Can you take omega 3 krill oil while pregnant

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Can you take omega 3 krill oil while pregnant?

Why is it important to take omega 3 fish oil during pregnancy?

For a balanced production of prostaglandins, adequate intake of omega 3 fats is important. Prostaglandins help regulate various functions, which include nerve clotting, blood pressure, nerve transmission, allergic responses and inflammation. Moreover, it also regulates the functions of the kidneys, GI tract, and other hormones production.

Based on the type of fatty acids, certain prostaglandins can be produced abundantly, while some may not be produced at all. This imbalance can lead to diseases. Hence the role of omega 3 in the production of prostaglandin may make it evident as to why it is beneficial for health, which also includes improving cognitive functions, regulation of inflammation and heart diseases.

Moreover, high doses of omega 3 also prevent psychiatric disorders. However, new studies are still being conducted regarding its benefits on cancer, IBD and other autoimmune diseases, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Benefits and Dosage of Omega 3

Omega 3, a family of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, is an essential nutrient to maintain health and for proper development of the body. However, these are not synthesized by the human body naturally, hence it needs to be taken in the diet or through supplements.

Nevertheless, a typical person’s diet lacks omega 3s. The two most essential omega 3s are DHA and EPA. Despite the fact that these two occur together and work simultaneously in the body, studies show that fatty acids have unique benefits.

EPA aids in supporting the immune system and inflammatory response whereas DHA supports the eyes, brain and CNS. These factors make it extremely important for women to take these supplements when they are pregnant.

Benefits of Omega-3

Omega 3 benefits both early visual and neurological development of babies. Although a standard diet lacks these nutrients. Deficiency of omega 3 makes women become depleted of the essential nutrient, which is very important for the development of the nervous system.

Omega 3s also produce sufficient breast milk after birth and with each pregnancy women get depleted of it. Research has proven that the addition of EPA and DHA supplements to the diet while being pregnant has a positive effect on the cognitive development of the baby. However, it has also been claimed that over dosage can have adverse effects such as allergies in infants.

The effects are positive on pregnancy itself and sufficient intake of EPA and DHA can lower the risk of eclampsia, pre-term delivery, and also increases body weight. Deficiencies may also increase the risk of post-partum depression and mood disorders can become worse.

Food that Contain Omega 3

Natural sources of EPA and DHA are salmon, anchovies, sardines, and herring.  A lot of women who are pregnant usually have concerns about fish contains mercury and other toxins, so, for this purpose, purified krill oil supplements are available. Although consult your doctor before taking any. The safest sources are by trustworthy manufacturers, so do your research before it.


Quality omega 3 supplements are safe to take during pregnancy. Fresh fish may have toxins; hence it is best to avoid them. Since toxins are manufactured during the production of supplements through advanced refinery processes, it is safe to use. However, consulting your GP is best to avoid any side effects.

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