Health Benefits of Krill Oil to Skin

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Health Benefits of Krill Oil to Skin

What is Krill Oil?

Krill oil is a minute animal, which resembles a shrimp. Mantas, baleen whales and whale sharks feed on krill. It means ‘whale food’ in Norwegian. The oil is extracted from krill and is placed in capsules to be used as medicines. Some brand names claim that they get use Antarctic krill, which simply refers to Euphausia superba.

Krill oil is taken orally for heart diseases, high cholesterol. However, there are limited researches to support this. It is also used for dry eyes.


Krill oil comprises of fatty acids, similar to fish oil, which are beneficial in decreasing swelling, lowering cholesterol and make the platelets less sticky. Less sticky platelets prevent the formation of clots.

Health Benefits of Krill Oil for the Skin

The fastest growing and largest organ of the body is the skin and whatever you eat or do, affects it vastly. Healthy skin is necessary for various reasons. However, achieving healthy skin requires effort and certain factors also need to be taken into account. Skin health is dependent on external factors such as sun exposure, environmental issues, temperature changes and product usage as well. All of these can lead to irritation of the skin, dryness, poor texture and low elasticity. Moreover, internal factors like diet, stress, hormones and genetics also play a role in skin health.

To maintain healthy skin, balance is required by the body specifically when it comes to the amount of water that passes through the skin and the water content. This balance has a huge impact on the skin’s outer layer. It either makes it healthy and smooth or rough.

It is necessary to take care of your skin and nurture it on a daily basis. Other than the topical products that are commonly being used in this era, certain supplements are also making their way into beauty regimes.

Krill for Healthy Skin

Krill is rich in omega 3 phospholipids, long chain omega 3s, EPA and DHA. Eighty percent or more of these fatty acids are bound to phospholipids and phosphatidylcholine. It has been concluded by various studies that the omega 3s, which are bound to the phospholipids have a bigger advantage over other options because they accumulate better in the tissues and blood.

In addition to being beneficial for the heart and joints, krill oil is also good for the skin. The omega 3 phospholipids found in krill benefit skin health. It is also proven that it shifts the balance of water loss and water content, affecting the lipid composition.

Anti-aging Benefits

Krill oil has tremendous anti-aging benefits. Skin health depends on the metabolic activities of different nutrients, such as essential, saturated and mono-saturated. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, which are not produced naturally. Deficiencies can decrease the production of elastin fiber and the skin loses its ability to hydrate. Hence, signs of aging are more evident on the face. Both DHA and EPA have anti-aging properties that restore the skin’s elasticity.

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