What is Adrenal Fatigue & Why it Causes Weight Gain

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Adrenal fatigue is a condition that results when the adrenal glands in your body perform below their desired levels. The term “adrenal fatigue” was first coined by Dr. James Wilson in his book with the same title back in 1998.

Being an expert medical researcher, chiropractor, and naturopath, Dr. Wilson developed the entire theory behind adrenal fatigue and how it affects the human body. The common root cause of adrenal fatigue, according to Dr. Wilson, is continued exposure to stress and a hectic lifestyle.

The most common indications of adrenal fatigue are continuing exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue, and cravings for salty foods. Another thing to take note of is the fact that your body may not show any signs of inner problems, yet you will still feel these symptoms extremely.

There are many ill effects of adrenal fatigue on the human body, but one of the most dreaded ones can be weight gain. Nobody likes to have a bloated body since it drastically impacts the personality and incurs many health problems of its own.

So, in this article, we will discuss in detail about how adrenal fatigue causes weight gain, how you can avoid it, and what you can do to avoid becoming a patient of adrenal fatigue in the first place.

To understand each aspect of weight gain and adrenal fatigue, we will discuss which processes/organs adrenal fatigue targets and how it eventually leads to obesity (overweightness). Therefore, let us start our journey towards being free of obesity and adrenal fatigue.


Link Between Adrenal Fatigue & Weight Gain

The Link Between Adrenal Fatigue & Weight Gain -:

One of the most classical examples of obesity from adrenal fatigue is gaining weight around your stomach. Astounded, right? Now as you read this and look down on your belly and say, “Oh my! I am suffering from adrenal fatigue,” may not be an overstatement at all.

But the first thing you should do is to calm yourself down and stop worrying as this narrative will guide you on how to curb your weight gain from adrenal fatigue.

Chronic stress gravely affects the working adrenal glands in your body. Adrenal glands are situated just at the top of each kidney. These glands produce hormones that control many important functions in your body.

However, the most important of them all is the management of stress levels in the human body. Continuous exposure to hectic and stressful life routine forces adrenal glands to continuously release stress hormones on a constant daily basis.

All this hormonal copiousness goes directly towards your waistline, raising the pressure on your belly, and eventually leading up to adrenal exhaustion and weight gain.

Thus, it is the start of adrenal fatigue in your body which makes you feel tired, fatigued, low, and raises the bulky mass. If the condition is left untreated, it becomes worse over time causing adrenal burnout and even hormonal imbalance in your body.

To be able to understand and fend off this threat of adrenal fatigue and weight gain, people should need to have a firm understanding of the causes which may lead to such a malady. Some of the main reasons that can cause adrenal fatigue, and eventually weight gain, are as follows:


  • Emotional Triggers: Any situation that can cause you continuous emotional strain and trauma will lead to adrenal fatigue, which will eventually cause obesity and many other health issues.
  • Physical Triggers: Putting your body into excessive work without proper rest can also trigger adrenal fatigue, such as over-exercising or excessive running sports. Some infections like herpes, EBV, Lyme, as well as food sensitivities and allergies can also cause adrenal fatigue and weight gain.
  • Dietary Triggers: Excessive use of high-sugar foods, caffeine, and carbs can also lead to obesity and adrenal fatigue.
  • Chemical Triggers: Living in or near a toxic environment can also cause adrenal fatigue. Chemical compounds found in prescription drugs such as antibiotics and xenoestrogens may also trigger adrenal fatigue. People living near factories or industrial settlements may also experience adrenal fatigue due to a highly toxic environment.


So, understanding and balancing your life throughout these four discourses is the ultimate difference maker between adrenal fatigue and related health issues such as weight gain.

Chiropractors and naturopaths have also formulated organic adrenal fatigue supplements which will provide significant help for people suffering from adrenal fatigue and weight gain problems.


Technical Side of Weight Gain & Adrenal Fatigue

The Technical Side of Weight Gain & Adrenal Fatigue -:

Let us walk you a little bit on the technical side of adrenal fatigue and weight gain. The main culprit which packs your excessive pounds of weight due to adrenal fatigue is the Cortisol.

Also known as the “stress hormone,” cortisol is a catabolic hormone that is released by adrenal glands to counter the stress levels in the body. Although it is popular due to its strong relation with stress management, it nevertheless tends to other important functions in the body as well (source: Hormone.org).

During the moments of stress or extreme physical exertion, adrenal glands secrete cortisol, which in turn breaks down the protein in the body to use as the energy source to sustain such activity levels.

A study conducted by Yale University for over 6 months indicated that even healthy women may gain excessive weight if continuously exposed to stressful events (source: NCBI-PMC). This happens because the hormone Cortisol is constantly breaking down protein in your body, believing it to be continually in a physical battle for life and death due to higher stress levels.

Some people complain that despite a good exercise routine, they are still unable to shed those extra pounds. The answer to this dilemma is also the same: Cortisol released in the body round the clock coupled with extra cortisol secreted during exercise results into excessively high levels of cortisol flush in the body.

So, avoiding stress pointers in life rather than raising the hours of exercise is the key to shed extra weight. A person who is aware of this situation may also get the value-added help provided from organic adrenal fatigue supplements which will greatly reduce the chances of hormonal imbalances during stressful events. But again, a healthy and minimal-stress life routine is the ultimate solution here.


Effectively Curb Down Weight Gain & Adrenal Fatigue

How to Effectively Curb Down Weight Gain & Adrenal Fatigue -:

There are two effective ways a person can lower weight gain and heal from adrenal fatigue problems. One method deals with adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle habits while the other deals with special adrenal fatigue supplements.

To fight obesity and adrenal fatigue effectively, both ways must be pursued in conjunction. First, let us talk about what healthy lifestyle changes you should start following right away if you suffer are suffering from this problem.

Diet is the first thing that needs to be changed for the patients of adrenal fatigue. Use high amounts of foods that are rich in probiotics, a kind of bacteria that is good for the digestive system.

Food items such as fish, honey, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, broccoli, and cauliflower are ideal for adrenal healing. Avoid eating foods that are hard to digest and puts pressure on your digestive system. Food items such as coffee, processed foods, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, and gluten are not at all good.

The second important thing to change is your lifestyle and habits. It should be understood without much saying that eliminating or reducing stressors in your life is imminent here.

Avoid going hard on yourself and try to take some time to relax now and then. During traveling, working, or commuting, try to take gaps of at least 10 – 15 minutes and practice deep breathing for relaxation. Social bonding is a very good way to eliminate stress. Keep yourself connected to your family, friends, and loved ones as much as possible.

Avoid getting involved in relationships that are constantly taking a toll on your health, it is not worth your while! Also, take a break from technology every day whenever you can.

Devices such as smartphones, TV, and laptops all emit radiation which causes strain and stress in our brain. Try to read paper books more than eBooks regularly. Do not forget to exercise a little every day. Exercises such as jogging or walking are particularly helpful in reducing weight and adrenal fatigue.

Finally, you can obtain the value-added help from a safe and organic adrenal health supplement as well. Adrenal fatigue supplements are specially formulated keeping in mind the ingredients that work best for the digestive system.

Our Fruit of Spirit’s “Superfood Immune Support Powder” is a wonderful ally for those suffering at hands of adrenal fatigue and obesity. These adrenal fatigue supplements give that extra boost and energy charge to your body which helps you to overcome many adrenal fatigue-related issues rapidly.

So, with the wealth of knowledge, your precise action, and an added value from a healthy adrenal healing supplement, you can easily beat not one but all health issues related to the adrenal system. Remember, the sooner you act, the faster you heal, because problems rising from a dysfunctional gland or digestive system may become a serious matter in a very short time.

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