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Daniel Fast Benefits; Food List and Recipes

Daniel fast is a strict eating pattern based on the verse of the bible, according to which Prophet Daniel said that he didn’t eat for a whole three weeks until three weeks were fulfilled. 

Fast itself means restraining yourself from eating any food for a specific period. In the bible, fasting for 40 days straight has been mentioned as part of their religious activity while in some other religions like Islam people fast for a whole month and restrain themselves from eating anything for a specific period of the day.   

Daniel fast is little different in its guidelines

Daniel fast includes a whole eating plan in which you can only eat fruits and vegetables, and only take water as a drink. Coffee and tea are not permitted. 

The followers of the Daniel diet exclude all the artificial additives, chemicals and processed food from their diet. All types of meat, snacks, fast food, baking powder, sugar, sweeteners, yeast, loaves of bread must be excluded when you are on Daniel fast. This diet plan can be followed for 10 to 20 days, while some people stick to it for long.  

Is It Healthy?

Firstly, it’s not obliged of how much food you can consume in a day. This diet is all about avoiding processed, high carb food and adding discipline to your diet. As people following this diet plan avoid many kinds of processed carbohydrates, so it helps to reduce weight. Also, fruits and vegetables are healthy for the body, so the diet helps to maintain blood pressure, improves insulin function, and provide enough calories to the body for optimal functioning of the metabolism.

Food list that you can add in daniel fast

  • Vegetables - All types of raw and boiled vegetables can be added. They must not be fried.
  • Fruits - All kinds of fruits are part of the diet plan.
  • Whole grains and legumes - All whole grains, pulses and legumes are part of the diet. This includes corns, peanuts, whole grain pasta, peas, popcorns, chickpeas etc. 
  • Nuts and seeds - All types of nuts and seeds are permitted with no added sugar and processed ingredient in them.

Daniel fast Recipes

Following recipes can be followed when you are on Daniel fast. These are simple and easy to make 

Quinoa chilli

Quinoa chilli is gluten-free, a vegan recipe and is packed with plant-based protein. Add black beans or seeds to increase the flavor. You can serve it with cornbread, or any salad. 

Easy pan dinner

Easy pan dinner includes many roasted colorful vegetables in one plate. You can add any vegetable of your choice in the pan dinner recipe, as they all taste good.

Mexican sweet potatoes 

Roasted Mexican sweet potatoes with a topping of corn, kidney beans, or black bean salsa, is a yummy fast treat. You can also add cilantro sauce to give it a creamier texture. 

Chickpea salad

Add a can of boiled chickpeas, or boil them in home and mix them with cucumber, tomatoes, onion, red pepper and olive oil and your plant-based salad is ready. 

Citrus salad

Citrus salad includes all colorful sour and sweet fruits together in a bowl. Add Navel oranges, lime, apple, sweet blood oranges, and give topping of fresh mint and enjoy the treat. 

Vegan tacos

Lateens, green cabbage, and cilantro sauce filled tacos are full of flavors and taste. Use whole-wheat tortillas for making this recipe. 

Vegan pasta salad

Italian pasta salad having kalamata olives, briny capers and tangy vinaigrette is a great delight. You can also add whole-wheat pasta with romaine lettuce.

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