Can Krill Oil Cause Low Blood Pressure

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Can Krill Oil Cause Low Blood Pressure?

Is krill oil good for high blood pressure?

Millions of people suffer with hypertension or high blood pressure worldwide. While there are several medications to control high blood pressure, omega-3 has shown to successfully control blood pressure. Increasing the intake of omega 3 fatty acids is very beneficial to control high blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart diseases.

High blood pressure is one of the most common problems. However, it can be avoided with the right lifestyle, unless it is genetic.

When the LDL levels are high in your blood stream, it can lead to the deposition of plaque in the blood vessels. This plaque build-up narrows the blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood pressure and problems start occurring.

The good cholesterol, also known as HDL, helps in removing these deposits of plaque carrying them to the blood, eventually flushing them out.

Tremendous researches have proven that increasing your intake of omega 3 fatty acids, known as EPA and DHA have a positive impact on the levels of cholesterol. It acts by lowering the level of LDL cholesterol and increasing the HDL levels, which is the good cholesterol.

Krill Oil and Blood Pressure

Krill VS Fish Oil

The foremost thing is to know what the difference between krill and fish omega 3 is. In shirt, kill is a more naturally found source because of the marine food chain. Algae lies at the bottom and it consists of EPA. Krill, which is similar to a shrimp eats the algae and digests the EPA. Eventually synthesizing it into a new form of omega 3, known as DHA. Generally speaking, krill is the main food source for marine animals and it also provides fish EPA and DHA.

Krill is better!

Nutrition Reviews performed n analysis on the value of krill oil in 2007 in contrast to fish oil. The main difference is that the omega 3 found in krill oil is on the form of phospholipids. Whereas, fish oil is in the form of triglycerides. However, the body uses phospholipids, which provides it with building blocks for every cell of the body. Hence, krill oil has a greater bioavailability when it comes to the maintenance of heart health. Moreover, the naturally occurring astaxanthin in krill is a very powerful antioxidant.

Inhibiting High Blood Pressure

Several studies have shown that krill not only helps with heart diseases but also lowers the blood pressure via omega 3s. however, it was questionable as to what the dosage should be, hence a review was done by physicians, through which they concluded that a daily dose of 500 mg combined with DHA and EPA is helpful in the prevention of blood pressure. Although, it is best to seek advice from your GP before starting any supplements.

Krill Peptide

A study conducted in 2009 reported that krill oil significantly lowered blood pressure in rats. Peptide was extracted from the tail oil and fed to the rats. It showed an immediate drop in the blood pressure of the animal. Peptide occurs naturally in krill oil supplements. So, it doesn’t only provide benefits with hypertension but also packs a few peptides.

Side Effects

Patients who are on blood thinners should not take krill oil, as the oil supplement can enhance the effects of the medication. Other medicines that have adverse effects when taken with krill oil are beta blockers, diuretics, and anti-inflammatories. Consult your doctor before taking any krill oil supplements. Side effects are flu like symptoms, tachycardia, bradycardia, rash and fish burps. Moreover, no evidence proves that it is safe to take during pregnancy. So, it is best to avoid it.

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