Health Benefits Of Pears

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Health Benefits Of Pears

The pear is a delicious juicy fruit that exists in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of the pears are sweet in taste while some are sour. Some of them are green in color while some are red, yellow, or orange. If you talk about the shapes of pears, then you can find some round just like an apple, and some are having a neck. There are a number of varieties classified in accordance with the area they belong to. Asian pears are round at the bottom without having a neck, and European pears are having a neck on them. The family plant of pears is rosaceae, and the other name of this family is pomaceous.

Nutritional Information About Pears

Pears are fat free with loaded calories and enriched with dietary fiber. They are a good source of copper, and according to a study, they provide fifteen percent of your daily requirement if you are taking a normal sized pear in a day. It is one of those fruits which can be eaten with the skin. Because the skin of pear contains an extremely beneficial component called phenolic phytonutrients. Besides copper and fiber, pears also have a fair amount of water in them as they are juicy. The presence of protein in them is quite low but is cholesterol-free. Other minerals are zinc, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. They also have different vitamins in abundance. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6 can be found in them. It also contains phytonutrients like gentisic acid, hydroxybenzoic acid, syringic acid, ferulic acid, flavonols, epicatechin, lutein, beta carotene, and zeaxanthin. The detailed information about the nutrients of the pears are as follows:

Nutrition value per 100 g



Percentage of RDA


3.10 grams

08.00 %


13.81 grams

11.00 %


0.38 grams

01.00 %

Total Fat

0.120 grams

00.50 %


58.00 K Cal

03.00 %


Vitamin A

23 IU

01.00 %

Vitamin E

0.120 milligrams

01.00 %

Vitamin C

4.20 milligrams

07.00 %

Vitamin K

04.50 ug

04.00 %

Pantothenic acid

0.048 milligrams

01.00 %


0.0120 milligrams

01.00 %


0.0280 milligrams

02.00 %


07.00 ug

02.00 %


0.025 milligrams

02.00 %


0.157 milligrams

01.00 %



119.00 milligrams

02.50 %


01.00 milligrams

0.00 %



0.10 milligrams

01.00 %


0.080 milligrams

09.00 %


11.00 milligrams

02.00 %


0.170 milligrams

02.00 %


0.000 milligrams

02.00 %


0.00 ug

00.00 %


07.00 milligrams

02.00 %


09.00 milligrams

01.00 %



0.00 ug



02.00 ug



45.00 ug



012.00 ug


Healthy benefits

Eating fruits and vegetables lead you to a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients that decrease the chances of numerous diseases. Pear is one of the fruits that nature has blessed with nutrients that protect the body and fight against certain diseases. 

  1. A fiber fruits

Pear is a rich source of fiber. It carries pectin that is a water soluble fiber. Pectin fights against the bacteria present in the large intestine and maintains gut health. Different research and organizations recommended a proper amount of fiber intake.

Fiber intake of people under age of 50



30.8 – 33.6 grams per day

25.2 – 28 grams per day

Fiber intake of adults above age of 50



28 grams per day

22.4 grams per day

  1. Fiber is good for the digestive system. It enhances bowel movements and gives relaxation in bloating. 
  2. Fiber intake also relieves the issue of constipation. A study proved that 80 people with the problem of constipation took pectin (24 grams per day) that is high in pear and felt relieved. 
  3. It is suggested that it should be consumed with its skin as the amount of fiber is high in the skin of this fruit. 

Fiber is mostly present in fruits and vegetables so to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus fruits and vegetables should be added to the diet. 

  1. Weight loss

Pear is a weight loss friendly fruit that helps you to lose weight quickly. There are three things that help you to lose weight, and pear contains all three.

  • High in water food
  • Full of fiber food
  • Low calorie food

These three things prove a weight loss solution for the people facing weight issues. A high amount of water and fiber makes you feel full for a longer period of time. It will lessen your habit of eating more. A twelve week research proved that eating two pears daily can help you lose 1.1 inches. Another study asserted that consuming three pears daily will cut off 1.9 pounds of weight. 

  1. Good for a healthy heart 

Pear is a fruit that can keep your heart in a healthy condition. Procyanidin antioxidants present in pear can remove the stiffness in the tissues and lowers down the cholesterol level that may affect the heart.

The skin of the pear plays a major role in maintaining heart health. It contains quercetin antioxidant that reduces inflammation and controls high blood pressure that may lead to various heart disorders. Thus, it is suggested that pear should be consumed unpeeled. 

Different studies proved that pear helps you to lower the risk of heart diseases. According to a study consuming two normal size pear per day for twelve weeks can maintain blood pressure and helps you to remove fats. Consuming fruits on a daily basis can also prevent you from getting strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. 

  1. Helps in diabetes 

There are different types of pears that function separately in the body. A red type of pear is said to be the best solution for lowering down the risk of diabetes. A study asserted that consuming anthocyanin may help you to reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. Red pears are a rich source of anthocyanin. One of the studies also asserted that the skin of the fruit contains more anthocyanin that proves to be anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetes. There are certain things that control diabetes, and a pear exhibits those benefits. 

  • To control diabetes, the digestion process must be slowed down in which fiber helps.
  • To give more time to food in the process of break down.
  • To provide time to carbs to absorb.
  • These processes lead to moderating blood sugar levels and eventually help in diabetes.

Pears contain fiber that maintains all these functions in the body and helps to treat type 2 diabetes. 

  1. Lowers down the risk of cancer

Pears have some components that can lower the risk of cancer. The most important components for fighting against cancer in them are anthocyanin acid and cinnamic acid. Both these acids are found to be the shield against cancer. Pears are good for protecting you from cancers of the stomach, lungs, and bladder. The presence of flavonoids in pears makes them extremely beneficial for lowering the risk of breast cancer and cancer of ovaries. This means pears are amazingly good for women. Eating a sufficient number of pears will protect your body from cancer, but once you are suffering from cancer, then pears cannot replace the treatment of cancer.

  1. Fight Against Diseases

Pears help to boost your immune system. The immune system of the human is dependent on different vitamins. Especially vitamin C is the most crucial element in making your body healthy so that it can fight against different diseases. Vitamin C is an antioxidant element that is found in pears; it can increase the number of white blood cells. In this way, your body becomes strong, and it can fight with free radicals that can potentially cause disease.

Potential Side Effects

Ordinary and moderate utilization of pear is valuable to wellbeing. Any way a lot of consumption of pear might be destructive. Pears are an acceptable wellspring of dietary fiber. In any case, a lot of fiber is awful for stomach related wellness as it meddles with ingestion of nutrients in the body. Exorbitant degrees of nutrient C can convey ascend to intricacies like the runs, queasiness, indigestion, stomach swelling and cerebral pain. Exorbitant degrees of cell reinforcements can build the risk of most diseases. On the off chance that you are devouring a lot of pears daily, at that point there are a few prospects that the degree of Vitamin E in the body may get expanded and can be a reason for quickened danger of prostate malignant growth. Significant levels of nutrient A can cause hazy vision, bone growing, helpless craving, unsteadiness, bone hurt and so on. Pears are secure when taken in a moderate amount. Pears have less odds of allergic responses. Yet, there are cases in which patients were referenced to create allergenic responses.

Final Words

Pears are considered as the powerhouse of the nutrients. It contains all valuable components that are required by the body for overall health. They are beneficial for heart health, digestion, diabetes, and can help to minimize the risk of getting cancer. With all these benefits pears should be consumed in the moderate quantity so that their possible side effects can be avoided.


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