How to Lose Face Fat

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How to Lose Face Fat

The human body stores fat in different areas but there are some parts of the body that have more tendency to store extra fat. Apart from belly fat, face fat is probably the most stubborn fat that comes as part of the package when a person gains weight. In fact, face fat isn’t just an issue for obese or overweight people, sometimes even lean people end up having a chubby face due to some medical condition such as a hormonal imbalance, thyroid diseases or as a result of pregnancy. Not so pleasing, right. It not only looks displeasing but also impacts a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Above all, the extra fat on the face is as unhealthy as it is when it stores in any other part of the body.

Considering the prevalence of extra fat on the face, we have gathered in this article some natural home remedies that are likely to help you get rid of excessive face fat. It is totally up to you to choose the way that suits you best however, make sure that you are consistent in your efforts, only then shall you see the results.

Effective Natural Ways to Lose Face Fat

We know face fat is stubborn and it won’t budge unless you really do something about it, the following methods can be done in isolation or as a combination, depending on your convenience and preference. However, perseverance is the key if you really want to get rid of your chipmunk cheeks!

  • Boost Your Exercise Routine

We already know it goes without saying; exercise helps your whole body get into shape and that includes your face. If you are someone who is generally overweight, it is highly possible that you will lose face fat along with the rest of your body. However, in case you need some extra push, a great addition in your exercise regime would be to amplify your heart rate and the best way to do that is of course, through cardio exercises. A HIIT workout would be ideal to start with or even swimming if it is feasible, or even going for a brisk walk for at least half an hour to 45 minutes is great. The only key here is to start doing it and stick to the routine for at least as long as you begin to see visible changes in your face.

  • Lesser the Salt, Slimmer the Face

This one sounds a bit strange at first, we must admit. You must be wondering, how come the consumption of salt is related to losing face fat? Well, there is evidence-based scientific explanation to this. Sodium chloride aka salt is a part of literally everything that we eat, from morning to evening. It is a necessary element that not only gives taste to our foods but is also essential for the regulation of hydration levels in the body along with assisting the nerves and muscle activity. Therefore, the importance of salt cannot be undermined nor is it possible to completely cut off salt from your diet. However, it is very much possible to regulate your salt intake and according to CDC (Centers for Diseases Control), a healthy eating pattern includes less than 2,300 mg of salt on a daily basis. And if you wish to reduce face fat, reducing salt intake is certainly going to help because an excess of sodium chloride causes bloating in the body and face alike.

  • Increase the Intake of Vegetables and Whole Grains

It is no secret that vegetables are an extremely essential part of our everyday balanced diet. The more veggies you consume, the more likely you are to stay healthy. Similarly, when it comes to losing face fat, there is no quick fix that will give you a slimmer face. However, if you incorporate sufficient vegetables into your everyday diet, the leafy greens would not only benefit your overall health but the fiber is going to provide you with energy that your body needs, without causing bloating. Just like vegetables, whole grains also provide the exact amount of energy your body needs to function, and also helps in losing fat from the face just like it does with the other parts of the body.

  • Practice Facial Exercises and Yoga

There are people who find it relatively hard to stick to a certain kind of diet and focus more on working out. We may say that exercise is their thing while diet isn’t. Although a healthy and lean body is always a result of the combination of a well-balanced diet and exercise, if you are one of those people who prefer working out over going hard on your diet, a great way to lose face fat is through yoga and facial exercises. There are plenty of yoga asanas that you can practice at home and facial exercises that do not require any special equipment. And here is the best thing about facial exercise and yoga; it would not only tighten your face muscles and give you a younger, fuller face but also brighten your complexion. Facial exercises keep the blood circulating through the face, which is why it is such an effective method of losing face fat while achieving a radiant skin.

  • Cut Down on Sugar

The impact on sugar on the human body is far reaching and we have known that for a while now. Numerous studies have time and again shown that sugar is no good for human health. Sugar is one of the greatest causes of obesity, it affects your skin, a major cause of diabetes and what not. Even if you are not medically sick, any health care professional would tell you to stay as away from sugar as possible. When we talk about face fat, sugar is not an exception in this case either. When you cut down on sugar, you start feeling less bloated as an instant effect of sugar detox. In addition to that, an excessive use of sugar can cause sagging of the skin and wrinkles, something nobody wants especially if it’s untimely. Therefore, your face fat loss regimen has to include a cutdown on sugar along with any other measures that you are taking because it certainly is going to make a significant difference once you consume less sugar, not only to your face but your body as well.

  • Avoid Alcohol

We could not stress enough on this one. Alcohol causes inflammation and that shows on your face, as much as your body. Also, it is high in calories and is usually combined with sugary ingredients which can cause bloating, gas and swelling. Not only that, alcohol is also a cause of dehydration and hence, it is directly linked with fluid retention that leads to puffiness. Every doctor and health care professional is going to advise you to cut down on your alcohol consumption not only if you want to lose weight but also if you wish to lead a healthy life. Alcohol does more harm than good and those of you who are wishing for a chiseled face, make sure you stay away from booze.

  • Water is Your Best Friend!

Water, water, water. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water every single day. I think this has become a cliché but the importance of water cannot be stressed enough because honestly, we still don’t drink enough water. The truth however is that water is your best friend when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, achieving radiant youthful or losing face fat.

Do not forget that some facial fat is genetic and there is not much you can do about it, which is perfectly fine. All you need to do is work on things you can change and make peace with what is out of your bounds. In short, get good sleep, maintain a well-balanced nutritious diet, amp up your workout, cut down on unnecessary food and junk and you are on your way to getting a well-defined face with no extra fat.

Final Verdict

No matter how stubborn the face fat is, it is always possible to work around it only if you have the patience and persistence for the desired results. The first thing is to figure out the cause of your face fat. It could be pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body, thyroid disease or any other health condition that is responsible for extra fat on the face. Once you are acquainted with the cause of your face fat, it will be easier to choose from the methods explained above.

We would suggest going with a combination of different methods as they include an amalgamation of eating habits, exercise routine and lifestyle changes. Once you get into the process mindfully, it is going to take a few weeks before you start seeing the difference in your face fat. Lastly, do not forget to go easy on yourself and if your face fat is genetic, just know that you are amazing just the way you are!


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