Does Vitamin D Help with Lichen Planus

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Does Vitamin D Help with Lichen Planus?

Does vitamin D help with lichen planus? The simple answer to this question is yes. Lichen planus or oral lichen planus (OLP) is an autoimmune inflammatory disease. Since vitamin D has been associated with improving immunity by alleviating the signs of inflammation, this vitamin can definitely assist with the considerable reduction of lichen planus.

Lichen planus is a disease of irritated skin, marked by itching, potentially infectious lesions on the limbs. It is made up of thin, multi-layered, plain-topped, red, or blue peaks. A significant number of skin specialists believe it might be an autoimmune disease. Keep reading to find out more about this condition and how to treat it with vitamin D and other therapies.

How Does Vitamin D Help Treat Lichen Planus?

Lichen planus tends to take place at times, together with autoimmune conditions. Lichen planus is, in several instances, not a dangerous disease. It is not infectious, either. There are several unusual forms of the disorder, though, which might be both severe and uncomfortable. Such disorders may be controlled with topical and systemic medicines to decrease effects, or by utilizing immune-suppressing narcotics.

Different biological findings suggest vitamin D stimulates the immune response. The reservoir of vitamin D is found in many groups of defensive cells such as leukocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, innate immune cells, especially all B and T cells. The spectrum of vitamin D-driven results is incredibly extensive and includes all the intrinsic and responsive immune defenses.

Initially, by modulating the sensitivity of the antibacterial peptide in neutrophils, and many similar types of cells cell, vitamin D aids the instinctive immunologic framework all through the immediate response towards bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and infections. Furthermore, this important hormone may also control the responsive immune response in a finite way.

The most important regulated consequences of vitamin D for autoimmune disease usually involve the suppression of the activation and propagation of both subgroups, which are assumed to perform a significant part in immunosuppression along with reduced development of inflammation-inducing cytokines, which further changes the reaction of T cells.

Improved recruitment and responsiveness of responsive T cells that have been proven to be central to preserving peripheral resistance; control of dendritic cell-specified antigen exposure and T-cell activity through retaining embryonic dendritic cells; and suppression of B-cell replication and development of immunoglobulins. All of these factors make vitamin D a great treating agent for Lichen Planus.

Areas Affected by Lichen Planus

The common body parts that experience the lesions of lichen planus include the following:

  • Skin

Some of the most prevalent signs are light crimson or violet patches. Such spikes are hard and can either cause minute discomfort or a ton. You might also have a couple or a bunch of them. The grooves may be accompanied by thin silver lines or thicknesses. They could even arise anywhere, but the ones on the hands, wrists, legs, rear, and knees are the most prevalent.

There can be dark, warty spots on the lower leg and ankles. Sometimes, bumps can develop on your body in a region where your skin has gotten bruised or burned. The dark-skinned spots will cover disappearing skin irregularities. Typically, after several months, such patches wither away.

  • Nails

Lichen planus can grow on the nails of your toes and fingers. The lesions could be present on all of your nails or some of them. Shrinking of nails, the formation of grooves, cracking, and lack of nails are symptoms of this disease.

  • Mouth

Within the mouth, lichen planus appears like small white spot pleated parts. Such spots may appear within the jaws or on the palate. They do not trigger some other side effects; rosacea and ulcers may occur in serious situations.

  • Genitals

Lichen planus could further create vibrant red, sore places in your reproductive area.  

  • Scalp

It may cause rashes, pain, and small irregularities on your scalp. In certain situations, hair can tend to get thinner, and loss of hair spots can arise.

Triggering Factors for Lichen Planus

Lichen planus grows as the body accidentally damages the skin or your oral mucosa cells. Healthcare professionals are not confident why it does this. At any time of life, lichen planus could arise in anybody, but there are a few considerations that render specific individuals more inclined to acquire the disorder.

Lichen planus skin type happens similarly in males and females, but females are double as prone to have the oral version of the disease. For infants and elderly people, this is quite unusual. It is most popular among individuals of the middle ages. Certain dangerous considerations involve your close ones who have lichen planus, a lethal infection such as hepatitis C, or exposure to some toxic substances that function as toxins.

Other Treatments for Lichen Planus

You do not require further medication for moderate instances of lichen planus, which typically resolve in weeks or even months. If the side effects are unpleasant or extreme, your health care provider may prescribe drugs. Lichen planus is not completely eliminated, but medicines to relieve the effects are beneficial, and some might also be able to identify a potential root source. Frequently used medicines usually involve:

  • Retinoids are a type of vitamin A and are administered therapeutically or orally.
  • Corticosteroids suppress irritation and can be delivered topically, orally, or intravenously.  
  • Antihistamines decrease inflammatory response and can be especially beneficial if an antigen causes the outbreak.
  • Nonsteroidal balms are distributed therapeutically and are able to weaken the immune response and aid in the removal of the rash.
  • Laser therapy gives UV light to lichen planus, and this proves to be effective.

Treating Lichen Planus at Home

You can effectively treat lichen planus at home by taking the following measurements:

  • Skin Lichen Planus

To cure the lichen planus on skin, you should stay clear of harsh soaps and shampoos and wash your body with simple lukewarm water. If you have to clean your hair with a shampoo, then do that in a drainage sink to avoid the shampoo from touching your irritated skin. You can relieve the flakiness and itchiness of the skin rash by using a mild moisturizer of high-quality.

  • Vulva Lichen Planus

To treat lichen planus on the vulva you should apply Vaseline prior to using the loo and after using it as well. You could also use a pack of frozen vegetables covered in a small towelette to soothe and calm down the irritation and discomfort in the area with lichen planus. You should stay away from tight clothes and wear loose, airy clothes.

  • Mouth Lichen Planus

Lichen planus of the mouth can be particularly painful and make it difficult for you to eat or even drink properly at times. This is why you must make sure to clean your teeth regularly at least two times each day to maintain good oral hygiene.

Try having a bland diet, devoid of any additional spices, as they can increase the oral discomfort. To ensure the complete recovery of your mouth, you should not consume any liquor and stay clear of any mouthwash with alcohol present in it.

Further Complications Caused by Lichen Planus

Lichen planus on the vaginal opening and in the groin may be challenging to control, inducing intense discomfort, and sometimes producing marks. Sexual problems could become a potential problem in the long run. Oral blisters will impact your eating skills.

The infected skin may stay marginally darkened well after the breakout is clearing up, particularly in individuals with brown skin. The OLP raises the possibility of oral cancer.

How to Identify a Lichen Planus Rash?
Lichen planus can be differentiated from other skin conditions of and specific rashes primarily on the grounds of its medical presentation in that the marks are tiny irregularities or clusters of ridges that are plain-topped, smooth, polyhedral, and violet to black in tone. They start to occur in the forearms and knees and toes. Specific pustules consist of thin white spots.

The Right Time to Get Medical Attention

See the physician whether there are minor patches or scar-like lesions on the skin for no obvious cause, such as documented allergy reactions or interaction with stinging nettles.

Also, see your dermatologist if you have any noticeable symptoms related to lichen planus of the throat, sexual organs, gums, or nails. It's ideal for getting a precise information prognosis since a proportion of skin and mucosal situations can lead to injury and distress.

Final Word

Lichen planus is a highly irritable disorder that mostly affects the skin. It is an autoimmune disease that is accompanied by rashes, lesions, scars, and extensive itchiness. While it causes numerous complications, it is not contagious and can occur due to numerous reasons, some of which include Hepatitis C.

However, there are various treatments available to cure this inflammatory disease, which include topical ointments, medication, phototherapy, and vitamin supplementation. Vitamin D supplements are one effective method of treating lichen planus as it triggers the reversal of autoimmune response of the body along with reliving the inflammatory response.


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