9 Best Health Benefits of Glutathione

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Health Benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant and also the most abundant one in our bodies. The truth is each organism on this planet contains some glutathione in its cells. This “master” antioxidant has plenty of health benefits. It protects the human body from various health problems. Its inadequate amount in your body leads to a high risk of medical conditions, such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease.

But you have its healthy levels, and then the magic happens. You may get rid of many health issues and observe outstanding energy, younger skin, a healthy heart, and a sharp brain.

Today, we are going to talk about what is actually Glutathione and its potential health benefits.

What Is Glutathione and What Does It Do?

Glutathione is an amino acid which typically found in cells throughout your body. Cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid are the amino acids that are responsible for its production. This powerful antioxidant functions as an antioxidant, stopping and saving from cell or tissue damage. It may also work to detoxify chemicals within your liver. Glutathione is also essential for your immune system health and the maintenance of cell development and death, according to a review submitted in the journal Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, in May 2013.  

Moreover, the amino acid includes the capability to bind itself to medicines, to create ease for your body to excrete. However, glutathione levels in your body seem to reduce with age, so you should fulfill its requirements through food sources and supplements.

The Top 9 Health Benefits of Glutathione

Below are the health benefits of Glutathione;

  1. Potent Antioxidant

You have already known the fact that it is a powerful antioxidant. Because of this nature, it may prevent our body from “browning” or “oxidizing” that lead to the destruction and aging of cells. Antioxidants are basically the anti-agers of our nutrient world. It may function to protect your body from highly reactive free radicals and the oxidative damage these unstable chemicals cause.

Whenever you eat, move, or breathe, your body utilizes fuel formed by the food you eat to create energy. But your body’s energy creating process make a toxic byproduct and that is free radicals.

They are unstable and reactive forms of oxygen that are deprived of an electron. When they come into link with healthy molecules, they take an electron, destroying the normal cell and its DNA.

Glutathione is the “master” antioxidant binds to oxidative compounds that destroy your cell membranes, DNA and create problems in energy formation. It neutralizes many different oxidants, like superoxide, carbon radicals, peroxynitrites, and lipid peroxides.

  1. Healthy Role in Detoxification

The role of this powerful antioxidant in your body’s detoxification mechanism is something beyond your imagination. However, these natural systems sometimes require a kick from booted glutathione levels from your food sources and dietary supplements.

Following are the three phases of detoxification;

  • In the first step, all kinds of dangerous chemicals and xenobiotics are partially passed through processing by specific proteins present in mitochondria known as cytochromes.
  • Unfortunately, this partial processing may convert toxins into dangerous free radicals. These are not only destructive in nature, but they may aid in deplete Glutathione, producing an imbalance between Phase 1 and Phase 2 functions.
  • In Phase 2, a wide range of enzymes effect directly on the toxins partially processed in the first step. These enzymes utilize Glutathione for the neutralization of the toxins.
  • In the last phase, there is the removal of toxins and xenobiotics. Toxins are eliminated from the body, mainly by the kidneys in the form of urine and liver in bile form.

Without Glutathione, your body may be unable to neutralize and remove toxins efficiently.

  1. Decrease Respiratory disorder Symptoms

The medication, N-acetylcysteine, is available in the market for the treatment of conditions, for example, asthma and cystic fibrosis. As an inhalant, it facilitates to thin mucus and changes it to less paste-like texture.

 This drug may also facilitate in inflammation reduction. N-acetylcysteine is basically a byproduct of Glutathione. So, it may help indirectly in reducing the symptoms of respiratory disorders.

  1. May Improve Gut Health

Individuals with Intestinal Bowel Syndrome have reduced activity of the enzymes included in glutathione synthesis. They also incline to have reduced levels of its primary element, cysteine.

The most significant enzyme included in quenching free radicals is known as glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme utilizes this effective Glutathione and needs selenium to work with toxic materials. High levels of this enzyme indicate higher oxidative stress, which requires to be neutralized.

This helpful enzyme also helps repair and provide strength to your gut lining. Glutathione protects the gut lining, which can facilitate in getting rid of leaky gut

  1. Decrease Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease influences the central nervous system. Symptoms describe it are tremors. It currently has no treatment. One previous study disclosed intravenous Glutathione’s strong influences on symptoms like tremors & rigidity.

While plenty of research is required, this case report recommends that this potent antioxidant may help decrease symptoms, promoting your quality of life in people suffering from this condition.

  1. May Combat Against Autoimmune Disease

Chronic inflammation due to autoimmune conditions may enhance oxidative stress. These conditions involve rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disorder, and lupus. According to a recent study, Glutathione, due to its antioxidative nature, aids in reducing oxidative stress by either promoting or decreasing the immunological response of your body.

Autoimmune conditions attack the mitochondria in particular cells. Glutathione is highly beneficial to protect cell mitochondria by removing free radicals.

  1. Helpful in Energy Production

Energy creation happens within all cells except red blood cells through the mitochondria. The powerful antioxidant, Glutathione saves mitochondria form highly reactive free radicals and the oxidative destruction they cause. That is why Glutathione is highly critical for energy production in your body.

If the powerhouses of the cell, mitochondria are damaged, they slow down and initiate formless energy. The infected “damaged” mitochondria may lead to reduced bodily function and affectivity.

The most brutal fact is that infected mitochondria produce more free radicals. In turn, these free radicals may cause more mitochondrial destruction and produce a vicious cycle of less amount of energy and more destruction.

  1. Maintaining Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance may result in the progress of type 2 diabetes. The formation of insulin leads to the body moving sugar or glucose from your blood into your cells that utilize it for energy purposes.

Research-based studies in 2018 show that individuals suffering from insulin resistance may have lower glutathione levels, especially if they have faced complications, like retinopathy. So, you must maintain the healthy level of Glutathione in your body to avoid this issue!

  1. May Prevent the Progression of Cancer

A small study indicated that Glutathione has a significant role in stopping the progression of cancer.

But, the same study also shows that it may make tumors less vulnerable to chemotherapy, a famous cancer treatment. Therefore, we need more research on this particular aspect.

Food Sources of Glutathione

Glutathione is highly favored to strengthen your body defense system so it may combat diseases. This potent antioxidant is most richly found in the red, pulpy side of the watermelon. It may also be present in cruciferous & dark leafy greens such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, etc. However, Glutathione supplements are also available in the market and have a lot of health benefits!


Glutathione is a potent antioxidant. Our body uses it for protection from cellular and tissue damage. Research-based studies recommend that it may critically improve the body’s glutathione stores and also help in many body functions such as improve the immune system & detox mechanism.

There are different food sources of this antioxidant chemical. Glutathione supplementation may help to reduce symptoms of various health conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal problems, and autism spectrum issues while also including anti-aging effects.


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