Health Benefits of Dhea

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Health Benefits of DHEA

Maintaining your hormones is a vital way of looking better. DHEA is both a natural hormone and a popular dietary supplement that may impact on the levels of other hormones in your body.

There is plenty of health benefits of DHEA, such as improving bone density, minimize body fat, promote sexual function, and, most importantly, prevent specific hormonal issues.

Here, we will talk about what DHEA is, how it works, and its health benefits.

What Is DHEA, and How Does It Work?

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is basically a hormone that your body produces. A specific portion of it is transformed into the men and women sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Its influences may be promoted by the actions of estrogen and testosterone after this conversion happens, or also by the DHEA molecule itself.

DHEA is formed naturally, but we even use it as a supplement. The primary reason is that DHEA levels reduce as you age, and this reduction is linked to a lot of infections.

The truth is, it is observed that DHEA minimizes by up to 70% in your adulthood. The inadequate level of DHEA has linked with a heart disorder, anxiety, and mortality.

When you consume it as a dietary pill, its levels in the body enhance. A small portion of DHEA is also transformed into testosterone and estrogen.

The Health Benefits of DHEA

  1. May Enhance Bone Density

Minimum DHEA levels are linked with a minimum bone density that reduces as you age. Its lower levels are also related to a higher risk of bone fractures. Due to these relations, plenty of studies have researched whether DHEA may increase bone density in older adults or not.

A recent study indicates that consuming DHEA supplements for one to two months may enhance bone density in older females, but no such effects may be seen in males. Researchers also explained the increased bone density after supplementing with DHEA. But the fact is there are not enough scientific shreds of evidence to prove this claim.

It may be essential to consume this supplement for a longer duration to observe improved bone density, and this impact may be more significant in older females.

  1. May Play a Role against Depression

The link between DHEA and depression is not so easy to explain. An old study on females nearing menopause indicated that women with a mental disorder such as depression had higher levels of DHEA hormone than women who have not depression.

However, some people with severe depression have a minimum level of DHEA than those having milder depression. While the associations between its levels and depression aren't visible, experts have examined whether consuming DHEA as a pill may correct the symptoms of depression.

A plethora of study highlights that it may help treat depression, particularly in people with mild depression or people who don't show positive signs to typical treatment.

Individual clinical trials have disclosed no maintenance in mental working or depression in healthy, middle-aged, and older age people. But overall, DHEA plays a crucial role in improving the symptoms of depression.

  1. May Maintain Sexual Function, Fertility & Libido

There is no doubt that a dietary supplement that influences the men's and women's sex hormones also impacts sexual function. DHEA supplements may promote the working of the ovaries in females having impaired fertility.

One study showed that the females passed through in vitro fertilization, IVF before and after DHEA treatment. After treatment, the females formed more eggs and a more significant percentage of eggs fertilized, for example, 66% versus 38% before treatment.

The recent research investigated that females who consumed DHEA supplements during IVF had a 24% live birth rate, concerning a 3% live birth rate in a control group.

Besides, certain studies have explained that these diet pills may boost your libido and sexual function in both males and females.

However, the most crucial benefit in people with impaired sexual function after using DHEA. So, you may take its supplements, but first, consult your doctor.

  1. Weight loss

Certain studies recommend that DHEA may aid in reducing weight in older people suffering from metabolic problems. A review in 2012 highlighted that "using DHEA supplements in elderly life (mainly males) may induce a little but important positive influence on their body composition."

It may only occur when your body may transform the DHEA in the dietary capsules into androgens or estrogens. The influence on youngsters with excess weight is still not cleared.

  1. May Help Correct Some Adrenal Problems

The adrenal glands present on the upper side of your kidneys are one of the primary manufacturers of DHEA.

Some people have a health problem of adrenal insufficiency, in which the adrenal glands cannot form an adequate amount of hormones. This health issue may lead to restlessness, fatigue, weakness, and alternations in your blood pressure. It may also lead to becoming life-threatening.

DHEA supplements are effective in treating symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. Several studies indicate that they may promote the quality of life of these people.

  1. Osteoporosis

Different studies explained DHEA's influence on bone health. Research on DHEA and osteoporosis involves a study in which experts measured the bone mineral density of healthy males and females and observed that males with the most significant blood levels of DHEA had a higher bone mineral density level.

Moreover, research from International in 2008 recommends that its supplements promote bone mineral density in females but fail to promote bone health in males. The fact is there are not enough scientific shreds of evidence that prove the definite link between DHEA and Osteoporosis. But overall, we can say that DHEA has a good result in treating osteoporosis. So, we can take its supplements after speaking to your doctor.

Risks & Precautions of DHEA

DHEA supplements have many benefits, like improving your sexual function, bone density, and getting rid of depression. But certain risks are also linked with using its supplements. The main reason is if you use DHEA supplements without taking any advice from your doctor. You should consult your doctor whether you should use it in your specific condition or not.

DHEA may affect your endocrine system, which means it influences your hormonal activity. Hormonal changes may affect a wide range of body systems. Ultimately, lead to specific side effects that may involve;

  • Acute respiratory issue
  • Nervousness, restlessness, and negative behavior
  • Chest pain and abnormal heart rhythm
  • Crawling sensation on the scalp
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Eye issues

You may avoid these side effects if you adequately use DHEA supplements according to your doctor and medical health officials' advice.

Uses of DHEA

DHEA is used as a supplement by individuals with the following health issues;

  • Alzheimer's condition
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fatigue & restlessness
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Menopausal signs
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Parkinson's condition

DHEA is also used to reduce the natural aging process, promote physical performance, boost libido, increase weight loss, and enhance the immune system.

Additionally, DHEA supplements are frequently sold as testosterone enhancer pills and utilized for improving muscle mass and lowering your fat mass.


The positive impacts linked to DHEA may be observed in people having lower DHEA levels or specific health problems. Healthy people, consuming DHEA is probably not necessary. This unique hormone is formed naturally in your body. But in any case, your body is unable to make adequate DHEA; you may take its supplements.

Supplementing with DHEA may benefit most people, particularly older ones and individuals having specific adrenal, sexual or fertility issues

Again, I recommend you talk to your doctor or physician if you consider taking DHEA supplements.

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