Health Benefits of Chromium

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Health Benefits of Chromium

The biological importance of chromium came into emergence when brewers' yeast was discovered to stop the age-related decline in the ability to regulate average blood sugar levels in our body. An organic chromium complex is an active ingredient, and this complex is labeled as the 'Glucose Tolerance Factor' (GTF). The precise nature of the GTF by which it enhances insulin function in your body are still not entirely unknown. Still, it may improve the consumption of insulin into cells by helping its transfer across cell membranes.

Certain studies have indicated that chromium supplements may be beneficial for individuals with type 2-diabetes or insulin resistance (prediabetes). The best thing about chromium is that it can reduce glucose levels and maintain insulin sensitivity. This mineral works better if someone is chromium deficient that is typically seen if an individual has poor overall nutrition. Other studies have also indicated that this mineral may aid with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) associated with insulin resistance.

Chromium supplements also have a potential influence on cholesterol, heart disorder risk, psychological problems, Parkinson's condition, and other health issues. However, there is still a need for enough studies to prove this claim. Some individuals utilize this beneficial mineral to build muscle or trigger weight loss.

What is Chromium?

It is a mineral that is present in specific foods and the environment. There are two popular forms; trivalent (chromium 3+) or hexavalent (chromium 6+). The trivalent type is available in foods, while Hexavalent chromium is harmful and is present in industrial pollution.

In supplements, it is available in multiple forms involving;

  • Chromium nicotinate
  • Chromium chloride
  • Chromium picolinate
  • High-chromium yeast
  • Chromium citrate

Chromium supplements are utilized as a weight-loss help and support to keep blood sugar in check. It works by helping the action of insulin in your body. Insulin is vital for metabolism and storage of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your body. How it functions in your body as a supplement is well known. It is present in various foods like broccoli, apple and many more

It is also tough to determine if an individual is deficient in chromium and whether or not dietary supplements are beneficial in these cases. Plenty of research on chromium supplements may prove its exclusive health benefits.

Why you need chromium

Aside from the reality that your body needs a small quantity of chromium, the quantity you do obtain can undoubtedly affect the overall health. One of the most typical health benefits of chromium is that it may help control blood sugar levels in individuals having prediabetes, and also people having diagnosed diabetes.

It is a massive reason as to why you require chromium. Even if you don't have blood sugar-related problems such as type-1 diabetes, this mineral may improve the way your body utilizes insulin, facilitating to keep blood sugar levels in control.

Research indicates that it may also be helpful for those who have high blood sugar as a result of consuming specific medications such as steroids that are famous for increasing blood sugar levels. Chromium is also typically utilized in the fitness world, among athletes looking to enhance muscle and lose fat. Research indicates it may aid in supporting HDL cholesterol (the suitable type of cholesterol) while reducing LDL (the wrong kind of cholesterol).

Another new powerful advantage that comes with this mineral is its power to aid in reducing cravings. A 7-week study discovered that chromium, in the kind of chromium picolinate, reduced hunger, minimized cravings, and total food consumption in overweight adults.

Health Benefits of Chromium

  1. Against type 2 diabetes 

Evidence has been generated in favor of chromium that it can help the diabetic patient maintain blood sugar level. Its significant properties are that it can lower the blood sugar level while fasting. Even it can keep insulin levels in diabetic patients.

Not only this chromium also helps in working with insulin in type 2 diabetic patients. It also helps prevent weight gain and the accumulation of fats in diabetes type 2 patients. It has been found much effective in people taking diabetic medication known as sulfonylureas.

It is observed that a high intake of chromium can boost up it's working. A study revealed that a higher intake of chromium could reduce body fats compared to other people taking less chromium. Its effect on people who have diabetes is also raised.

  1. Against type 1 diabetes

Research says that people's oral intake of chromium can have more benefits as compared to people who have type 2 diabetes. Their effect is raised to a great extent as compared to type 2 diabetes. The use also cures some people who got diabetes by the use of steroids of chromium. Whoever women who got diabetes while pregnancy is also considered to be cured with the help of chromium dosage.

Research is still going on to support all these statements. All these statements are only derived from experimental studies but have not been accepted worldwide. The reason behind this is chromium only aid those people who are suffering from nutrition deficiency. However, people who are balanced in their nutrients and occupy the ideal chromium level are not much influenced.

  1. Against cholesterol

Some researchers say that chromium is a fat blaster in our bodies. No other nutrient can destroy cholesterol as much chromium destroy. In a 12 weeks study, it is observed that if people intake 200 mcg of chromium daily, it can lower the density of LDL cholesterol. This cholesterol is known as bad cholesterol in medical terminologies. It is considered as a symbol of death for lipoproteins. No study confirmed that it could eradicate lipoprotein, but it can lower its density.

Researchers also observed that taking chromium for more than a year reduces LDL cholesterol and increases the production of HDL cholesterol that is good for human health. However, the consumption of chromium in postmenopausal women is found useless.

  1. Restriction of mental retardation

The researcher says that chromium can affect your mental retardation. It reduces mental retardation to a great extent. In a 12 weeks study, it is noticed that the 1000mcg intake of chromium can act as a memory charger in the human body.

It also helped people in the reduction of depression. However, people who are already suffering from mental decline are not effected by chromium dosage. It shows that chromium can only help in the prevention of mental retardation. It cannot cure mental decline, especially in mild age.

The researcher also studied chromium effects during mental activity. They observed that the consumption of chromium could increase blood supply to the brain. Not only this, but it also boosts up fat blaster in the brain providing quick energy for working faster. Still, studies are going on to extract details of chromium on mental retardation.

  1. Against bipolar syndrome

The bipolar syndrome is a state of mind with depression and mood swings. In this situation, depression may reach its peak, and emotions can also rise to their maximum. A group of scientists researched the effect of chromium ion on bipolar syndrome. For this, they planned a study of people taking chromium ion supplement for two years. The average dose of chromium in this supplement was about 700 mcg.

At the end of the study, they deducted that chromium ion can reduce mental swings in moods. Even it is helpful for the treatment of those people that are not affected by ordinary chemotherapy. We can say that chromium ion supplement is a best-considered supplement to yet for patients of bipolar syndrome.

  1. Against Cardiac disease

Chromium ion is the best part of the diet for cardiac patients. It not only prevents us from cardiac diseases but also restricts the factors that may lead to cardiac failure may even leading to death. It can lower blood pressure and stabilize cardiac rhythms. Also, its significant feature is to blast lipoproteins from our blood. It reduces the density of LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol in our body. Also, it can destroy Triglycerides molecules lying in our blood vessels.

This triglyceride may not even cause blockage, but also it may raise heart attack in our body. Experts recommend that there should be a balanced level of chromium ion in toenails. However, this cannot be predicted even with a balanced chromium level; there will be a restriction to cardiac disease or not.

  1. Lowering of blood sugar

Chromium supplements maintain insulin levels in the human body. This insulin not only helps diabetic patients but also it helps ordinary people in the reduction of blood sugar level. Early research in this regard states that chromium aids diabetic patients in the reduction of the sugar level, and in people with low sugar, it has opposite effects. It raises their sugar level and stabilizes their body for proper working.

Another study in Denmark by Bio-chrome of Pharma Nord revealed that if people with low sugar intake chromium supplements daily can improve blood sugar levels and reduce symptoms of low sugar to a great extent. Symptoms considered for low sugar are chilliness, disorientation, and trembling. However, it may take three months to reduce symptoms after chromium dosage.

  1. Curing Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a group of diseases in which a lot of disease attacks the human body at once. This group's conditions may be cardiac diseases, brain stroke, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure. The main reason behind metabolic syndrome could be higher bally fat or raised level of lipoproteins in the body, specifically Triglycerides.

Chromium Ion can burn all these fats present in our body. Researches are still going on to find a proper treatment of metabolic syndrome. Studies till yet revealed that intake of chromium ion twice daily may improve your health if you are suffering from metabolic syndrome, but it does not help reduce weight or fat around your waist. The duration of chromium dosage was 12 weeks for study.

  1. Protection against glaucoma

Chromium is the regulator of the body. Chromium helps to maintain intraocular eye pressure. Little pressure is an intolerable range, but high pressure may lead to a situation called glaucoma. In this condition, nerves are damaged due to high intraocular pressure in the nerve area, and your ability of vision may reduce day by day. One thing must be noted that chromium will not help and glaucoma patient in getting a cure. However, it is helpful to a great extent in the prevention of glaucoma. Suppose you are facing a digital screen for a long time, then you must have to intake chromium supplements for the prevention of chromium. It is too easy to maintain the chromium level in your body. You may take chromium supplements or foods that are rich in chromium.

  1. Preventing calcium loss

Chromium is considered an old friend of women. It prevents loss of calcium in women, especially after menopause. It is an essential vital nutrient for the bone health of humans. It also helps our skeleton to regulate body energy and wastage of calcium. It helps women from the process of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Its significant feature is the production of collagen between two bones. Chromium also helps the skeleton from the loss of nutrients. It also aids in the maintenance of the number of nutrients wasted in the urine of females.

It helps in the management of energy metabolism. It also controls the activities involving osteocalcin( a hormone secreted for bone-building by osteoblast cells). It also promotes the output of adrenal DHA in our body to regulate calcium levels.

Side effects of chromium

Chromium is one of those micronutrients that have few side effects. But you don't use it according to the mentioned instructions; then you may face the consequences. The common side effects of chromium are irregular heartbeats, sleep issues, headaches, muscle stiffness, restlessness, mood changes, and allergic reactions. Chromium may enhance the risk of kidney or liver disorder.

If you have kidney or liver issues, do not consume it without speaking to your medical healthcare provider or doctor.

Food sources of chromium

Below are the food sources of chromium;

  1. Broccoli

Half cup of broccoli contains almost ten mcg chromium, 30 % of the DV. Broccoli is an excellent source of this mineral and loads in 10 mcg per half-cup. 

That is approximately 31 % DV in a small serving. Prepare it the mainstay of your meal, and you may gain twice that quantity in a cup. It is easy to cook vegetables that you can prepare within no time. Take away the florets and steam them before you add them to a salad.

  1. Barley

 It comprises eight mcg of chromium in 1/2 of a cup. It is around 23 % DV per serving. The unprocessed grain may give some tasty bite to a salad. Or you should make a filling soup with beans and barley, or meat and barley. You can also make excellent dishes for this fantastic whole grain.

It is a significant component of most weight loss diet and also offers us unique health benefits like improving heart health and many more.

  1. Grape Juice & Wine

The chromium content of wine may be different in different brands. However, one study shows that you should obtain a significant quantity of chromium from most wines. In one old research, French wine had 20 mcg per liter of wine on average, while Polish wine had 10 mcg per liter, and Italian wine had 7 mcg per liter. So, you can get enough chromium from it.

Grape juice is also an excellent source of chromium mineral, and that is the reason why you should add it in your eating life. Aside from its juice, fresh grapes are no less than extraordinary, so you should include them in your kitchen to get enough benefits from this yummy fruit!

  1. Oats

A 1/4 cup of uncooked oats will deliver 5.3 mcg of chromium, 15 % of the DV. There is 5.3 mcg of chromium per 1/4 cup serving this cereal, around 15 % DV. Oats are right for your health like any other whole grains because any processing does not pass them. So, they have enough amounts of essential nutrients that you need to carry on your regular functions!

  1. Potatoes

Potato is the most common vegetable. A cup of mashed potatoes comprises 2 mcg of this fantastic nutrient equal to the 8 % DV. You may use this mashed potato into croquettes. You can make it more unique by stirring through herbs, or even cheese. This vegetable is readily available in every corner of the world, and there are a lot of recipes for this vegetable.

  1. Beef

Beef is one of the remarkable sources of chromium. A 2 ounce serving of beef comprises 2 mcg of this mineral that accounts for 5.6 % DV. You can include beef to a casserole or medium cook with fresh vegetables, herbs, and unique spices for a simple midweek meal. You may brush a marinade and roast the beef cubes, use exotic spice or sauces for the whimsical style of your meat!

  1. Green Beans

A quarter cup of cooked green beans contains approximately 2 mcg of chromium that is 5.3 % DV of the nutrient. You can use a Thai style salad with green beans, mango, and tomatoes for a different taste. Or you can prepare a southern style green bean casserole with specific cheese grated over it.

  1. Orange Juice

A full cup of orange juice or 2 medium-sized oranges contain 2 mcg or 5 % of the DV. You should have a glass of orange juice in the morning. A glass of orange juice has 2 mcg or 5 % DV of this mineral; therefore, enjoy drinking this juice.

Orange juice is a fantastic source of essential vitamins or minerals, but if you eat your fruit whole, it is still a good idea. You have to consume a couple to obtain that same amount of orange in your diet. You can prepare orange juice popsicles in summer for a cooling effect after some time in the sun.

This juice is also a meaningful way to refresh recipes that utilize lemon juice like a tradition to follow. For example, a salad dressing with orange juice will give you a similar flavor, like the salad with lemon! It also works well in other recopies like marinades and sauces.

  1. Other Chromium Sources in Your Food

Aside from the food mentioned above, some other significant sources of this mineral may not include in this list because of the difficulty of determining their levels correctly. But these may be considered if you are going to enhance your consumption of the nutrient.

  • Tomatoes
  • Apples
  • Kale
  • Bananas
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Brown rice
  • Eggs
  • Cow's milk
  • Foods prepared from whole grains such as bread
  • Spices such as chilies or black pepper

Interactions with other medicines

This mineral may influence your blood sugar levels, so it is vital that anyone using diabetes medications, such as insulin, only utilize chromium under the guidance of a professional or doctor. It may also interact with medicines such as antacids, acid reflux medicines, corticosteroids, beta-blockers, insulin, thyroid, and NSAID painkillers. These interactions may lead to the chromium to be poorly absorbed or disturb the impact of the other drug.


Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies must not use chromium dietary supplements. For kids, talk to a doctor first. Some professionals suggest that no one must consume over 100 mcg per day without a doctor's advice. The Institute of Medicine has adjusted a tolerable upper intake level (UL) as few severe drawbacks have been seen with abnormal chromium consumption.

Dosage and Preparation

According to the National Academy of Sciences, there is no designed Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for this mineral, explained an 'estimated safe and appropriate regular dietary intake' range for chromium. For adults, this range was 100 to 200 mcg."

Chromium is found naturally in certain foods in varying quantities. For example, broccoli comprises about 10 mcg per 1 cup serving; potatoes include 2mcg per 1 cup serving, while red wine consists of 2 to 13 mcg in a 4-ounce serving. The actual quantity of chromium that you obtain from your food varies highly depending on what you consume.


Your body requires it to break down food effectively. This beneficial nutrient aids process sugar and break down fat and protein. We still don't have enough pieces of evidence to tell you about the real relationship between chromium health and overall health. Still, a lack of this mineral may cause stunted growth and issues with your nerves, blood sugar levels, and overall health. So, chromium is incredibly essential to boost your metabolism, promote your growth, and uplift your life standards.

Experts are still working to understand the role this mineral plays in diabetes, weight gain, and cholesterol level. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicate that chromium supplement brands are marketed as a cure or preventive measure. Still, you should confirm this from your doctor and medical healthcare provider.

According to a nutritionist expert, if your diet is about half of simple sugars that are mostly available in sweet foods and simple starches, it may cause chromium deficiency. A high-sugar diet may also lead chromium to be eliminated from your system when you urinate. But for the majority of individuals following a reasonably healthy diet, its deficiency is uncommon. In fact, most of the foods you typically consume will likely offer adequate doses of this nutrient.

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