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The prevalence of obesity has continuously increased worldwide over the last few decades. Obesity is a problem not only in terms of appearance but also as a trigger for the growth and development of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, and certain cancers. Obesity is mainly associated with an impaired energy balance, the difference between energy intake and energy expenditure. However, changes in energy balance alone cannot explain the increased incidence of obesity. The intestinal microbiota are shown to be a possible determinant of obesity in recent studies in humans and animals.

In the physiological regulation of metabolic functions in the host, the intestinal microbiota plays a key role.

Some intestinal microbiota members influence metabolic disorders, including obesity, as animal and human studies have verified.

Diet is heavily influenced by the gut microbial composition and affects intestinal function. Diet-induced weight loss and bariatric surgery result in significant changes in the gut microbial composition and can affect the success of weight control in the long term. Recently, Le Chatelier et al. reported that obese subjects exhibited qualitative changes in the gut microbiota, namely, an increase in the phyla.

Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes; a decrease in Akkermansiamuciniphila (anti-inflammatory bacteria); and an increase in pathogens, such as Campylobacter and Shigella. These changes in the gut microbiota reduce the production of butyrate to decrease intestinal barrier integrity and increase mucus degradation and oxidative stress. The increased levels of Bacteroidesfragilis,Clostridium leptum, and Bifidobacteriumcatenulatum and decreased levels of Clostridium coccoides, Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium after dietary interventions are strongly associated with a significant weight loss, independent of total food intake. Microbiota shifts thus play a key role in ensuring the success of obesity therapies.

The Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization describe probiotics as "living microorganisms that, if properly administered, have positive health effects on the host." Many beneficial effects on metabolic syndrome, including weight loss, reduced viz. fat, and enhanced glucose have been reported by genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that reside in your large intestines and form your intestines. Up to 300 trillion bacterial cells in your gut and a healthy person can have more than 400 different probiotic species in your body at any given time, along with bad bacteria.

Below are some of the problems which probiotics help with:

Obesity / weight concerns

Infectious intestines (IBS, IBD)

Health of the mind

Diabetic disease

Vitamins A, K, and B1 development (including)

Cardiovascular disease prevention / cholesterol reduction

Disorders of autoimmune

Urinary health/vagina

Health of men

Food and beverages like Milk, Kefir, Miso, and Kimchi are available for probiotics. However, a probiotic supplement is the way to go if this is not realistic enough.

'Prebiotics' are indigestible fibers used for fuel in your food. More popular foodstuffs such as garlic, oats, bananas, and onions are available. Taking both probiotics and prebiotics together is a good idea to produce the best results.

Can probiotics help with weight loss, really?

In 2016 there was a medical study that says obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. In 2014, 11 percent of obesity has emerged globally, which is incredible as people think.

The same article also identified the gut flora as a metabolic pathway between the outside world and the body, as dreary as this may sound. The proper control of the good bacteria in your gut will reduce weight gain causes.

Here are some species and probiotic strains, and how each of them can benefit you:


It generates a lactase, which is a lactose breakdown enzyme in your intestine (the sugar in the milk). Research shows that Lactobacillus prevents harmful bacteria from forming an acidic atmosphere in the intestine. They ferment carbohydrates into lactic acid that helps absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Beneficial Lactobacillus strains:

Plantarum– Produces linoleic conjugate acid, which, while not limiting calories (tested on mice), is an acidification of the fat.

Rhamnosus- Kick begins weight loss and fat mass (source)

Salivarius – Eliminates the bacteria usually found in obese people and replaces them with normal bacteria with a moderate weight range.

Paracasei — Reduces fat and cell size absorption (source)

Gasseri – Fat and total weight of the chest, hip, and waist (source)


These probiotics are found in your large bowel. Like Lactobacillus in above, they protect the body against nasty bacteria and produce lactic acid. Studies say that this lactic acid provides energy to support the cells in the intestines. Bifidobacterium also produces energy, digestion, and healthy hair, skin, and bones with B and K vitamins.

Profitable strains of bifidobacterium:

Infantis, bifidum, and longum can decrease glucose levels and minimize insulin resistance (source) by using them together.

Animalis-Decreases the BMI, cholesterol, and inflammation index

Breve– Lower risk of developing diabetes (source), decreases weight, belly fat, cholesterol, and quicking glucose.

Tips and tricks to buy weight loss probiotics

Use this guide to search the hundreds of probiotic items on the market to get you the right probiotic.

CFUs – Start with 10 billion CFU units and work up the better. CFUs are more effective.

Get the strains correct – Using our above guide, you can select the right strains.

Acid-resistant capsules – Stomach acid destroys your probiotics to ensure that the addition is acid-resistant.

Shelf life/cooling – Most probiotics must be cooled to keep them cold in-store and as far away as possible from the expiry date.

Vitamins- Get a probiotic, but no unnecessary fillers, with additional vitamins and minerals.

Prebiotics – Your probiotics need food to ensure they survive on prebiotics.

Once a day – try and keep things easy once a day.

Below is a list of the best eleven weight loss probiotics by 2020, without further ado:

Platinum # 1 1MD Absolute Probiotics

Various advantages

1MD's full platinum probiotic contains an immense quantity of CFU 51 billion and 11 separate strains. This means that you can have a wide array of health benefits and better health means weight loss is a real chance.

Take it slow

In the first couple of weeks, some users of this product found gas, bloating, and fast weight loss. If you are your first time, then you may want to begin with and work your way to a less powerful product.

The outcome speaks for itself.

In 2016, 1MD conducted a survey and found that 93 percent of users reported having more energy, and 96 percent had improved digestion when taking this supplement. In the first 90 days of use, the product is also backed by a 100 % money-back guarantee.


Serving 51 billion of CFU

Eleven strains

Vegan, non-GMO, free of gluten, soy, and condoms

Contains fibers of prebiotics

Present money if not reached

Dosage once a day


More costly

Might have acute digestive problems

# 2 Probiotic Hyperbiotics PRO-15


Hyperbiotics has developed "pearls" for those with trouble swallowing big tablets. It has a volume of 15 billion CFUs and 15 distinct strains in the intestines, but usually contains the tablets and the capsules.

The dosage may be altered.

If you need urgent treatment for a serious health condition, use this product to adjust your dosage. But you couls increase the dose up to 2-3 pearls a day if you do not see the results you want to offset your loss of weight.


"Pearls' smaller."

Fifteen pressures

CFU five trillion

Dose once a day

If stated, the dose might be increased to 3 pearls daily.


Not aimed particularly for weight loss

# 3 Scintillating Nutrients: Maktrek 3D Technology Probiotic 40 Million

Stubborn Tummy fat

This Scintillant nutrients manufacturer promises to target your stubborn fat by reducing the quantity of sugars and fats ingested into your body that are fed to bad bacteria.

Only four strains

Scintillant Nutrient claims that the strains have been especially cured and combined to make your system simple, as too many strains can cause stumble problems? This product may only have four strains included in a serving, but that is good reason!


CFU 40,000,000 per day

Immunity, weight loss, and digestion are the key goals

Large lifetime shelf


Two tablets a day

Only four strains

Costly. Expenses

# 4 Probiotic alignment

Technology patented

This remains one of the reasons why the Align probiotics have more than 78 percent (4/5 star) positive consumer reviews on Amazon. Align Probiotics has a unique proprietary strain on bacteria known as Bifidobacterium 35624TM. It's a unique strain developed by a team of gastroenterologists who use medical science many decades ago.

Gastroenterologists' advice

Align Probiotics is now the best-prescribed gastroenterologist probiotic supplement in the USA.


Single 35624TM Bifidobacterium

Promise to relieve symptoms of IBS

Refrigeration is not required


A higher number of CFUs

Lack of variety of strains

Includes milk

# 5 ProbioSlim Probiotics For Weight Loss Supplement

Leaf of green tea

ProbioSlim developed a probiotic which is specifically tailored for weight loss. It added a green tea leaf complex to the mix that controls the appetite and the effect of caffeine to keep focused when necessary.

Fruity probiotics

Fibers from kiwi, fig, and papaya are present in each capsule, giving your probiotics the energy to launch party in your intestines.


Prebiotics based on fruit

Strong green tea leaf


Digestion relieves problems

Aimed at losing weight


Does not help immune function

Only two strains

CFU's are not clear

# 6 Garden of Life Fitbiotic

Aimed at control of weight

The Garden of Life product has been aimed at promoting balanced blood sugar maintenance and helping you to slim down for long, two significant factors.

Type of Powder

If you're not very relaxed, the substance comes in powder form, and with swallowing tablets or capsules, is dissolved in a glass of cold water.


Free of sugar, milk, soy, and gluten

No cooling and high shelf life due to powder shape are important

CFU 50 billion per section


Dose once a day

Aimed at control of weight


Some users may not find the sachet type as convenient

# 7 BioGanix Biopro-50 Ultimate Probiotic Supplement

Vegan product

Being a vegan food ensures that popular allergens such as milk and egg are not included, and hence you would not be likely to respond if this is normally a concern for you. This is 100% vegan, and it does not include gluten.

Customer Audits

Most of the negative reviews on this product say that no change has been made; because of this pattern, the bottles and the quality control of the firm may be inconsistent.


CFU 50 billion 50 billion

Eleven strains

Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety.

Capsule once a day


Many users experienced bloating.

Not aimed particularly for weight loss.

# 8 Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic 50 Billion Extra Care

Feel good, feel lighter

From their positive feedback on this medication, customers reported improvements with anxiety, IBS, reflux, and many more. CFU 50 billion and 12 various probiotic strains work together to help you restore your gut's health and feel healthier in that way.

Trigger lagging

These capsules are made of technology that can only release them when they are already in your digestive tract, ensuring that your stomach acid will not consume them.

# 9 BioSchwartz Advanced Strength Probiotic

Ensured power

Don't think much about cooling your probiotics or scouring the pharmacy shelves in order to make sure that the flask has expired. BioSchwartz is confident it will be live, ready, and as strong as new to you.

Great price!

The price is excellent with a monthly supply amounting to just under $20, and with a strong emphasis on immune and dignified health and 40 trillion CFU to achieve this.


CFU 40,000,000 per day

Checked by a third party

No refrigeration.

Guaranteed potency until expiry

Includes prebiotic


Dose 2 times a day

The pressure doesn't seem too obvious-it seems to be 5

Not for weight loss

# 10 Dr. Tobias Deep Immune Probiotics plus Ultimate Prebiotic

Includes spore formation strain

This probiotic from Dr. Tobias contains a really cool probiotic spore strain, DE111, which grows spores in your gut, to protect your probiotic capsules.

Said to work in hours

This product is produced and intended to start work within a few hours, considering the small amount of CFU's. This could come about because of the above-noted DE111 strain.


Time-release capsules, vegetarian


Includes prebiotic

No cooling required

Contains a strain that prevents other strains for efficient intestinal delivery


Just CFU 4.4 billion and four strains

Not for weight loss

Dose 2 times a day

# 11 BioSchwartz 15 Day Fast Acting Colon Detox and Cleanser

Detox and purify for 15 days

Looking for an initial kick-start for your weight loss? Well, BioSchwartz has produced another excellent product. This time, it is aimed at slimming down and reducing stubborn belly fat by colon clearing.

All organic

There will be no harmful fillers, contaminants, or allergens to make this product totally safe. It has aloes, ginger, rhubarb, flaxseed, etc. to help your weights loss, as intended by Mother Nature.


Natural materials

Dose once a day

Extra power for a planned loss of weight

Help for stomach disorders

No fillers

Great price!


Some users reported weak diarrhea (a colon purification characteristic)

Long list of side effects likely

Would I immediately notice any changes?

In a few hours after taking your probiotic, you may experience better signs of poor digestion, such as bloating, cramping, and gas. However, after approximately two weeks, further significant findings such as incremental weight loss are felt – be patient – worth it!

The cause may be lack of exercise, poor nutrition, poor probiotic supplements, wrong pressures, and drugs that make the body acidic if you see probiotics still not functioning.

What's the safest time to take weight loss probiotics?

Probiotics should be taken either before or with a meal to protect your friendly bacteria from your stomach acid, as stated in this medical report.

What food should I eat with my probiotic?

For weight loss, take your probiotic with your breakfast, so you have a full day of digestion and fat burning.

How long do I take my supplement with probiotics?

You must still take your probiotic each day. This will hold the good bacteria in your stomach and give you the best chance to lose weight – along with, of course, your balanced lifestyle.

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