Are Apricots Good For You?

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So, are apricots good for you?

Apricots are good for you because they have low fat, and contain plenty of fiber, not only that, but they also have lots of vitamins. Even better is the fact that you can eat one raw apricot, and all that delicious sweetness will only contain 60 calories. Quite simply, Apricots have it all! 

Apricots came from China and gradually spread around the world from there. The Spanish brought the fruit to the Americas, and Catholic missions would plant apricot trees in their gardens. These days over 90% of apricots are grown in California, and they are exported globally.


The Health Benefits of Apricots

Vitamin A

Apricots are just brimming with vitamin A, which is said to be good for your eyesight. Vitamin A is a significant vitamin and is critical for:

  • · Your vision
  • · Your immune system
  • · Your reproduction
  • · Your Skin
  • · Your Teeth
  • · Skeletal and soft tissue

There are ongoing studies that look at a possible role of vitamin A in cancer and age-related ocular disorders. There is a recommendation that women should intake 700 mg of Vitamin A, and that men should aim for 900 mg.[i]


Another good thing about apricots is that they have lots of potassium in them. Of course, this means nothing to you if you have no idea what potassium does. Well, potassium helps to sort out the correct fluid balance in your body and also is involved in the following:

  • · Muscle function.
  • · Potassium helps regulate your heartbeat.
  • · Ensuring you have a healthy digestive system.
  • · It s very connected with blood pressure and
  • · Potassium reduces the chance of a stroke.

Finally, we look at the fiver content of each apricot, and we see that four and a half fruits will produce nearly 80 calories and 3,3 grams of fiber.

Put this all together, and we see that in answer to our question are apricots good for you? We have to answer a resounding, yes!


How About Dried Apricots?

People often ask whether dried apricots are good for you. There is a suspicion that because they have been dried, all the goodness has gone. Be reassured that dried apricots are excellent food and very good for you.

Fresh apricots are full of water. The process of drying is designed so that this moisture is removed without any loss of goodness. Dried apricots have the same nutritional benefits as fresh ones. They are rich in:

  • · Vitamin C
  • · Iron
  • · Potassium
  • · Calcium
  • · Phosphorous

All of these substances assist in keeping your body free of disease.

How Dried Apricots Keep Your Body healthy

Dried apricots have many features that help to keep your body healthy

Dietary Fiber

Dried apricots are full of dietary fiber and will provide 19% of your daily requirements with as little as half a cup of dried apricots. They also form into a gel in the digestive system and bind with fats, which helps to dispose of them.


Anti Anaemia

You can get at least 10% of your daily iron needs from just one serving of dried apricots.


Lots of Antioxidants

Dried apricots are one of the most rich dried foods. Vitamin A is critical in maintaining a robust immune system.

Free Radicals are a by-product of your body and responsible for aging and similar damage to the DNA. Antioxidants fight these Free Radicals and therefore help to prevent Alzheimer's, heart disease, and cancer.

Healthy Bones and Strong Bones

Dried apricots are loaded with calcium, which, as you know, is vital for healthy bones. The calcium, together with the phosphorous, and magnesium work together to fight off brittle bones and osteoporosis.

A Healthy Heart

Are apricots good for your heart? Yes, this is one of the most crucial pro apricot points. Dried apricots can help to prevent many heart diseases that we face today. Reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good ones, apricots are just great for your heart. They are also pretty good at keeping blood pressure low as well.

I could go on to talk about the benefits for asthmatics and how they promote blood clotting after an injury. They are also an ancient remedy for infertility and a great snack during pregnancy, and finally, they are great for your digestion. Are apricots good for you? I think it is abundantly clear that they are; it seems downright dangerous not to be eating them.[ii]


Some Apricot Trivia For You

Apricots are members of the Rose Family

Yes, incredible as it seems, apricots are a member of the rose family, together with apples, cherries, peaches, pears, and strawberries. They are all members of the rose family, which has something like 4.828 known species.

Putting an apricot in the fridge will delay ripening

If you want your nearly ripe apricots to ripen, leave them out at room temperature. If not, then leave them in the fridge.

One apricot tree will keep producing for years

If you have an apricot tree in your garden, it will keep producing fruit for many years (around 25 years is average)

Apricots are not a new fruit

The Chinese have been enjoying the benefits of apricots fo something like 4,000 years. Apricots originated in China and spread out from there.

Apricots are free of nasty stuff

You will not find saturated fats, cholesterol, or sodium in apricots. You can eat them and still feel guilt-free.


Final Thoughts

Looking back at this article, I feel like I am comparing the apricot with some new medical discovery that cures cancer, Alzheimer's, and toothache all in one go. It sounds so beautiful, prevention for so many different ailments yet still tasting absolutely delicious. It is a natural medicine that helps keep the body balanced and running well. However, it will not cure these diseases, nor will it undo much of the damage that we inflict upon ourselves. Apricots are there to stop us from getting sick in the first place.


You can enjoy this remarkable fruit in many different ways, the juice, as a tasty fresh snack, and as a dried food to munch when you need a boost. Just remember the dried apricots are heavy on the sugar and are not good for your teeth, so remember to brush afterward..





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