function
  • Promoting overall blood vessel health
  • Fighting the development of Cancer
  • Improved reproductive health in Men
  • Anti-aging as it contains favorable levels of anti-oxidants.
  • Helping in slowing down the process of hair loss
  • Supporting optical health

Let's now explore all the above-specified areas in detail to find out as to how the plant works.


It's a widely known fact that there is no definite cure for Alzheimer's. But it is observed that the administered high dosage of the Gingko Biloba tree helped improve the memory of patients according to a study. The improvement has also been noticed in the management of daily tasks such as the performance of daily chores and washing oneself, which is absolutely exceptional in Alzheimer's patients.

Furthermore, improvement in the thinking process and reduction in memory lapses have also been observed alongside the exhibition of better social interacting and behavior in the patients. It is believed that Gingko improves the brain's cognitive functions as the herb helps promote blood circulation in the organs and acts as a shield to safeguard organs against any potential neuron-related damage.

When administered to infants with symptomatic dementia, the herb has shown safe and promising results according to a research-based study.


Gingko may also be helpful in reducing anxiety. According to another published study report, people who were generally suffering from anxiety disorder found relief from the use of the Gingko herb. In fact, they felt better compared to the other conventional medicine they used to take for relief from anxiety symptoms.

According to a research, regularly taking the required dosage of Gingko herb thrice daily for the total period of four weeks shows promising results and patients feel a striking difference in the symptoms as the herb is also known to provide a calming effect. 


Asthma and other related inflammatory diseases have shown considerable improvement after the usage of the Gingko Biloba herb. The herb is said to be packed with anti-inflammatory characteristics and certain compounds that help reduce inflammation. As a result, improved lung function with increased airways capacity has been noticed, providing evidence enough that the herb can be trusted for its effective response in curing the inflammation. This inflammation is the human body's natural response to an invading foreign body. Inflammation, if not treated effectively, can cause scarring and injury to the internal tissues. Chronic diseases also cause inflammation. Some of the diseases where Gingko extract has helped in overcoming inflammation are Bowel disease, Arthritis, Cancer, and Heart Disease.


Gingko has the ability to clear away the circulatory blood passages, thus facilitating in improving blood flow to different body organs. It is one of Gingko's most critical underlying characteristics, which lays a base for its effectiveness with regards to healing various clinical issues. 

If you talk about the Heart's health, ginkgo's extracts fulfill the essential requirement of improving blood circulation in the vessels by dilating them alongside catering to the inflammation issue, as mentioned above. Resulting in the overall improved heart health of the subjects who have prescribed the herb for cardiac treatment. The mentioned aspects make its benefits outweigh any possible minor side-effects of the herb's use if there are any.  

  1. TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION                                                                             

Gingko has been used for the treatment of depression since times unknown. It only came into the limelight for its active healing properties in the late 1990s. Since then, Gingko extract has been among the top 3 selling herbs in the United States and Europe.

Studies had shown the herb's healing properties when a group of patients was given Gingko extract for the symptomatic treatment of depression. After a period of a few weeks, those patients exhibited significant improvement as compared to the other group of patients that were prescribed anti-depressants for clinical depression.

In Germany, Gingko is approved on a national level as an effective remedy for the treatment of depression-related symptoms and is widely used as a cure. Here again, the side effects of ginkgo are far less, if any, compared to those of the anti-depressant medications used worldwide.

However, taking Gingko extract in addition to the prescribed anti-depressants is still a matter of high ambiguity. The results show a decline in the effectiveness of the prescribed medicine when both are used in conjunction.


It would not be wrong put it this way that Gingko Biloba is none less than a savior when it comes to its' effectiveness to the Brain's cognitive improvement and functionality. 

The two fundamental components detrimental to the brain's health and its practical functionality are sugar (i.e., glucose) and oxygen. If any of these base fuels are cut down, the brain's working capacity is adversely affected. Research-based studies show that the powerful properties of the herb improve the brain's cognitive functions by helping in the absorption of glucose and oxygen.

This is achieved as Gingko supports blood circulation, which increases the oxygen flow and results in increased brain functionality.

When studies were undertaken to observe the phenomenon, statistical improvement in the cerebral blood flow was observed. Gingko was also shown to fight against the neuronal damage, and many other symptoms have shown significant improvement in certain brain-related conditions, such as:

  • Vertigo 

It has been noticed that taking the Gingko supplement orally has shown improvement in the symptoms related to Vertigo, such as dizziness and balancing disorder.

  • Antipsychotic drug reaction 

It has been observed that specific types of Gingko extract, when taken for 12 weeks, have indicated significant betterment in the severity of movement disorder caused by the use of the antipsychotic drug. The drug is being used by patients who have Schizophrenia.

  • Schizophrenia related side effects 

Gingko extract had shown considerable improvement when the herb was taken alongside the conventional antipsychotic drug with other side effects related to the Schizophrenia's medicine. These include, but are not limited to, thirst and constipation.

  • Short term Memory Loss 

In clinical studies, the ginkgo extract has shown performance in reducing short term memory loss as the herb has the potency to increase the cerebral blood flow, which aids in the proper utilization of oxygen and sugar in the brain.


A condition known as "Arteriosclerosis" is collective suffering amongst patients with chronic cardiac disease. This particular condition causes the arteries to harden up, thus making the smooth blood flow and circulation challenging to achieve.

It happens due to abnormal deposits of fatty substances in the blood vessels causing reduced circulation and other related symptoms. Eventually, the condition becomes highly threatening. And, here again, Gingko comes to the rescue with its miraculous properties.

Gingko is positively useful in its ability to expand blood vessels. It aids the vessels to elasticize by promoting the expansion and contraction of vessels following the rhythm of the Heart's pumping. It heals two ways as it aids in dissolving the plague so much that it reaches a state where it is eliminated from the body while promoting the smooth circulation. In such conditions, Gingko is no less than a life-saver.


The process where new blood vessels grow from the existing blood vessels is known as "Angiogenesis." Where the process is a standard and natural procedure related to body development and healing, it also poses a threat to facilitating the body tumors to change their state from passive to active. The problem does not stop here; In fact, it has just started. Once the cancer cells become active, they rapidly start making their clones, causing a rapid increment in numbers and growth in size.

Now the catch is, if the tumor cells are somehow being deprived of the oxygen, they would not be able to grow their usual size of 1-2mm and thus, die on their own.

Gingko has shown important anti-angiogenesis characteristics according to evidence provided by multiple clinical studies, which show that the extract stops the growth of blood vessels supporting further development of the cancerous tumor. Trails and lab experiments alongside clinical studies show the Gingko extract's promising results for the cancer treatment.

Clinically related studies also provide for the Gingko extracts' properties to bring healthy cells back in balance. Evidence of effectiveness of Gingko Biloba extract has been clinically reported in the following types of cancers with lab trials to back the findings. 

  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Breast and Brain Cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Gastric and Upper Digestive tract cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a common reported sexual disorder in men. It causes fertility problems due to impotence. Physical causes are clogged blood arteries that could be due to high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, weight gain around the middle, and elevated insulin levels.

A recent study has been undertaken where men with Erectile Dysfunction were brought under clinical trials to study the effects of Gingko extracts. These patients had previously shown no response to medical intervention. The trial results came out successfully after the continuous treatment of the herb for 12 to 18 months. The patients tend to show improvement just after 6 to 8 weeks. There was significant evidence of blood flow to the reproductive organ, which is a well-known characteristic of the Ginkgo Biloba tree. 

Approximately half of the patients were adequately treated and overcame impotence. Around one-fourth were then given the conventional medical treatment to which they respond, which formerly hasn't been effective in their particular cases.


Free radicals are reactive, independent species that are produced within the human body. These are also present in the environment as toxins enter our bodies, in pollution, as a by-product when consuming processed and saturated fats.

According to a well-known theory, free radicals are the major contributor responsible for the destruction of various body tissues. They are a reason for more than 100 types of diseases, which include Cancer. 

Free radicals are the core reason that accelerates the aging process. The chemical composition of Gingko extracts effectively fights free radicals as it contains particular plant-based flavonoids. As a result, Gingko is widely known for slowing down the aging process as it promotes the healthy growth of the skin cells and improves elasticity.


Due to Gingko's properties of fighting free radicals so potently, it has shown improvement in hair loss experienced by the subjects. It is also believed to promote and strengthen natural hair growth by provoking the hair follicle. The herb-based infusion, when applied to the roots and the scalp, is a great option that improves the blood circulation and accelerates the growth.


Various studies support that with so many healing properties, Gingko extract may help preserve and promote eye health. As the extract is widely accomplished for increasing blood flow and circulation in the body, it is believed that it could potentially treat glaucoma. A small study that was recently undertaken states that the extract does have very beneficial effects on the vision of the treated patients.

Also, over the period, related scientific studies suggest that Gingko Biloba extract may prove quite helpful in the prevention of age-related worsening of the vision. There is also limited evidence that the herbal extract may slow down 'macular degeneration.' In this condition, there is blurred vision or, worse, an absence of vision in the central visual field altogether.  


There are plenty of other benefits linked to this magical tree extract. According to the study conducted on the Gingko tree in Germany, taking the herbal extracts for a more extended period may reduce cardiovascular problems, High Blood pressure, Cholesterol levels, and even Diabetes.

Others are briefly discussed below.

  • Headaches and Migraines 

As we are now well aware of the widely accepted properties of Gingko extract is how effectively it combats inflammation and promotes blood circulation. These attributes help in the treatment of certain types of headaches and migraines.

  • Improvement in Asthma Symptoms 

As the extract shows a significant reduction in the inflammation levels, it is found to be quite effective in treating symptoms related to Asthma as it helps clear the inflammation in the airways.

  • Reduction in Symptoms related to PMS in Women

 Increased blood circulation to the organs helps in reliving women of their symptoms related to PMS when the subjects orally administer Gingko extract.

  • Obesity 

A study carried out on people with obesity issues due to insulin impairment provides evidential results that Gingko extract's usage was helpful in the reduction and prevention of excessive weight gain. The herb improves insulin resistance, and as a result, weight loss is observed.

  • Anti-Bacterial Properties 

 Interestingly, studies suggest that Gingko leaves have been observed to fight intestinal bacteria and skin-related pathogens, demonstrating its useful anti-bacterial properties. 


With so many health benefits associated with the herb, let's discuss some facts which give a reality check to the audience.

  • Gingko Biloba Tree extracts does not help in further improving memory function in otherwise healthy individuals.
  • Gingko does not help in the prevention of dementia. It also cannot save the suffering one from the condition getting worse.
  • People taking anti-depressant medicine such as zanax should avoid using the herb as it reduces the medicine's effectiveness when both are used in conjunction.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the intake of the herb as it may cause serious harm. People with epilepsy should also avoid it.


The Gingko Biloba herbal medication is usually produced by juicing the extract out from its' dried leaves. It is made available in the form of liquid medicine, capsules, tablets, and caplets. Also, the dried leaves can be taken directly in the form of green tea. However, it is recommended not to use the herb in the raw form as it can be harmful to be poisonous.

According to anecdotal evidence, the values are provided in milligrams. It's best to use the herb several times a day, with the total value of no less than120 mg and not exceeding 240 mg. Usually, it takes around a period of 4 to 6 weeks for the results to surface and become noticeable.

For dementia, a typical dosage of 40 mg, thrice a day for a more extended period is usually prescribed. Though the extracts are safe to use in general, there could be some possible mild side effects.


Though the intake of the Gingko tree extract is generally considered safe, excess intake than the recommended dose of the herb may cause some severe side effects to like;

  • Upset stomach
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergies
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Palpitation 

There may be multiple other risk factors associated with the excess usage of the Gingko tree extract.


Few precautions should be exercised before taking the herb extract. 

  • The herb intake should be avoided before surgery, as it may cause bleeding. 
  • Do not take the Gingko when using certain medications as it may reduce the drug's effectiveness. Also, interaction with some medications may cause harm.
  • It is recommended not to take the herb before sleeping at night. It may stimulate the brain and keep the person sleep deprived for the whole night.
  • Always take the Gingko tree herb/extracts in the recommended dosage as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Always keep out of reach of kids and people with unstable mental conditions.


Gingko and its health benefits date back to human civilization, and generations have taken full advantage of this nature's present to mankind though most of the research is still working. No matter the purpose of this magical herb's intake, is it for a good heart's health or improved brain functionality. Be it for its healing properties as it is packed with anti-oxidants or treat the memory function.

Whether the use it is blood vessel health or for fighting against the Cancer. Make sure to make friends with this beautiful gift from nature.

The days are about to come where all will more widely accept this amazing herb with its ever-healing properties, and it will be here to serve humanity for days, months, years, and centuries to come. The same way as it has been doing for the past many centuries. The benefits and value it offers are so paramount that it's a shame not to take advantage of this nature's gift to humanity.

It is no wonder it is still believed to be sacred according to the Chinese and Japanese people as there are evident reasons, clinical studies, and written reports, and scientifically prove to back up their belief system.

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