Health Benefits of Chaste Tree

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Health Benefits of Chaste Tree

Chaste tree is also famous as Vitex agnus-castus or chaste tree berry. This herb has a long history of use in herbalism as a treatment for a range of health problems, involving premenstrual syndrome (PMS), fibrocystic breast disorder, infertility in females, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and menopausal symptoms. It also involves the treatment of breast milk unavailability, benign prostatic hyperplasia in males (BPH), migraine headaches, and joint problems.

There are numerous health benefits of Vitex agnus-castus also existed. It may impact hormonal levels to stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone and, in return, enhance progesterone (a hormone that plays a leading role in controlling the menstrual cycle). This herb is also thought to influence the levels of prolactin. That involves promoting breast development and milk formation.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the chaste tree and its health benefits.

What is Chaste Tree?

Vitex agnus-castus tree or chaste tree or chaste is a shrub that is native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia. You can consume it from the mouth for menstrual cycle irregularities, a severe kind of PMS called premenstrual Dysphoric disorder (PMDD), and menopause symptoms.

It is also beneficial for the treatment of "lumpy" (fibrocystic) breasts, infertility, saving miscarriage in females with low levels of a hormone known as progesterone. It controls bleeding and facilitating the body to force out after childbirth and maximizing breast milk.

Since you can take this herb orally, it can regulate the flow of urine in males, treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and control sexual desire.

Specific individuals also consume chaste tree berry orally for acne, depression, dementia, joint problems, colds, nervous stomach, spleen problems, headaches, eye pain, inflammation, fractures, and swelling.

One can also use vitex agnus-castus to the skin to remove parasites and for the prevention of insect bites and stings.

A Short History of Chaste Tree

It is a small, berry-bearing shrub that grows naturally in Italy, Greece, and certain parts of the Middle East. It has been utilized since antiquity throughout Europe and Africa to treat various health problems, involving amenorrhea (when menstruation stops) and improving fertility (by motivating regular ovulation).

Medicine from this herb is formed from the berry. Modern experts started testing its efficiency in treating health conditions linked to menstruation and menopause in the early 1900s, research that continues today.

The Top Health Benefits of Chaste Tree

From the period of Hippocrates, it has been suggested for menstrual complaints. We know that it comprises no hormones or hormone-like materials. However, this herb still affects hormonal activity by promoting the pituitary gland at the base of the brain to form a large number of luteinizing hormone (LH). This, in return, signals the ovaries to form a lot of progesterone hormone.

Chaste tree berry also functions to reduce abnormality in the levels of a second pituitary hormone, prolactin that includes breast-milk formation.

Below are the possible health benefits of Chaste Tree;

  1. For the Treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome

It helps in balancing estrogen and progesterone hormone in our bodies. It maintains an average level of these hormones during the menstrual cycle. It also blocks the secretion of prolactin in the female body. Excess of prolactin in the female body may cause the failure of ovulation in females. 

However, experts recommend 20 mg dose per day, but 40 drops in liquid concentrated extract or the same quantity of dried powder for four cycles is enough.

  1. For the Treatment of Ovarian Cysts

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a health problem that happens when the ovaries form plenty of male hormones such as testosterone. It may cause cysts production on the ovaries and other symptoms such as hirsutism, skin problems, and baldness.

There can also be menstrual problems, for example, periods that are heavier or lighter than usual. And it may also include periods with intervals that are uncommonly long. Some women with PCOS don't menstruate at all.

The symptoms of PCOS typically appear soon after a girl has her first period or may show later in life after becoming overweight. Besides these signs, females suffering from PCOS are more at risk for abnormal blood pressure, cardiovascular disorder, and diabetes.

Most of the time; the doctor uses a combination of medicines for the treatment of this health problem. These may be low dose contraceptive tablets, diabetes drugs that reduce insulin levels and help the body to ovulate and maintain menstrual cycles.

Females can use chaste tree dietary supplements to help restore their menstrual cycle. The chaste tree reduces the abnormal levels of male hormones that are leading the trigger of PCOS. As a unique herb, it acts slowly and lightly, and you can see a lessening of PCOS symptoms in approximately one month to three months after taking chaste tree supplements.

  1. For Treatment of Female Infertility

It can improve fertility level, especially in females with a defect in the luteal phase. It is used in the herbal treatment of infertility. It simply stables your progesterone level in the body and gives you more exposure to pregnancy. 

A safe dosage for this is 30 drops of fluid extracted in the concentrated form twice a day, probably 1.8ml per day. However, some doctors recommend 40 drops a day that is approximately 35-40 gram a day in powdered form.

  1. For the Treatment of Fibrocystic Breast Disease

As we know that it blocks prolactin secretion in females, it is clear that it can reduce breast tenderness. Many women suffering FBD also have to experience Post menstrual syndrome and breast tenderness. 

When a doctor recommends it for the treatment of these two diseases, female feels two comfortable if they are experiencing fibrocystic breast disease. Individual studies also say that if we use liquid extracted 32.4grams and some contents from homeopathic medicines, we can deliver a great relief to the patient of fibrocystic breast disease. 

However, some medical practitioners recommend its 40 mg dose a day for at least three menstrual cycles.

  1. For the Treatment of Acne

Some females suffer premenstrual acne. This type of acne happens due to change in hormones inside your body, especially estrogen and progesterone. However, in this condition, it is the best treatment. Directly it regulates hormonal imbalance in females. Forty drops of concentrated liquid extract are the best practice to get rid of this type of acne.

  1. For the Treatment of Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is the increase in prolactin hormone in the human body. Research predicts that if we use a concentrated liquid extract, it decreases prolactin to a great extent. However, it also improves luteinizing hormones and substituent of progesterone levels in the human body. 

It also helps in preventing conditions that lead to menstrual abnormalities. For the treatment of amenorrhea, 40 drops of the liquid extract are enough.

  1. For Breastfeeding Support

It is one of the most used herbs in Europe to promote breastfeeding. It is not only enriched with milk but also increases the flow of lactogen in breast areas. According to German research, using a tincture of 15mg liquid extract can boost up milk production within or without pregnancy in females. However, it should be prohibited in pregnancy. 

It also boosts the production of vitamin B12 in breastfeeding females. European medical practitioners recommend its dosage only a teaspoon per day.

  1. For the Treatment of Dysmenorrhea

German clinical reports say that it can give relief to different menstrual problems, specifically Premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. It is also considered a useful herb against Endometriosis.

For this, it is mixed up with some other herbs, just like dandelion root or motherwort. Among all other diseases, it is suitable for the treatment of menorrhagia. Forty drops of the concentrated extract are enough. However, the minimum dosage duration is 6 to 9 months.

  1. May Improve the Health of Females

It is also considered a useful herb against Endometriosis. In the case of Endometriosis, it also helps a lot. Endometriosis is a female gynecologic disorder in which extreme hormonal imbalance happens. Chaste tree extracts balance hormones in females and reduces symptoms of Endometriosis.

For this, it is mixed up with some other herbs, just like dandelion root or motherwort. Among all other diseases, it is suitable for the treatment of menorrhagia. Forty drops of the concentrated extract are enough. However, the minimum dosage duration is 6 to 9 months.

It is widely used in the production of various medicines. Most commonly, use is in the cure of menstruation cycles. It can be used in the condition of menopause to continue menstruation. However, its oral dosage is sufficient for the treatment of fibrocystic breast or female infertility. Women who carry a low level of progesterone hormone may have to suffer a miscarriage.

 For this oral consumption of chaste tree extract in concentrated form is taken. It boosts up milk production naturally after pregnancy. Females carry it during pregnancy for control of bleeding. It also helps in providing the force required to push out the placenta during childbirth.

  1. May Improve the Health of Males

It not only helps the female reproductive system but also improves the male urinary system. Specifically, in the condition of benign prostate hyperplasia (Prostate Enlargement), it helps a lot. Moreover, its oral dose can make urine flow too smooth in people suffering from urine problems. It decreases itching problems during urination in genital areas. 

People who want to control their sexual desire may take it. It only enhances urine flow in male genital areas reducing blood flow, causing less erection in males.

  1. Typical Benefits for Medical Practitioners

Some medical practitioners recommend its use for the treatment of stomach and spleen disorders. However, it is also consumed for dementia or joint pain. Some experts say that it is also valid for migraine, eye pain, or inflammation in various body parts. It is also recommended in fractures and swelling in body organs.

It also plays in role in dermatology. Dermatologists recommend its dosage for control of acne. Because acne occurs only due to hormonal imbalance, and its primary function in the human body is to balance imbalance hormones. So its best treatment considered for acne because it is a natural treatment and do not deliver any side effect.

For the Treatment of Parasite and Insect Bite

If you are visiting an area in which you feel danger about insect bite, then in that condition application of chaste tree extract can save you. If not only repel insects but also flush out parasites from your body. Doctors recommend it for a child having worms in his stomach. 

Most mosquito repellent products makers use the extract of chaste trees in their products because it is found useful for repelling a wide range of insects like ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.

  1. Treatment for Cancer and Orchiectomy

Chaste trees are enriched in ethanol compounds. Most of the chemical labs extract ethanol from chaste tree extracts. This extracted ethanol performs cytotoxic activities in human cell lines, especially in ovarian, breast, cervical, gastric, and small lung carcinoma. However, it is also found useful in numerous phenomena happening in apoptosis.

As well as orchiectomy is concerned, it is inhibition of testosterone production in the human body. Gynecologists recommend it to control males' sexual desire, but the moderate dosage is recommended; heavy dosage may give you quick side effects.

  1. Anti-Bacterial Functions

Some lab experiments revealed that chaste tree products contain anti-bacterial properties. Some oils are extracted from pure tree extracts that can heavily defend, especially against salmonella and staphylococcus. But it should be noted that these oils should not be consumed directly. They can be applied to the skin or anywhere else but can be harmful for human consumption.

However, it is also useful for bone repairing. It can quickly donate magnesium ion to bones. It has a unique property for bone repairing. It acts as a marker and nominates the area in which bone is damaged. All the nutrients and other repairing materials are directed.

For the Treatment of Baldness 

Whenever a person suffers baldness definitely, he is suffering male hormones imbalance. It is observed that chaste tree extracts are too efficient for hair growth and baldness prevention, but hair growth is only claimed in males. No research has supported this theory till yet. 

Not only this, but it also gives a lot of favor to our brain. It provides all the necessary nutrients to the brain and prevents headaches.

  1. Treatment for PMD

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is also abbreviated as PMDD. It is a condition that leads to severe premenstrual symptoms. Although PMDD symptoms are the same as PMS, the emotional and physical signs of PMDD are more complicated and severe.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is well-known to influence at least 5 % of menstruating women and a leading trigger to prominent interference in their lives. The typical symptoms of this disorder involve; restlessness, fatigue, extreme anxiety, poor mood, irritability, and abdominal bloating.

In addition to utilizing St. John's Wort, you can also use chaste tree berry. It is one of the essential herbs for the treatment of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Chaste tree is widely utilized to reduce PMDD risk, painful menstruation, breast pain, and menstrual abnormalities.

A plethora of study has indicated that this herb has a remarkable impact on the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Moreover, the chaste tree is famous because it contains hormonal properties and leads to progesterone effect during the female's menstrual cycle.

You should know about the fact that excess estrogen may be a leading cause of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with PMDD. For this particular reason, this herb is a beneficial treatment that you can use to control the estrogen dominance to get relief from the painful symptoms of PMDD.

Side Effects & Risks

If you don't use a chaste tree according to doctor's advice or without reading the information motioned on the label, then it may lead to side effects. This herb may cause specific issues like bleeding between menstrual duration, hair loss, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, itching, mild digestive problem, nausea, increased heartbeat, and skin rash.

Pregnant or nursing women avoid using their supplements. Additionally, individuals suffering from hormone-sensitive problems like Endometriosis and cancers of the breast, or prostate) shouldn't consume the chaste tree berry supplements.

Additionally, there are some concerns that it may decrease the ability of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy.

Other Suggestions for Chaste Tree

Vitex agnus-castus doesn't comprise hormones or hormone-like materials, but it stimulates your body to form more of its hormones. Therefore, while the chaste tree is a safe herb and some females develop side effects, related to its power and usage with precautions. Don't consume it with hormone replacement drugs and oral contraceptives without speaking to your doctor or physician.

For specific reasons, never use its supplements during pregnancy. The long-term impacts of utilizing the chaste tree are unknown. You may want to ease off this herb after a couple of months and observe if your symptoms have improved or not.

Since this herb may affect the neurotransmitter dopamine levels, people suffering from Parkinson's disorder, schizophrenia, or any other problem in which dopamine levels are disturbed must avoid it. You can only use chaste tree supplements under the supervision of a doctor and a qualified health expert.

Interactions with Other Medications

  • Interacts Birth control pills (Contraceptive drugs)

Chaste tree herb can change hormone levels in your body, and birth control pills have hormones. Consuming this herb supplements along with birth control pills, can minimize the ability of birth control pills.

If you use birth control pills and this herb, use an additional form of birth control, for example, condoms. Certain birth control pills have Ethinyl estradiol, levonorgestrel, Ethinyl estradiol, and others.

  • Interacts with Estrogens

This herb can change hormone levels in your body. Consuming chaste tree berry along with estrogen pills can reduce the effectiveness of estrogen pills. Individual estrogen tablets involve conjugated equine estrogens, estradiol, and others.

  • Interacts with Drugs for Mental conditions

Chaste tree affects a chemical in your brain known as dopamine. Certain medications for mental problems help to reduce dopamine. Consuming this herb and medications for mental problems may minimize the effects of certain medications for mental conditions.

Dosing Detail of Chaste Tree Berry

Below are the dosing details;

  1. For breast pain (mastalgia)

3-4mg of chaste tree dried fruit extract have consumed regularly for at least one to two months. Also, you can take 30 mg of its fruit extract daily for two months. Additionally, you may use 0.8 mL of a particular chaste tree product (Mastodynon, Bionorica AG) twice on a daily basis for at least two months.

  1. For severe PMS symptoms (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD)

You should consume 20-40 mg of chaste tree extract regularly for at least 7-8 weeks.

  1. For premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Typically, doctors recommend 8-40 mg of its fruit extract daily for three menstrual cycles. A particular extract called BNO 1095 that comprises of 4 mg of chaste tree extract has been consumed regularly for 2-3 menstrual cycles.

You can take another exclusive fruit extract called Ze 440, which comprises 20 mg of fruit extract daily for 2-3 menstrual cycles.

Guidelines for the use of Chaste Tree Supplements

  • You should consume the dietary supplement, capsule, or tablet before meals to increase the absorption.
  • Chaste tree berry may lead to stomach problems if consumed on an empty stomach due to the solution's alcohol content. It may not happen if you dilute it in a glass of distilled water.
  • You can always divide the dose, using half after breakfast and half after lunch. Or you can take a capsule instead.
  • PMS can respond instantly to this herb; you may see reduced symptoms during your next menstrual cycle, even if you have consumed it for only eight days. Still, herb typically takes two months for the beneficial result to appear.
  • For ovulation or menstruation regulation, you may have to utilize Vitex agnus-castus containing oral supplements for at least five months for the desired result.

Precautions before Using Chaste Tree Products

  • You should always speak to your doctor before using a natural product. Some products may not mix well with medicines or other natural products.
  • Avoid using chaste tree product if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant soon.
  • Use birth control while taking this product.
  • Avoid breastfeeding while using this product.
  • Don't use it if you have health issues that are sensitive to hormones.
  • Pay attention if you are consuming drugs that have hormones.
  • Take care if you are consuming medicines that influence dopamine levels. These are medicines such as ropinirole and pramipexole.
  • Consult your doctor before using chaste tree product if you have;
  • Mental health problems
  • Parkinson Condition
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Cancer


Chaste tree or Vitex agnus-castus is basically a shrub. It contains long, finger-shaped leaves, blue-violet flowers, and purple shade berries. We use its fruit and seed for the formation of medicines. This herb seems to impact numerous hormones that are included in the reproductive cycle of females.

There are numerous health benefits of this herb, like for the treatment of conditions associated with the menstrual cycle like breast pain (mastalgia), serious PMS problems (premenstrual Dysphoric disorder, or PMDD), and premenstrual syndrome (PMS.

It is also used for many other conditions, but there is not enough scientific evidence to support most of these benefits. But still, you can use its supplements to treat the conditions as mentioned earlier after consulting the doctor or health care providers.

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