How Much Grapefruit Seed Extract For Sinus Infection?

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Are you facing sinus issues for long? Then this could be a case of growing fungus within nasal pathways. The sinus tissue possesses a mucus membrane lining which is disturbed causing discomfort and pain. The purpose of this lining is to keep the pathways of the nose moist.


What is a sinus infection?

Whenever the membrane lining gets inflamed, there is an elevated mucus generation and blood flow. With enhanced blood flow, there’s swelling of sinuses. This in turn traps mucus within the nasal cavities. Eventually, this moist, warm, and stagnated environment results in viruses, fungus, and bacteria to develop. This develops into a sinus infection.


How to handle a sinus infection naturally?

About 2.7 fungus types can develop in your sinus cavities on an average. To treat these fungi, different anti-fungal medicines and supplements are used. Antifungal supplements come in both natural and prescription forms. Of these, the most efficient and natural antifungal agent is Grapefruit seed extract or GSE.


The grapefruit seed extract is particularly efficient in treating sinus infections and relieving nasal blockages. A sinus infection is associated with pressure, nasal congestion, and pain. These symptoms make the effected victims hard to inhale. It is tough to get cured. The grapefruit seed extract is a safe and natural supplement that works on the cause of the sinus infection.


Let’s take a look at what it is and how much grapefruit seed extract for sinus infection is required for an individual to cure it.


What is Grapefruit extract?

Grapefruit seed extract or GSE is a citrus liquid extract that is derived from grapefruit’s pulp, seeds, and white membranes. It is obtained by grinding the pulp and seeds of grapefruit and then blending it with glycerin. It is an antifungal agent that was used to avoid the growth of mold and as a preservative. Currently, it has found a place in the diet as an extract owing to its good benefits on health. It is used in products related to cosmetics and as a dietary supplement. It is natural as it is obtained from natural grapefruit seeds and pulp. So, the harm associated with the extract is also less, provided it is to be taken in recommended dosages.


In which form Grapefruit seed extract is taken?

There are certain steps to be followed particularly when you are taking Grapefruit seed extract for curing sinus infections. Any good brand works fines but the most efficient and best is the Grapefruit seed liquid extract. Pre-made capsules may not be as strong as the liquid form of Grapefruit seed extract.


How much grapefruit seed extract for sinus infection is required and how to use?

Follow the below steps as Grapefruit seed extract can be hard on the lining of your stomach when taken inappropriately and not in recommended amounts.


  • Buy the liquid Grapefruit seed extract. Make use of a dropper to place it into an empty gel capsule. You are suggested to do this to avoid its very acidic and potent taste.
  • Ensure to drink 8 ounces of water along with each dosage.
  • Begin with 3 drops of liquid Grapefruit seed extract for each capsule. Gradually raise it by a drop each dose.
  • Take these capsules 3 times each day.
  • Take 3 drops each dose and observe for one week and notice the change or improvement in the sinus infection.
  • Gradually, you can increase up to ten plus drops each dose. You will see betterment in a couple of days. This will be the case if you are taking 3 times a day.
  • You can conveniently take up to 60 drops which is equivalent to 2 large and full gel caps along with 12 ounces water. But, if you are taking this dosage, it is better to take it only one time.


How much grapefruit seed extract for sinus infection depends on how much effect it is showing on your recovery. This is based on each individual’s tolerance levels. Since each one has a different level of tolerance to Grapefruit seed extract, it is best to take small and gradually proceed to higher dosages. This way you can analyze as to how much your stomach can take Grapefruit seed extract positively. Once you can figure out, the ideal level, you can maintain that dose and observe the improvement. This kind of approach prevents you from taking in amounts that are not appropriate for you.



Use Grapefruit seed extract in liquid form. Add a couple of drops in boiled water and inhale its steam to treat your sinuses. Rinse and repeat 3 times a day. Depending on the results, recovery and improvement levels, increase or decrease the number of times you steam.


Grapefruit seed extract solution in a Netipot

Add a couple of drops in water to your netipot. This will irrigate your infected sinuses. Take Grapefruit Seed Extract in liquid form and add 4 drops of it along with 1/4th tsp of sea salt in 8 oz. of warm water. Mix until the salt is dissolved in the warm water. Use a nasal spray bottle or a neti pot to pour the solution in one of the nostrils and let out through the other nostril with neti. This irrigates the nasal pathways.


Other forms

There are throat sprays, nasal sprays, and capsule forms of Grapefruit seed extract that come with the instructions on dosages. Follow the dosage mentioned to get the best results. Different properties of grape seed fruit extract like antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, etc., have different dosages. Grapefruit seed extract can be taken about 600 mg in capsule form for around 5 days for the best antioxidant support. This aids in treating sinus infection.


Don’t overdo or add too much amount of GSE as it can irritate your sinus lining. A grapefruit seed extract has shown improvement in sinus infection in over 95 percent of individuals.


What are the benefits of Grapefruit seed extract?

It is abundant in antioxidants and essential oils. It demonstrates several potential health advantages.


Below are listed some health benefits of Grapefruit seed extract:



A grapefruit seed extract has the potential of killing over 60 kinds of yeasts and bacteria because of the presence of potent compounds in it. Hence, it is a very good antimicrobial. It is considered to be equally effective as topical medicines that are antibacterial and antifungal.


According to studies, Grapefruit seed extract kills fungus and bacteria cells by breaking down their external membranes. They burst open within 15 minutes after its use or application. This is termed apoptosis. It is a process of self-destruction in cells.



Grapefruit seed extract comprises of several powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants shield your body from oxidative damage. The grapefruit seed extract is rich in Vitamin E, polyphenols, essential oils, Vitamin C, and flavonoids. These are antioxidants required by your body. Naringin, a polyphenol, is present in rich concentrations within the seeds of grapefruit. This polyphenol or antioxidant shields the body against radiation harm.


Shielding Stomach damage

Stress and alcohol can damage stomach lining which can be protected with Grapefruit seed extract. It shields by enhancing the flow of blood to the region and avoiding harm due to free radicals.


Assist in treating UTI

Since it has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, grapefruit seed extract aids in fighting bacteria that result in an infection.


Aid in relieving from Heart-related issues

It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels thereby minimizing the risk of heart illness.


Shields against the restricted flow of blood

Its antioxidants property permits enhancement of blood flow to various tissues and cells. A restricted flow of blood can result in Blood pressure and other related issues.


Other benefits include:

  • Natural Antiseptic
  • Natural and safe reliever
  • Body pH stabilizer
  • Additional nutrition
  • Non-drying and easy to use
  • No irritants and chemicals that harm the body


How does Grapefruit seed extract minimize a sinus infection?

The grapefruit seed extract is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and an antifungal agent. Therefore, it helps in dealing with all kinds of sinuses. It’s rich in Vitamin C as it is a citrus extract that aids in treating sinus infection. The presence of Vitamin C and other nutrients such as linoleic acid, polyphenols, Vitamin E, and bioflavonoid alleviates congestion and combats infections. It minimizes paranasal sinus inflammation and relieves the blocked sinuses. The extract makes viruses dormant by neutralizing their defense system. The extract can be used as a nasal spray. This will moisten and irrigate the swollen sinus membranes. This soothes the membranes and eradicates bacteria and viruses.


Bottom line


Grapefruit Seed Extract clears your sinuses and cures sinus infection through its antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. It avoids any further clogging or infection in the sinus. It is safe for all ages and is a perfect remedy for sinus infection. However, a persistent sinus infection and use of grapefruit seed extract to treat it should be done by consulting a physician if you have other sinus related issues and other respiratory illnesses. How much grapefruit seed extract for sinus infection is recommended is based on your tolerance levels to the extract. This has to be examined by gradually increasing your dosage to an ideal value for a sinus infection. Do not overdose the extract.


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