Camu Camu Powder Benefits

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Camu Camu Powder Benefits


If some product is called a superfood, used in probiotic diets, used in certain cosmetic products, and comes with a pleasant label, you know it's worth reviewing. The same is the case with camu camu.


It is a cherished berry for its potent antioxidant capacity and its ability to make its way into everything, ranging from smoothie bowls to skincare products. Camu Camu is an Amazonian flowering plant indigenous to areas such as Brazil and Peru, which produces this fruit that looks remarkably like berries.


Like many superfruits, the camu camu fruit tastes a bit sour when fully ripe, but is more pleasant when dried and finely ground into powdered form. A ton of people purchase the harvested camu camu powder for blending into milkshakes and yogurt; it can also be consumed as a supplement.

Health Benefits of Camu Camu Powder

The following are a few of the many health benefits provided by this superfood:

  1. Supports Cancer Prevention

Camu camu consists of healthy antioxidants. Along with vitamin C, camu camu produces polyphenols like ellagic acid, ellagitannin, and proanthocyanidins. Such bioactive compounds try to fend off free radicals that inflict DNA harm due to cancer.


  1. Promotes Heart Health

Other than their antioxidant activity, camu camu polyphenols are often anti-inflammatory. In the overwhelming number of heart failure instances, inflammation is a significant contributing factor for cardiac attacks and strokes.


Camu camu also contains fiber, giving 1 gram per tablespoon in powdered condition.  The capacity of fiber to help reduce cholesterol renders it an essential food for the protection of the skin. Much like other fruits and vegetables, camu camu certainly fits into a proper dietary plan.


  1. Weight Loss

Although more human research is needed, initial studies in mice hold the promise for camu camu in the therapy of obesity. The rats fed camu camu removed considerably more fat through their liver and droppings than those in the comparison group.

As a consequence, body fat and, more particularly, visceral fat has been reduced. This research indicates that camu camu could be further explored as a nutritional help for weight loss.

  1. Reverses Sun Damage

UV light exposure results in collagen disintegration, resulting in age spots, sun damage, and melanoma. In addition to the increased rate of vitamin C, which is a catalyst to the production of collagen, camu camu comprises a phenolic enzyme called quercetin. Quercetin functions as an antioxidant.


Quercetin affects explicitly the facial skin and combats the symptoms of sun exposure. Although there is no replacement for the sun's appropriate protection, such as donning a sunblock and restricting your exposure during peak hours, camu camu may increase your skin 's innate resistance to the sun.


  1. Improves Cognitive Abilities

The antioxidant properties of quercetin were also found to be positive in the combat against Alzheimer's disease. Experimental studies have demonstrated the beneficial impact of oral quercetin on executive performance and cognition. Many other fruits and vegetables offer quercetin and other antioxidants, so camu camu is just one method to gain that advantage.



















Final Word

Camu camu is a miraculous fruit that has numerous health benefits, so add it to your regular diet and make the most of its ‘fruitful’ effects.  



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