Black Pepper a Healthy Spice

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Black Pepper a Healthy Spice

The king of all spices, black pepper has been used widely in various countries. It has been stocked with countless health benefits as well as it gives a fine taste to different foods. Black pepper comes from the peppercorn plant that is a flowering vine related to the family of Piperaceae. Piper nigrum is the plant of this family, and these tiny black balls come from this plant by drying its berries. It has been used as a medicine of ayurvedic.

Nutrition Information about black pepper

Black peppers are full of nutrition that is extremely helpful for the overall health of the body. But still, you cannot consume this spice too much. The average daily usage recommended is almost 100 g and in raw form. The following information is for per 100 g of black pepper serving.

Nutrition value per 100 g



Percentage of RDA


26.0 g



64.81 g



10.95 g


Total Fat

3.26 g



255.0 Kcal





Vitamin A

299.0 IU


Vitamin E

4.560 mg


Vitamin K

163.70 mcg


Vitamin C

21.0 mg



11.30 mg



0.109 mg



0.340 mg


Folic acid

10.00 μg



0.240 mg



1.142 mg






1259.00 mg



44.00 mg






1.420 mg



1.1270 mg



173.00 mg



28.860 mg



5.6250 mg



194.00 mg



437.00 mg






6.00 mcg



48.00 mcg



205.00 mcg



156.00 μg


Benefits of Black Pepper

This spice is having some excellent benefits for the health, and after knowing them, we can understand its privilege given to it as king of all spices. Let us have a deep understanding of the benefits it offers to health.

Helps in Digestion

For the digestion of protein, our stomach needs to have HCL (hydrochloric acid); this acid is released in good quality when you take black peppers. This production of HCL is responsible for cleansing the large and small intestines, and all toxins will be removed from the body. It is always preferable to add raw black peppers to the food so that you can avoid many gastrointestinal diseases and for good digestion as well.

Helps in Cancer Recovery

When black pepper is mixed with turmeric, it will produce wonders for the prevention of cancer. The best way to use the mixture is to add both of these spices in milk. This drink will be containing carotenoids, antioxidants, and vitamin A, and all these vital materials are always helpful in curing cancer.

Helps in Constipation

An average healthy person needs to have almost three stools in a week. If you are not getting this much stool, then you are having a problem of constipation, and it needs to be cured. Black peppers are the best remedy for this problem. The problem of constipation may lead to some serious diseases like colon cancer and some fungal and bacterial infections. Adding black peppers to daily food will prevent these problems. 

Weight loss

Black peppers, when consumed by adding them in green tea, then this combination is extremely effective for weight loss. You need to drink this herbal tea at least thrice a day to get better results. The phytonutrients of black peppers are significantly helpful in weight loss as they increase the metabolism rate and help in digesting extra fat of the boy.

It can be used for better skin

If you are having white spots on your skin, then you are having a vitiligo problem. This problem can be eradicated using black peppers. They guard your skin against getting pigmentation of any kind and gives you the real skin color that you have. Black peppers are also used as an anti-aging agent. The problem of black spots can also be curbed by using black peppers in the raw form. Expending this flavor in the crude or cooked structure is both sufficient for your everyday diet that will profit your body and, above all, revive your skin. On the off chance that you are experiencing skin break out, at that point, you have to attempt dark pepper as this will enable your skin to flush away the intoxicants in it and smoothen it. You should simply smash some dark pepper and apply it over your skin, and you will discover the distinction.


Depression is the most common problem of modern man. Even though we have a lot of medicines that can be found over the shelf but still this problem haunts us. Black peppers can be used at the time of depression because chewing black peppers at the time of depression will produce some hormones. These hormones are in the form of juice and are responsible for your mood change. After certain time you will feel calm, and depression vanishes.

For Healthy Hairs

For healthy hairs, add a pinch of black pepper powder to curd and apply this mixture on your head. This will solve the problem of dandruff if you apply this for at least thirty minutes. It should be kept in mind that you only need to add an exceedingly small quantity of black peppers. If you added more than a pinch, then it will create itching problems on the skin. Moreover, after applying this mixture, do not use shampoo for one day. And if you want to have shiny and smooth hairs, then do add some lemon juice to this mixture and apply it.

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Benefit your Respiratory system

Black pepper is amazingly effective in cough and cold, especially in kids. You can add black pepper powder to green tea and give it to the patient. If you want to treat kids, then take a glass of milk and add turmeric powder and black pepper powder. If raw whole black pepper is chewed with honey, then it will help in the respiratory system, especially during cough. Black pepper powder can be taken for the problem of chest congestion, which is a common problem in winters.

Helps in detoxication

A person is having good health if he has to sweat and urinating throughout the day. Black peppers are extremely good to make you sweat and urinate all day. Additionally, you must consider how you have to consume fat genuinely, instead of just expending dark pepper. A few people accept that dark pepper can be just expended, and it will help get thinner. Yet, you might not be right in the event that you just focus on expending it instead of following some straightforward activities, for example, strolling and running.

Treating Joint Aches

Black peppers are exceptionally good for joint pains. If a person is having spinal pain, it is a good recommendation to use black pepper in food on a daily basis.

Best ways to use black peppers while cooking

This was the motivation behind why most voyagers everywhere on over the world came to the subcontinent. This flavor can be added to practically any appetizing. May it be hot or chilly, this zest can be sprinkled over these dishes to zest it up. Let us share some tips to use black peppers while cooking so that they can give you maximum benefit.

  • Sprinkling black pepper powder to omelet will increase its taste and aroma.
  • Black peppers are best used on green salads. It will make your salad easy to eat as the taste will be enhanced.
  • Enhance the taste of burger and sausages by using a pinch of black pepper powder; it will make your burger a little safe to eat.
  • If black peppers are added to soups and curries, it will increase the health nutrient, and your cough problem can be solved. Moreover, in winter, it will make you warm if you add it to the soup.
  • It can be used for enhancing the taste of pineapple and strawberries.
  • Adding black pepper powder to food that is rich with carbohydrates will make that food a little safe, and it can be digested easily.

Side Effects

Excess of anything is bad. Although black peppers are beneficial for the overall health of the body, yet if you use it in excess, it will create problems like:

  • Lungs problems.
  • Stomach burns.
  • There are some cases that black peppers show some side effects while using some medicines. These side effects include some allergies and irritation to pregnant women.
  • Black pepper powder is extremely dangerous for eyes if it enters, then wash your eyes with cold water.

Final Words

King of all spices gives you plenty of health benefits, especially related to digestion and curing problems of respiration and skin. The most important constituent of black pepper is piperine, which is helpful in the absorption of all those compounds that are beneficial to the body and hence make it healthy. Dark pepper is commonly viewed as protected in cooking and as an enhancement; however, may fundamentally expand the assimilation of certain medications and ought to be utilized with alert in these cases. In any case, for the vast majority, spicing up your eating regimen with dark pepper is a simple method to add flavor to your dinners and receive some wellbeing rewards.




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