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Are Brussels Sprouts Healthy? – Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

For a lot of people, healthy eating is quite a challenge, due largely to the fact that people associate healthy eating solely with salads and bland and tasteless meals.

In reality, there are a wide variety of healthy foods out there that are vastly underrated and are just waiting to be discovered.

Brussels sprouts for example, not only taste great, but are also very, very good for you and they are certainly NOT a food that can only be enjoyed around the holidays.

Brussels sprouts are a member of the Brassica family and are closely related to cabbages.

Brussels sprouts taste great, they’re high in nutrients, they can improve digestion, protect against illness and disease, reduce inflammation, promote cardiovascular health, regulate blood sugar levels, and plenty more besides.

But are Brussels sprouts healthy, and if so, what makes them so beneficial?

Brussels sprouts are rich in antioxidants

One of the primary reasons why Brussels sprouts are considered to be so healthy is because they pack an impressive antioxidant punch.

Brussels are antioxidant powerhouses which means that they are very beneficial when it comes to protecting the cells.

Antioxidants help to destroy toxins and free radicals which attack the body on a cellular level and cause damage to the cells via a process known as oxidation.

Oxidation can cause oxidative stress and damage to the cells that can damage them, destroy them, or cause them to mutate and potentially turn cancerous.

Antioxidants, though, protect the cells from oxidative stress and damage by eradicating free radicals before they have chance to strike.

The antioxidants, including kaempferol, are therefore very beneficial when it comes to looking after your cells.

Great source of vitamin K

Vitamin K is an incredibly beneficial vitamin, yet it is one which many people are deficient in as they don’t get enough in their diets.

Vitamin K plays numerous roles in various physiological processes within the body, though it is best known for its benefits for the blood and the bones.

You see, this vitamin is essential for the coagulation of the blood and for the strengthening and development of strong and healthy bones.

In fact, vitamin K plays a key role in the prevention of osteoporosis, which is yet another reason to add more Brussels sprouts into your diet.

Half a cup of cooked Brussels spouts provides 137% of your minimum recommended daily intake for vitamin K.

Regulates blood glucose levels

Having unstable blood sugar levels can affect your hormones, your mood, your circulation, and it can put you at risk of diabetes.

Experts have found that Brussels and other cruciferous veggies, can play vital roles in the regulation of healthy blood sugar levels. This is largely due to the fact that they’re rich in fiber, which helps prevent spikes in blood glucose levels.

You see, the fiber slowly makes its way through your body undigested, and so it slows the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, Brussels are also rich in ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) which is an antioxidant that has been found to keep blood glucose levels and insulin levels stable.

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