Dandelion Root Tea

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8 Reasons to Drink Dandelion Root Tea

People are consuming herbs and plant-based products for thousands of years due to their numerous health benefits. Sometimes the most common yard weed comes out to be a miracle substance. Dandelions are one of those herbs that have a lot to offer. This plant has been used in herbal medicines. The roots of dandelion leaves are mostly used to make dandelion tea. The health benefits of dandelions are extraordinary- no matter how you consume them - whether in the form of an infusion made of plant leaves or tea from roasted dandelion roots.

Dandelion tea can be derived from leaves, flowers, and roasted roots of the flower. All of them are safe to consume and provide a variety of health benefits. Dandelions are a rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, C, D, and K. Since long; dandelions have been used for the treatment of swelling, cancer, infections, acne, liver disease, and digestive disorders. Following the eight significant reasons why dandelion root tea is good for health. 

Powerhouse of antioxidants 

One of the significant reasons why dandelion carries so many health benefits is the presence of potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that fight against free radicals. They protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals, reduce the oxidation process, keep the body healthy, and prevent cell aging. 

Fights cancer

Dandelion tea has shown to have different anti-cancer properties. A 2011 Canadian study showed dandelion root to be effective in encouraging cancerous cells death without harming or affecting healthy, non-cancerous cells. 

Dandelion has also shown to be effective against cancerous cells that are resistant to chemotherapy. It has great potential in fighting cancer cells and increasing the effectiveness of other cancer treatments.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Dandelion tea carries potent anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can be a cause of many chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and heart issues. The compounds present in dandelion root tea can be help full in treating inflammation and suppressing the release of pro-inflammatory substances. Researches showed that the people who have recently removed their tonsils recover faster if they drink dandelion soup or tea. 

Fat burner

Dandelion roots contain many bioactive compounds that support healthy weight loss. Dandelions intensify the rate of fat burning and boost metabolism. Dandelion leaves and roots stimulate the liver to burn more fat and heal cells to increase energy level, which helps speed up body metabolism. A fast metabolism is perfect for fat reduction and shedding those extra belly pounds. 

Improve liver function  

Dandelions are a rich source of antioxidants, and therefore drinking dandelion tea protects the body from oxidative stress and liver damage. Dandelion root tea boosts liver function and treats different liver disorders like jaundice. The people taking antidepressant medications are suggested to take dandelion root tea.

Fights urinary tract infection

Being diuretic in nature, dandelion root tea increases the production of urine, which helps in flushing more bladder bacteria. Dandelion root tea helps to prevent kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and bladder stones. 

Diabetes support

Different studies on dandelion have illustrated that dandelion tea lowers the level of blood sugar and treats diabetes. Dandelion contains alpha-glucoside, which is a natural blood sugar controller. People with increased blood sugar should drink dandelion root tea.

Immune booster

Dandling increases red blood cells and white blood cells count in the body. Therefore, it boosts the immunity of the body against many invading pathogens substances and prevents the entry of harmful substances. 

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