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In this article, we will learn about epilepsy, which is one of the most common neurological disorders that affect people of all ages as a result of an imbalance in the transmission of electrical signals inside the brain. We will also discuss its symptoms, causes, and how to treat it. If you are interested in knowing more, continue to get more.

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a deficiency in electrical badge transmission within the brain. While the common assumption is that epilepsy often triggers a fit of involuntary movement and loss of consciousness, epilepsy occurs in very different forms in fact. Cases, where signs are known as seizures often appear, are implicit, leading to strange feelings, increased sensitivity, and irregular behavior. Some people with epilepsy stare into space for a while when they have a seizure, while others suffer from severe seizures and cramps.

Symptoms of epilepsy including:

Epileptic seizures occur in two types, each with different symptoms. It can be identified in children or adults, and is as follows:

 Partial fatalities:

  • Partial seizures are straightforward and do not cause unconsciousness, but in addition to causing dizziness and tingling in the extremities, they cause a change in the senses such as a sensation of taste, hearing, sight, or smell.
  • Partial complex seizures trigger unconsciousness and also include a shift in the cognitive state of the patient which causes unexplained and repetitive movements such as rubbing hands, making odd noises, and not reacting to those around him.

General Confiscations:

  • Mild epileptic hallucinations, such as gazing into space and making involuntary gestures, can cause transient loss of consciousness.
  • Spastic seizures that involve muscle weakness, trembling of the body and loss of control of the bladder and intestine, and a lack of consciousness and tongue biting occurs in the patient.
  • Tonic-clonic seizure, which triggers repeated movements with loss of control, weakness in the body, tremors, and cramps in the face, arms, and back.
  • Muscular seizure, which causes sharp movements and twitching in the hands and legs.

The causes of epilepsy:

  • One of the most important reasons why the hereditary factor raises the likelihood of developing epilepsy is
  • Stroke risk, which is one of the major causes of people over 35 years of age developing epilepsy.
  • An Alzheimer's or Dementia.
  • Genetic and neurological disorders affect the brain and brain.
  • Exposure to hypoxia in the brain.
  • Infection in the brain, such as meningitis and encephalitis.
  • A brain tumor is one of the causes of epilepsy.
  • Exposure to a serious disease or very severe fever.

Epilepsy treatment

Epilepsy is treated in most people by using a single drug that suppresses seizures. More than half of the children who received drugs for epilepsy may eventually be able to stop taking the drugs to lead a normal life without seizures. Many adults with epilepsy will also be able to stop taking medication if there have been more than two years since the last episode.

All antiepileptic drugs have side effects that may include: slight fatigue, dizziness, and weight gain. More severe symptoms may occur, including depression, rash, lack of motor control, speech and voice difficulties and excessive tiredness.


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