What Does DIM Supplement Do?

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What Does DIM Supplement Do?


Cancer seems to be growing day by day, specifically in sex hormone-related forms, including breast and prostate cancer. Many of us have been impacted by cancer in any way, so it is fair to assume that we hope to stop contracting this debilitating illness.


Studies focused on the potency of an organic component in vegetables have shown that it might help reduce the risk of cancer associated with sex hormones. We know how you might be shocked by hearing about vegetables, but not every vegetable has this miraculous compound.


The primary substance that we have been referring to is called diindolylmethane, also known as DIM, and is present in cruciferous vegetables. DIM often offers antioxidant function, encourages weight control, stimulates strength, increases confidence, decreases PMS effects, and helps regulate estrogen control.


However, you will have to eat up to 2 pounds of cruciferous vegetables each day to leverage DIM fully. Fortunately, this nutrient can be obtained in a dietary supplement form. Keep on reading to find out what does DIM do to support your health and well-being.



What Is DIM?

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is the main metabolite of indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a substance with potential anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and chemopreventive properties.

Epidemiologic evidence suggests that high dietary intake of Brassica vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts protects against multiple types of cancer.


Study upon study has proven that more vegetables in our diets reduce our risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, and many other ailments. Many of these plant’s medicinal advantages can be attributed to phytonutrients. Although DIM is just one of these phytonutrients, its functions are particular and special.


This compound supports a beneficial shift in the balance of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, which is strongly associated with lower cancer risk. These unique cancer-fighting benefits were first discovered about 20 years ago when broccoli was added to the diets of study animals.


Benefits of Using DIM Supplement

By know you might have some idea regarding what does DIM supplement do, but to further elaborate its use, following are a few of the well-known benefits of the miraculous DIM Supplement:


  • Protection Against Various Cancer Forms

A trial was made where it was shown people with the accelerated development of cells on the cervical lining that may turn into cervical cancer, oral DIM renewed the defects and decreased medical urgency.


In another female study, it also reduced irregular cell development on the vulva lining. DIM has inhibited cervical cancer cells from increasing cell-based tests, facilitated their death, and improved their exposure to radiotherapy.


  • Breast Cancer Prevention

A meta-analysis of different researches and thousands of women related a lower prevalence of breast cancer to the consumption of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc. This influence may be attributed to the I3C anti-estrogenic influence. DIM and I3C also decreased the likelihood of breast cancer by stimulating a receptor that inhibits the development of active chemicals in the estrogen.


Oral DIM triggered the mutant gene in a clinical study on people with a mutation that raises the likelihood of breast cancer, potentially helping to reduce breast cancer. According to different studies, DIM lowered the production of breast cancer cells by increasing their death and inhibiting tumor progression.


  • Prostate Cancer Prevention

In clinical studies involving over a hundred men with prostate cancer who have undergone tumor reduction, having DIM before surgery has decreased the sensitivity of a gene that stimulates the development of prostate cancer in tumor tissues. It has stopped the production of active hormones in the estrogen. In rodents and cell experiments, DIM stimulated the death of prostate cancer cells and halted their development.

  • Thyroid Cancer Prevention

Women are more likely to develop thyroid cancer because of the responsiveness of thyroid cells to estrogens. DIM stopped the development of active estrogen hormones in a pilot test on a group of people with irregular thyroid cell growth that can evolve into thyroid cancer, also recognized as proliferative thyroid disease.


The promotion of oxidation of estrone to 2-hydroxy estrone made this possible. DIM has deterred the growth of new blood vessels in cells, which are vital to sustaining cancer growth.


  • Liver Cancer Prevention

In numerous studies, the usage of different studies were correlated with a decreased risk of hepatic cancer. DIM stopped cancer cells from expanding and entering other tissues in one experiment in mice with liver cancer.


Taken collectively, very minimal evidence indicates DIM and I3C help to prevent cancer, particularly those that react to estrogen. It is, nevertheless, inadequate to conclude before further research is carried out.


  • Regulation of Estrogen Balance in the Body

DIM promotes stability in both men and women from the developed hormone disparity. It has to do with genetic issues in the metabolism of estrogen, as demonstrated in a family history of breast cancer, and food and chemicals effects on the effective processing of estrogen.

  • Improved Muscle Development and Exercise-Led Adaptation

The helpful hormone improves the production of healthier and more metabolically productive muscles by promoting more effective fat processing and helping to free testosterone from its carrier proteins.


  • Weight Loss Promotion

The equilibrium of healthy estrogen and free testosterone first helps remove accumulated fat and then allows fat-burning hormones to promote weight loss. The usage of DIM has been linked with faster weight reduction in men and women alike.


  • PMS Regulation

Good testosterone levels and the regulation of estrogen in women can help decrease PMS symptoms.

  • Delay in the Onset of Age-Related Ailments

The healthy estrogens demonstrate substantial antioxidant function. This response may explain why a specific age-related disease such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis can be slowed down by estrogen in women.


  • Aiding Perimenopause  

Relatively slow middle-aged hormone metabolism can imply higher than average estrogen levels and a deficiency of healthy estrogen. Declining of the synthesis of estrogen also happens during perimenopause in women. This can be assisted by the hormone consistency and metabolism activities of DIM.


  • Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Men with the maximum amount of estrogen have the highest likelihood of early heart attack. DIM will serve to stabilize the coronary risk of both men and women involved with excessive or sluggish processing of the hormone.


  • Improved Safety of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Long-term usage of HRT has been found to raise the incidence of breast cancer for women. More importantly, a national survey revealed that individuals with a history of heart problems can increase risk of heart attacks in the first year after trying HRT.


  • Respiratory Papillomatosis Prevention

Respiratory papillomatosis is an unusual disorder in which human papillomavirus (HPV) afflicts the respiratory tract and induces wart formation. While not licensed by the FDA, DIM and I3C are widely used as an add-on treatment to avoid the relapse of this disorder.


In a clinical study involving more than 30 patients with this disease, I3C, following the surgical removal involving respiratory papillomatosis, more than half of the people studied had a complete or selective response that decreased the recurrence of papillomatosis and the need for surgery. In the typical follow-up duration of almost 5 years, I3C did not induce any adverse effects.


I3C has been used to treat respiratory papillomatosis. A standard clinical trial and case study is inadequate to maintain this everyday use of DIM and I3C. More extensive and more rigorous clinical studies are expected to confirm these preliminary findings.


Recommended Dosage for DIM Supplement

Usually, DIM is available in 100-200 mg capsules. As you may have detox complications, it is better to continue gradually, with 100 mg a day or every other day until you no longer have signs of detoxification. You can remain at that level, or work up to higher, based on your objectives.


Endurance athletes who use DIM to combat the effects of testosterone intake switching to estrogen tend to take up to 400 mg daily. Cancer patients who use DIM to support their cancer care typically require a larger dosage as well. If you are taking a larger dosage than the label indicates, make sure to be checked by a licensed healthcare practitioner.


Side Effects Of DIM

Bear in mind that, despite the absence of well-designed clinical trials, the health profile of DIM is mostly uncertain. The list of health risks is not conclusive so that you can contact a doctor for any potential side effects depending on safety and any medication or food reactions.


DIM was usually well accepted in clinical studies and had only minor adverse effects such as vomiting, dizziness, stomach issues, and menstrual symptoms. Large doses of DIM (50 mg/kg) weakened the testicles and decreased sperm production in male rats.





Final Word

We have always been told to eat vegetables as they are beneficial for our health, but who would have thought that the leafy greens that we detested as kids, would turn out to have life-saving components in them. We have not only explained what does DIM supplement do, but also proved also enlisted various beneficial health claims that you could try out for yourself as well.







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