Health Benefits Of Kiwi fruit

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Health Benefits Of Kiwi fruit

Kiwi offers several health benefits, including healthy skin, improves asthma, balances heart rate and blood pressure, helps in a sound sleep, etc. Kiwi is found in China, and the name kiwi has come from New Zealand. In the year of 1904 a teacher visited china, and when he returned, he took the seeds of this fruit and cultivated it. The kiwi is enriched with vitamin C and many other nutrients that are extremely helpful for the overall health of the body.

Nutritional Information

The Kiwi fruit is full of healthy nutrients and globally famous for its taste and health benefits that it offers to the overall health of the body. It has the highest value of Vitamin C among all other fruits. There are many other vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin E. There is also a fair number of folates in it. If you talk about minerals and metals, you will find that it is a cluster of many minerals. These include Iron, Choline, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, and Chloride. Kiwi has low calories and fats as compared to many other fruits. There are some types of carotenoids in it, like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein. The other nutritional information is stated in the following table:

Nutrition value per 100 g



Percentage of RDA


3.10 grams

8.50 %


14.66 grams

11.00 %


1.147 grams

2.00 %

Total Fat

0.52 grams

2.00 %


61.00 KCal

3.00 %


Vitamin A

87 IU

3.00 %

Vitamin E

1.46 milligrams

10.00 %

Vitamin C

92.70 milligrams

154.00 %

Vitamin K

40.30 ug

34.00 %

Pantothenic acid

0.00 milligrams

0.00 %


0.027 milligrams

2.00 %


0.00 milligrams

0.00 %


25.00 ug

6.00 %


0.0250 milligrams

2.00 %


0.341 milligrams

2.00 %



312.00 milligrams

07.00 %


03.00 milligrams

0.00 %



0.14 milligrams

01.00 %


0.130 milligrams

14.00 %


66.00 milligrams

9.50 %


0.31 milligrams

04.00 %


17.00 milligrams

04.00 %


0.00 ug

00.00 %


55.00 milligrams

14.00 %


34.00 milligrams

3.50 %



0.00 ug



0.00 ug



122.00 ug



52.00 ug


Health Benefits

Kiwi fruit is full of health benefits, as from the above table you can see that it contains all important components that are required for the overall health of the body. Let us explain some important health benefits that you can have from kiwi.

  1. Healthy skin

Kiwi is rich in so many nutrients that helps the skin to glow and keeps it hydrated. Vitamin C present in the kiwi fruit forms collagen that is an important element in cells of the skin. Vitamins in kiwifruit also help the wounds to heal quickly. A study examined that if collagen is taken as a supplement, it enhances flexibility in the skin, diminishes the wrinkles, and keeps the skin hydrated for a more extended period of time. Kiwis are a rich source of vitamin C that helps the body to make collagen; thus, consuming fruit is better than taking supplements. Kiwifruit is also blessed with vitamin E that works as a shield in the skin against sun rays. The right amount of vitamin E secures the skin from certain diseases and helps it to glow.  

  1. Improves sleep

Kiwis have components of serotonin and antioxidants that improve sleep. Research in 2011 focused on the outcomes of the kiwi on sleep habits in grownups. It was suggested that consuming the right amount of kiwi can boost the sleep routine. 

  1. Balances blood pressure and heart rate 

Kiwifruit is also rich in nutrients that keep up heart health; those nutrients include potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. People having heart problems are suggested to expand their potassium consumption and take the edge off sodium and salts in their daily routine. The amount of potassium present in the kiwifruit moderates blood veins that controls blood pressure. Kiwi is very beneficial for cardiovascular disorders. The presence of fiber in the kiwifruit maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. 

  1. Lowers the risk of cancer 

The process of free radicals in the body can increase the risk of different kinds of cancers. Antioxidants present in the kiwifruit get rid of free radicals and hence mitigate the risk of different types of cancer.

  1. Help to Fight Against Diseases

Vitamin C is extremely important for the body to make it strong enough to fight against different diseases and make the immune system strong. Kiwi fruit is abundant with vitamin C, and you can take the juice of kiwi to fulfill the daily requirement of vitamin C in your body. It will also help with the flu and can treat many infections caused by the common cold. It will also help to control those free radicals in the body that are responsible for cell damage. In this way, kiwi can repair your body cells and tissues.

  1. Help in Reduction of DNA Damage

Whenever there is a disturbance in the equilibrium of the antioxidants and free radicals in the body, then the chances of DNA damage will be increased. This imbalance will create stress in the oxidation process of the cell and will lead to some serious diseases. DNA diseases are difficult to diagnose and are a time taking process. The kiwi has antioxidants that have the ability to solve this problem of imbalance in the body and reduces the destruction of DNA in the body. In this way, you can conclude that kiwi is also helpful in the prevention of different types of cancers.

  1. Good for Vision Health

The presence of eye vitamin in kiwi makes them extremely beneficial for the eyes. Zeaxanthin and lutein are the two vitamins that are also called as eye vitamin. They work in the same manner as vitamin A does for the health of the eyes. They are a good absorber of light, and in this way, they protect the eyes from the exposure of extra light. The presence of copper in kiwi enhances the function of nervous system and as a result the function of eyes is also boosted.

  1. Boost Digestive System

In the nutritional table above, you can see that there are 3.10 grams of fiber in the kiwi. This fiber makes kiwi best for the health of the digestive system. Along with fiber, kiwi also has a special kind of enzyme that is helpful in breaking down the protein and digest them without making a burden on the stomach. This enzyme is actinidin and responsible for breaking the protein and digesting them.

  1. Helpful in Asthma

Asthma can be controlled with the help of large amounts of vitamin C and some antioxidants. Kiwi is rich with both of these compounds and hence can be extremely beneficial for the asthma problems. Kiwi is also beneficial for the better functionating of the lungs if it is consumed on a regular basis.

Best Way to Use

  • It can be added to green salads.
  • You can make a delicious sauce with a mixture of kiwi, pineapple, and orange. This sauce can be used for fish and chicken margination, or you can eat it with them.
  • The combination of kiwi with strawberry is the best when topped with the yogurt.
  • Kiwi can be used in different tarts.
  • You can also make a cold soup with kiwi by adding cantaloupe and yogurt.
  • Most of the people only eat the green part of the kiwi, but the skin can be eaten, and it will triplicate the benefits of the kiwi.

A bowl of fruit

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Side Effects

Kiwi may give your children the problem of allergy. The child getting this fruit for the first time should be observed closely by the parents. In most cases, the allergy symptoms will not appear at the first intake of the kiwi. Very mild allergy symptoms can be observed on second-time intake, and they will get served afterward. A child can feel difficulty breathing and can lose consciousness in some cases. In these cases, your child will be needing immediate medical help. If you have any bleeding problems, then you should not consume kiwi. Moreover, if you are going to have medical surgery, then before one of the operations, stop consuming kiwi as it will slow down the process of clotting.

Although kiwi is a healthy fruit and delicious too. But there are some people who can face a problem by eating kiwi. There are some allergy issues that may be encountered by some people when they eat it. There are some symptoms of allergy, including:

  • Swelling in the tongue
  • Due to swelling, it would be hard to swallow food.
  • Itching in the throat.
  • Hives
  • Vomiting
  • The mouth may feel sore
  • Tingling lips

Final Words

This green fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and fiber. These are the valuable components and are extremely important for the overall health of the body. The abundance of vitamin C in kiwis make them beneficial for the immune system of the body. Vitamin C can also protect you from asthma and other diseases related to hypertension. It also helps the body to digest food properly due to the presence of enzymes and fiber. Moreover, if you are consuming at least two kiwis a day, then the chances of getting heart diseases can be minimized. It also helps you to lose weight due to the digestive enzymes. Kiwi is also helpful in fighting against inflammation and hence can reduce the chances of cancer.


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