Booty Pump Before and After

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Booty Pump Before and After

How to get a booty pump before and after exercise? Tones, firm, and plump butts are a goal for an ideal body. Therefore people, especially women, want to know how to get a booty pump for form butts. Continue reading the article as we will give you answers on how you can get a booty pump before and after exercise.

Causes of Pump

Generally, people want to have a booty pump, but they don't understand its causes. This pump is directly referred to as circulation and flow of blood to your working muscles. Therefore, the same is the case with your butt muscles. There are numerous ways to achieve a pump in your buttock muscles; these include diet and nutrition.

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.
  • Before your every workout, eat carbs for instant energy.
  • Eat food rich in potassium like avocado, spinach, sweet potato, coconut water, dried apricots, and banana.
  • Apart from potassium-rich food, also add magnesium-rich food like spinach, swiss chard, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried figs, dark chocolate in your diet.
  • Apart from the diet, you can also take supplements with creatine.

Tips before Getting Started for Booty Pump

There are certain things you have to remember before getting started.

  • For booty pump exercises, you don't need any weights or require light weights. Therefore, it is perfectly fine to go with resistance band options. Because in an ideal case, your goal is to maintain your form as fast as possible.
  • Never cheat on your movements to do it quickly. Always go through the full range of motions for better results. In case you feel fast affecting your form, then try to slow down a little.
  • The most significant indication of correct form is a burn in your glutes. And it's a good thing so keep pushing.

You will feel soreness in your muscles after the exercise on the same day and the following day. However, you will recover quickly as there are no weights in this exercise.

Booty Pump Before and After

Once you start exercising, you will notice a big difference in your muscles. After a month of booty, pump exercises, your muscles will become full, pumped, and big. All of this happens due to blood and fluid rushing into the site where muscle fiber is stimulated. As a result of which increased blood circulation helps to flush lactic acid and to clean up micro-tears. Besides, it also provides the opportunity for new muscles to grow and repair. With few movements, exercises, and workouts, any muscle can get pumped.

Let's look at the training style, training intensity, and other essential features of the booty pump.

  1. Training Style:

We all know that currently big toned butts are in trends and every woman wants them. Consequently, there are numerous guides, brands, injections, implants, straps, butt pants, etc. in the market. Keep in mind that if you want to have a permanently toned butt during and after exercise, it depends on how much weight you lift.

Because the amount of weight you will lift will define how many muscle fibers are being forced to change. Therefore, your body weight and bands will create a pump during exercise. However, if you want to maintain it, the better idea is to add a little weight to your workout.

  1. Training Intensity:

Your training intensity plays a crucial role if you want to have big and pump butts. Therefore, it means you have to move out of your shell and have to work hard. If you are a beginner, then it's enough to complete your usual reps. However, if you find it too easy and can complete your reps in less time, try to make your workout more challenging and do extra reps.

Try to force your muscles to work. Always keep in mind that you are far more, stronger, and capable than you believe. For example, you have to do ten reps for leg press with 50lbs per side. And you can achieve the tempo and form quickly then increase your number of reps. However, if it is challenging to complete ten reps, then stick to it until you can do it with ease.

  1. Programming:

 One of the main rules of exercise and workout is to track your progress. Thus, the best way to track your progress is to be on some sort of program. If you search a little, you will find numerous programming styles. However, when selecting a program, it should contain factors like part of the body you want to grow, power, anaerobic, endurance, muscular strength, and aerobic.

Furthermore, this program can be broken down into a weekly or monthly cycle based on your capacity and condition. Try to set something in place to get the overload principle (causing fibers to change and grow, overloading muscles and forcing adaptation). Moreover, it must consist of different phases and challenges for your muscles. In simple terms, your program must have a variation to grow a big booty.

  1. Diet:

Diet is a critical component that cannot be ignored in any form of workout. To build muscles, you must eat surplus calories and should be in surplus. Without surplus calories, even if you do everything right, nothing will work in your favor. Building muscles is necessary for a healthy and fit body, but it is also a form of luxury. For many people, it's a luxury to build muscles. It looks exactly like creating a bunch of dense bricks filled with reserved potential energy.

Salad, Fruits, Berries, Healthy

Moreover, it's also a luxury because muscles are not a priority of our bodies to build. Therefore, if you want to have a booty pump, focus on your diet, and eat calorie-dense healthy food. So, a better approach is to make a booty pump goal consisting of 6-8 months to have enough surplus calories. Never opt for weight training and building muscles with a diet of less than 1200 calories. Eat a balanced diet consisting of carbs, proteins, and good fats, and give yourself time to fulfill your body goals.

  1. Best Exercises for Booty Pump

Here are the 3 best exercises for booty pump:

  1. Cross-Single Leg Glute Bridge:

Cross-single leg Glute Bridge is a fantastic and a killer variation to a normal glute bridge. Its primary focus is on glute by applying more weight to glutes during movements. As a result of which it can stimulate muscle growth. As a beginner, always start with a slow and controlled pace. It is an important exercise you want to pack on those booty gains.

Single leg bridge

How to Perform:

Start this exercise by lying on your back while keeping your hands on both sides and knees bent. Moreover, your feet should be placed under your knees. Now tighten your butt and abdominal muscles and raise your hip to create a straight line with knees and shoulders. Then squeeze your core and pull your belly button towards the spine. Now slowly raise your one leg while your pelvis should be raised. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting point. Perform the same exercise with the other leg as well.

  1. Extended Glute Lift:

In case you don't have a bench to perform glute exercise, don't let it become your excuse. There are numerous other ways to perform this exercise, like at the edge of your bed or even on the floor. With this exercise, you can get in a horizontal position to give you the power to lift your legs and squeeze the hell out of your glutes during reps. However, keep in mind slow, and controlled movement is the key.

How to Perform:

To perform this exercise lies on a horizontal surface with your face down. Keep your legs straight and lift them a few inches from the ground, your starting point. Now slowly try to lift both your legs upward as high as you can. And at the same time, squeeze your glutes. Hold this position for 2 to 3 seconds and then go back to the starting point but make sure that your toes won't touch the ground.

  1. Side Plank with Leg Lift:

The last exercise on the list is side planks with a leg lift. This exercise can not only activate your glutes, but it can also activate your entire core.

How to Perform:

For this exercise, start by getting into a side plank position on your right side. It will be your starting point. Now try to lift your left leg until it becomes parallel with the ground. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then slowly return to your starting point. Make sure to keep your core tight throughout the movement to make it more effective.



Cross-Single Leg Glute Bridge



Extended Glute Lift


15/ side

Side Plank with Leg Lift


20/ side

It is better for a booty pump to do this workout routine 2 times or 3 times for a maximum pump. For beginners, 1 to 2 times is enough to activate and stimulate your muscles growth in the glute.

Final Words

You don't need to work with weights for a booty pump. All you have to do is follow a simple but effective workout routine and your diet to achieve your goal.


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