Is Fatigue A Sign Of High Blood Pressure?

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Is fatigue a sign of high blood pressure?

Does high blood pressure causes fatigue? Yes, High blood pressure (also known as HTN) is often called the ‘silent killer’ because, in most cases, it doesn’t have any apparent symptoms. There are some indicators of high blood pressure like fatigue and chest pain.

As a result of many factors including the effects of condition like medication management and life style choices high blood pressure causes fatigue. High blood pressure causes tiredness as a result of elevated pressure on vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.

In this article we will discuss on unfortunate condition in which high blood pressure can cause fatigue. All the symptoms will be mentioned why does high blood pressure causes fatigue??? Moreover how this fatigue should be treated.

Often though, medication act a larger role in causal to fatigue than the actual condition does. Tiredness is often a common side effect of many medications used to lower blood pressure. In case of diuretics the body could be easily become depleted of necessary electrolytes. Blood pressure medications may slow the pumping action of heart.

The body reacts to this by producing less energy and after it results in increased tiredness and fatigue. Unexplained tiredness that doesn’t appear to have a cause can be a result of hyper tension.(1)

Occurrence of fatigue was maximum in normotensives (17.01%) as compared with untreated (12.0%) and treated hypertensive’s (15.8%).However, in contrast to headache and dizziness, the incidence of tiredness was obviously lower in patients along strict hypertension as compared with normotensives. (2)

Hypertension is less often linked with tiredness although there is some confirmation that hypertensive subjects suffer more fatigue-related symptoms. Anti hypertensive therapy in secondary prevention of cerebrovascular disease has good evidence in its effectiveness.

There is a great chance in reduction blood pressure in patients who have suffered stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) with recent guidelines advocating lowering BP in ‘normotensive’ patients. In light of the high prevalence of fatigue and hypertension in stroke patients and there is an emphasis on BP lowering to reduce risk of recurrent events.

We hypothesize that in association between post-stroke fatigue and abnormalities in BP, so we perform a study to resolve if a connection exist between hypertensive or hypotensive BP change on 24-h ambulatory BP monitor performed as part of evaluation for resulting anticipation and tiredness attain performed at the similar occasion. (3)

However, if there are symptoms, they may take in some symptoms like a headache, fatigue, blurred vision, nosebleeds(4) If  blood pressure is tremendously high, there may be certain symptoms to look out for, including severe headache, Fatigue or confusion, Vision problems, Chest pain. (5)

There are not any vivid symptoms of high blood pressure, but there are symptoms that may be indirectly related to high blood pressure. This doesn’t mean they cause by high blood pressure, though, so until the end of time go to the significant healthcare professional instead of self-treating.

For example, there is a side effect of high blood pressure medication that is called dizziness and is not caused by your blood pressure itself. (6)

There is a relationship between Fatigue and Cardiac Functioning .even though characteristics such as heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) are normally reported in studies of the relationship between fatigue and cardiac functioning, few studies look at how cardiac function parameter such as cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) relate to fatigue.

This study showed the affiliation between self-reported fatigue and hemodynamic functioning at rest and in answer to a public verbal communication stressor in healthy individual .Fatigue is one of the most commonly encountered complaints in medical practice. It is characterized by a pointed capability or enthusiasm for work and is usually accompanied through approach of exhaustion and tiredness.

Fatigue is an unfocused indication in association with many medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, celiac disease, anemia, influenza, heart failure, and sleep apnea. It is the defining symptom in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and is one of the most stressful symptoms in association with chemotherapy.

Fatigue is also a general complaint of loads of veterans of the Gulf War of the 1990s. In most instances, the accurate mechanism of fatigue is not well unspoken. Known the symptoms associated with fatigue, it is natural to wonder if cardiac function is altered in the presence of high fatigue levels from whatsoever cause.

Unluckily, studies examining the relationships between cardiac function and fatigue are rare. Although some studies put forward that excessive fatigue may be an early demonstration of heart failure. In a study examining hemodynamic functioning in patients with CFS, it was found that patients with severe CFS had appreciably lower stroke volume (SV) and cardiac output (CO) as compared to the controls and a reduced amount of ill patients.

As an alternative of studying cardiac function in a straight line, most studies of fatigue and cardiovascular physiology focus on more willingly quantifiable variables such as HR, HR variability, and BP. (7)

If you have high blood pressure and knowledge the sudden onset of any of the following symptoms which may signal a blood pressure point or other severe condition — seek medical awareness right away: Anxiety, fatigue, confusion or restlessness. (8)

However, police officers have been reported to exhibit an elevated numbers of pathologies, which present in advance in an otherwise healthy population. Shift work has also been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and sleeps disorders, attributable to its tendency for circadian rhythm dysfunction.

However, argument exists as to whether shift work has a direct effect upon blood pressure (BP) parameter. (9)













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