What Is Fungal Protease & Health Benefits

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What is fungal protease & what are its health benefits?


Protease is an inclusive term for all enzymes that will break down proteins. Depending on where you live in the world, you may also know them as proteinase and peptidase. They are all the same thing; we will stick with the term protease.[i]


Fungal protease is derived from fungus cultivated on various plants. One of the most common is bromelain, which is derived from pineapple based fungus.[ii]


All forms of life use proteases, so this class of enzymes is of considerable size. The best-known process that involves proteases is to assist in the digestion of food. But that is not the sole task they perform in the body. Proteases also are employed in:


·    Dissolving blood clots

·    Targetted death of cells


Protease divides the peptide bonds between the various amino acids contained within a protein. This process is called Hydrolysis. The way they do this will depend on the specific type of protease. We will come back to that in more detail later.


When we consider what is fungal protease & health benefits, we need to look at how protease is used. In this next section, we take a look at common reasons why people take protease.[iii]


Uses of proteases

Supporting your heart

Proteases can be used to support the heart by knocking out chemicals like bradykinins and eicosanoids. These chemicals may irritate the cardiac muscles. They can also play an essential role in dissolving blood clots, which otherwise might be responsible for strokes or heart attacks.

Supporting your digestion

By purchasing and using supplements that contain protease, you can support your digestive system by assisting with the digestion of proteins in the stomach. Older people tend to experience a decrease in the production of natural protease as they get older, and a supplement can help.

Supporting the repair of wounds

Proteases Can be very useful in repairing cells by tackling and breaking down any waste proteins that appear. This function is particularly valuable for skin burns and stomach ulcers. The protease might also help to retain healthy inflammatory activity.

Possibly supports pain relief.

One clinical trial has shown that proteases may have a role in assisting with the discomfort that results from injuries.


Summary of uses

The most common reason that people need protease is if they have digestive problems. As we get older, the production of natural protease within our bodies starts to decline. This aging fact can lead to protein not being digested as it should do. You may also benefit from protease if you are already at an increased risk from serious issues such as heart attacks and strokes.


Top 10 Health Benefit of Fungal protease

10. May have antioxidant properties

Research has found that some proteases have antioxidant properties. They have studied the protease taken from Papaya for its use in the healing of wounds. The conclusion was that not only is it safe, BUT it also seems to have antioxidant properties.

9. Assists with blood clotting

When we cut ourselves, we want our blood to clot to form a seal over the wound. However, some people have blood that clots much too quickly, and this can result in clots forming at random, and this could result in a stroke or a heart attack. Some types of protease seem t be a valuable tool in stopping this happening.

8. Cleansing the Circulatory and Lymph Systems

Bromelain, a protease enzyme sourced from pineapple, helps to clean out unwanted materials from our circulatory and lymph systems.

7. Digests Cells

Sometimes cells get into a state where they reproduce more quickly than they should and cause problems. Bromelain will digest those cells that were growing to fast. It also plays a role in boosting our immune systems.

6. Sprains and sports injuries

Further research has demonstrated that combinations of protease enzymes may aid with sports injuries. They did a study in Germany, which showed that patients that received protease bromelain recovered quicker than those that were not. It was only a small study, however, and further research will be necessary.

5. Bone and joint pain

Some research has shown that proteolytic enzymes helped east the pain suffered by osteoarthritis symptoms. This research is still in the early stages.

4. Irritation relief

Some studies show that bromelain protease enzyme reduces inflammation inside the body. These irritations may include allergies, problems with the intestine

3. Bruises, breaks, and injuries to tissue

It has been shown that protease enzymes can speed the healing of sprains, fractures, and tissue damage. Bromelain based creams have been used to increase blood flow to injuries.

2. Burns and Stomach Ulcers

According to a study that took place in Brazil, protease was active at promoting the cellular repair of skin tissue for patients with third-degree burns. It was also effective in healing stomach ulcers. They used protease enzyme derived from Papaya for this.

1.Healthy Digestion

As has been mentioned earlier, the most common use of protease enzymes is for gut health. Various issues with the colon seem to be prevented by bromelain enzymes. They are not 100% sure why it works but confident that is does. [iv]


Examples of Protease Remedies

We have talked about what is fungal protease & Health benefits. I thought to complete this article; I would include an example of the practical application of Protease remedies. You can find many protease products on Amazon.

Now Supplements - Naturally occurring protease 250 capsules.

This product is advertised as assisting the digestion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It is a naturally occurring product. On Amazon, some 76% of those who had bought it gave it five stars, so it seems to work.


Important Disclaimer

Our aim in this article is to provide an easily understandable answer to what is fungal protease & health benefits. Information given comes from reliable sources and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice, and you should always seek a professional medical opinion before commencing any treatment.


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